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  • + Alfex Laser Offers Exclusive Offers on Engraving Materials Upon Launch of Online Store

    Now you can order engraving materials on the go – click and collect or deliver to you Australia-wide. After o..

    06 July 2020

    Now you can order engraving materials on the go – click and collect or deliver to you Australia-wide.

    After offering a large variety of engraving materials to existing laser customers, Alfex Laser has opened its engraving materials shop to all of Australia.

    Alfex Laser, a division of Alfex CNC Australia, announces today the launch of Alfex Laser Engraving Materials. Alfex Laser has Australia’s largest range of laser systems for cutting, marking and engraving.

    Their wide range of laser engraving materials, once only available exclusively to Alfex Laser customers, will now be available Australia-wide through the easy to use online store. In addition to acrylics, engineered plastics, bamboo and hardwood, Alfex Laser has extended their range to include laserable plywoods – an increasingly popular material for laser users.

    Alfex Laser’s range of quality acrylics suitable for laser cutting and laser engraving includes highly pigmented pastels, acrylic mirror and acrylic glitters. Acrylic is available in a 3mm thickness, suitable for most retail use such as signage, cake toppers, gifts, toys and more.

    Gemini Duets engineered engraving plastics are well known for their high-quality substrates, are now available at competitive prices exclusively through Alfex Laser. The highly sought after Red on White Laser XT is the only red engraving substrate that doesn’t run onto the white bottom layer, leaving a clean definition between the colours.

    The Duets product range includes Duets Contours, Duets Rotary, Duets Laser Indoor, Duets Laser XT, Duets Tactiles and Duets XT Reverse. These high quality engraving substrates are key materials for the signage, trophy and awards industry.

    New to the online store is a growing range of high-grade laserable plywood. Currently available in 3mm and 2.5mm thickness, the laserable plywood range is the ideal material for cake toppers, key tags, invitations, jewellery, plaques, signage and much more. 

    Alfex Laser provides a custom service to tailor the sheet size for the bed size of your laser cutting machine. Purchase full sheets or quarter sheets and have them cut in advance, reducing wastage and offcuts.

    For those new to laser cutting, Alfex Laser is offering new Laser Starter Pack. Packs include the most popular laser engraving and laser cutting products, acrylics, engraving plastics, hardwoods, plywoods and accessories ideal for those wanting to try a variety of products without purchasing large sheets or quantities.

    To celebrate the launch, Alfex Laser is offering 10% off all first orders placed online. Use code online10 in the checkout. Code expires 11:59pm, Friday July 10th 2020.

    Shop now by visiting

    “It is with great excitement that we announce the official launch of Alfex Laser Engraving Materials,” said Jordan Buhagiar, Laser Division Manager. “Customers have been testing the store behind the scenes over the last few months with great feedback. Taking our engraving materials business online has allowed us to expediate the fulfilment process and reduce overheads - the savings of which we have passed onto our customers with lower prices and flat rate shipping.” 


    With over 1,400 installations worldwide in high volume environments such as data centres, print service providers and sp..

    06 July 2020

    With over 1,400 installations worldwide in high volume environments such as data centres, print service providers and specialised commercial printers, Canon’s ColorStream series has been recognised by customers across the globe as a productive and reliable solution for printing large volumes of a diverse range of mail, publishing and commercial applications.

    A key consideration for many commercial printers when looking to invest in digital inkjet technology is the level of quality that a digital print solution can offer compared with existing devices.
    Richard Vaughan, General Manager of Perth Based business services provider, Zipform Digital, highlighted why quality was a deciding factor when the company invested in the ColorStream.

    “Zipform invested in full colour inkjet technology way back in 2005 with Kodak. In 2012 we tested the market with all the inkjet web providers and selected the Colorstream technology. Our decision was based on a number of factors but the most contributing influence in our decision was trust, and we felt that Canon Production Printing could deliver on what they promised” said Mr Vaughan. “Over 7 years later I can confirm it was the right decision. Implementation was high risk as it was rip out and replace. The Canon Production Printing team was professional and experienced in this, it was a smooth transition with no interruption to our critical essential mail services.

    “The Print Engines have been bullet proof over these years and in particular the print head technology has proven to be highly available, stable and consistent. The print quality was ahead of its game in 2012 and today still provides us the quality that our customers expect in 2020.”

    Canon Production Printing Australia boasts that with the ColorStream 6000, customers can be assured of 94% uptime. Operators no longer have to intervene during production, so staff have additional time to focus on exploring new market opportunities and growing the business.

    Richard Vaughan goes on to comment “We have been able to migrate 100% of our essential mail production to the Colorstream, reducing the requirement for toner based print engines. Due to its considerable ability to print large volume work, we have been successful in migrating very high volume jobs that were previously a mix of commercial print and variable overprint, particularly for government work. We also gang up small volume work to run after each other, it truly is a very flexible technology.”

    Customers have also commented on the ease-of-use of the printer, reducing manual intervention and increasing production efficiencies. This was a key reason for investing in the ColorStream for Melbourne based printer, ABCorp. Troy Croft, Plant Manager, ABCorp, explains, “The ease of use and high uptime availability of the Colorstream 3900 units ensure consistently high productivity levels. The units are extremely reliable and have very little day to day maintenance requirements ensuring production time is maximised and operator input limited.”

    Since its introduction in 2011, Canon Production Printing have built on a decade of experience with the highly productive series, comprising the ColorStream 3000, 3000Z and 6000 series. Canon Production Printing estimate printing volumes of over 300 billion A4 pages across the globe, producing a mix of printed output such as bank statements, direct mailings, pharmaceutical leaflets and books.
    The system has proved to be particularly popular in countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Australia and the USA, and over 40% of customers have installed more than one device, with one German customer having 18 towers across three production sites.

    Craig Nethercott, Managing Director, Canon Production Printing Oceania, comments, “Since launching the ColorStream series, we’ve listened closely to the feedback of our customers and have continuously evolved the product series based on their needs. We are therefore encouraged to see that market demand for the ColorSteam series, now in its third generation, continues to be extremely positive.
    “When we introduced the first printer in the range, it revolutionised digital inkjet technology and we’re proud to have remained the global market leader. By maintaining a close dialogue with our customers, we are able to ensure that we are meeting their requirements, with the highest reliability, productivity and quality.

    “Each ColorStream can be tailored to a buyer’s needs – from speed and colour to custom inks and tailored inline finishing integration. There are so many optional upgrades to customise the ColorStream to specific customer requirements. We guarantee every buyer gets the right solution suited for their business needs to help them achieve growth.”

  • + Barrier-coated paperboard – the alternative to plastic for smart packaging

    Proven existing packaging solutions can reduce environmental impact by up to 80% compared with traditional all-plastic p..

    06 July 2020

    Proven existing packaging solutions can reduce environmental impact by up to 80% compared with traditional all-plastic packaging. Composites such as Inverform, by Iggesund Paperboard combine the required strength, stiffness, and renewability qualities of paperboard with a thin plastic layer to satisfy hygiene requirements.

    The hunt for materials that can replace plastic is intense. Innovation work is being done on a global scale to find renewable alternatives to plastic so that humanity can reduce the huge impact on the environment from our use of plastic. Many solutions are being tried but we still have no material with all of plastic’s great advantages without its devastating disadvantages. Instead of waiting for that magic material, which may never come, packaging buyers concerned about the climate should consider the existing alternatives and move to composite materials. 
    Proven packaging solutions already exist that combine a renewable material such as paperboard with a small amount of plastic, reducing their climate impact by over 80 per cent compared with traditional all-plastic packaging.

    One very common type of food packaging is the plastic tray, which is then sealed for its onward journey to the consumer. Instead of making the entire tray of plastic, an easy alternative is to replace the plastic with a composite material consisting of renewable paperboard with a thin plastic layer that supplies the barrier properties needed to protect against moisture, grease and aromas. The stiffness and strength required for the construction comes from the paperboard’s wood fibres, and the plastic’s barrier properties provide the functional finishing touch. This relatively easy change of materials reduces the packaging’s climate impact by over 80 per cent.

    “Plastic is an excellent material for packaging. It is very formable and provides the seal we need in food packaging with high hygiene requirements,” explains Stefan Söderberg, Sales Manager New Products at Iggesund Paperboard. He is leading the market launch of Inverform, a composite material from Iggesund that can replace all-plastic trays and greatly reduce the trays’ climate impact.

    Various types of packaging made of plastic-coated paperboard have existed for decades. But thanks to the latest advances in paperboard manufacture, they have gained better functionality and reduced their climate impact. The debate over fossil versus renewable materials and their respective climate impacts has further placed the combination of plastic and paperboard in an increasingly positive light.

    “The disadvantages of plastic packagings is that they are normally totally fossil based and are also not very easy to recycle,” comments Johan Granås, Sustainability Director at Iggesund Paperboard. “In comparison, our paperboard’s climate impact is about 90 per cent less than that of plastic. By combining paperboard with a thin plastic barrier, a packaging’s total climate impact can be radically reduced compared with that of plastic packaging.”

    At least three serious problems are linked to humanity’s extensive use of plastic materials:

    • The large climate impact due to the fossil raw material
    • The lack of biodegradability, which leads e.g. to plastic collecting in the oceans
    • The low level of recycling – less than 40 per cent.
    • Today bioplastics are possible alternatives in some cases. These do have a better origin than traditional plastic materials but their climate impact is still only marginally lower than that of the traditional plastics and they are often extremely hard to recycle. Bioplastics can also be difficult to handle in packaging manufacturers’ production processes, often resulting in worse productivity.

    “We’ve used bioplastics for about a decade in our manufacture of plastic-coated paperboard,” Stefan Söderberg says. “In production terms they’re generally acknowledged to be hard to handle, they have more limited applications than traditional plastics, and they’re also more expensive. Advances in bioplastics are constantly being made, because many companies are looking for a fossil-free bioplastic with properties that allow it to function smoothly in production – both for us as a material manufacturer and for those who manufacture the final packaging.”
    But the plastic issue doesn’t end there. Last year, Iggesund Paperboard surveyed non-food retail packaging and found many examples of plastic usage where the plastic lacked any real function. These included plastic packagings for lightbulbs, headphones and textiles, all of which had great potential to reduce their climate impact.

    “Many packagings contain plastic that could easily be replaced by less climate-damaging material,” Johan Granås adds. “We’ve found examples of packaging whose climate impact has been reduced by 99 per cent by replacing the material. It’s sensible to start there – to invest in the easy climate gains and wait for the innovation process to find solutions to the more difficult packaging challenges.”

    While waiting for the materials manufacturers to find new, fossil-free barriers, the market is demanding packaging made of paperboard coated with either traditional plastic or bioplastic.

    “Replacing the plastic and minimising the climate impact is something that all major brand owners have written into their environmental guidelines, and their numbers are growing every month,” Johan Granås concludes.

  • + New From Hexis


    06 July 2020


    HEXIS Group announce that their patented PURE ZONE® technology, developed and marketed since 2013, is active in combating the viral load of coronaviruses. The characteristics of PURE ZONE® antimicrobial protective films reduce coronavirus viraemia by 95% after a contact of 15 minutes, and nearly 99.9% after a contact of one hour (compared to an untreated membrane).


    HEXIS antimicrobial PURE ZONE® films provide 24-hour preventive protection against bacteria and coronaviruses. Powerful and safe, if in contact with the skin. "Reactive silver ions, contained in PURE ZONE® films, will quickly inhibit bacteria and coronaviruses, preventing their spread between two disinfection protocols," says Christophe BAUDRION Director of the HEXIS R&D laboratory department. 


    HEXIS PURE ZONE® antimicrobial products have recently passed a certification that proves their efficiency against coronaviruses. "This additional benefit will not lead to a price increase. It's a question of ethics, it reinforces our long-standing commitment towards our customers related to this product range," says Christophe INIGO, Deputy Sales Director. 

    Our customers apply our PURE ZONE films® since many years on daily-life contact surfaces. "Daily or casual uses are protected. From door handles to digicodes, not forgetting the touch screens of a large fast food chain, or reception desk of your favorite Sushi Shop, from the hospital recovery room to theme parks, the applications opportunities of our PURE ZONE® protection films are endless" reminds Sébastien MACHU, HEXIS France Sales Director.

    "And why not combine the useful with fun!" stresses Marine GUELAIA, HEXIS Decoration Manager. Transparent films from the PURE ZONE® range come in matte, glossy, with a textured wooden or leather effect or even non-adhesive. Indeed, our PRZ150 (for medical sector-only) and PURE COVER products are non-adhesive.

    Caroline MATEU, Chairman of the Board of Directors, reaffirms the commitments of HEXIS Group: "Improving the well-being and health of each of our employees, through our CSR policy, is a fundamental value for HEXIS. We are concerned by the international health crisis, in our families, in our workshops, in our customers premises. Therefore, manufacturing products that make everyone feel better on a daily basis is a recognition for all our teams.

  • + Apogee v12 Workflow Software from Agfa Delivers Increased Automation and Smooth Customer Interaction

    The release of Apogee v12 marks another step in the automation of print production. The latest version of Agfa’s p..

    30 June 2020

    The release of Apogee v12 marks another step in the automation of print production. The latest version of Agfa’s print production hub introduces new impositioning and approval functionalities, and adds a brand new browser-based GUI for sales reps to control over print production.

    Solid and efficient workflow software, adapted to changing market requirements, is a high-value asset for printers. New functionalities in Agfa’s Apogee v12 workflow solution deliver additional cost and time savings through increased automation, flexibility and quality. Additionally, enhanced customer interaction options in the software will help retain existing print buyers or attract new business.

    Apogee Impose

    The way pages are imposed impacts production cost significantly. However, print shops’ knowledge of imposition is slowly but surely declining. That is why Apogee continues to focus on automated solutions, taking into account printers’ equipment as well as the expected end products. The new Cut ‘n Assemble function is an example of this: Multiple fold sheets can now be placed on one press sheet and finished simultaneously. This leads to higher efficiency in the finishing department and less paper waste.

    Web printers will also welcome the benefits of new automation features such as partial web placement or combining page adjustments like bottling, scaling and offsets.

    Other improvements in impositioning, ensuring higher efficiency and print quality, are customised and automated imposition reports, the easy reuse of complex impositions, bottling support and paper stretch compensation.

    Apogee WebApproval

    The online Apogee WebApproval portal that lets print buyers upload files and approve pages, now includes a multi-tenant solution for print buyers. As printers get acquired by others or close their press operations, it can be essential to keep their valuable company name and brand identity alive. Using the multi-tenant print buyer solution, a printing company can create several different branded setups, each for a specific set of print buyers. This dedicated user experience delivers higher customer satisfaction and retention.

    Other new functionalities aimed at a better print buyer relation in WebApproval include extended logging, which saves time and money by avoiding discussions or claims; the possibility to quickly compare different versions of files, highlighting version-specific elements; and improved support on handling remarks and errors, so that no files can get approved when they really shouldn’t.

    Supporting the Apogee Cloud: Apogee WebFlow

    To make the use of Apogee Cloud even easier, Agfa developed a new browser-based user interface called WebFlow, which gives customer service representatives (CSRs) control over print production. In the blink of an eye, they get a full overview of all jobs and their status, and will know whether all pages are available, or if some still need to be approved. They can create, pause or modify jobs, start hardcopy proofing, initiate plate making etc.

    Swedish printing group Taberg Media Group is an avid user of WebFlow:

    “In these corona times, we are very happy that Apogee enables us to work from home. Sales colleagues can send jobs to our workflows from their kitchen table. Ten minutes later, our CTP lines are outputting plates!”, says Magnus Sandström, Digital Workflow Manager at TMG.

    Customised automation or ATP

    As of the early days of Apogee, its user interface offered several ways to automate multiple aspects of production. Automatic job archival/deletion, page placement based on naming conventions, and file revision handling are but a few examples. In v12, automation gets lifted to the next level by the Automate Task Process (or ATP). Incoming files get analyzed on content and meta data, and the gathered information subsequently defines specific actions, e.g. file renaming, routing files to offset for high copy count work, routing to B&W digital print engines… The ATP rules are set by the user or administrator, using the Apogee user interface. This means printers don’t need a degree in IT to define company- or product-specific automation rules. In case they have programming skills, however, they can write their own scripts and have Apogee run it for extended automation.

    Cloud-based subscription

    The covid-19 crisis has made it clearer than ever that the established software buying model is a thing of the past. As a result, Agfa is evaluating its current subscription offering with the intention to design a fair model that varies according to the size of a print shop. As such, payments no longer depend on functionality, but on the amount of processed data, which can vary significantly between users as well as time frames (e.g. high season versus holidays).

    StoreFront 5.6

    In sync with Apogee v12, Agfa also releases an update of its web-to-print software StoreFront. Version 5.6 offers additional functionality for approvals. First, there is a new softproof sign-off option for customisable products and variable data printing, which is particularly useful to avoid discussions with print buyers. Secondly, the multi-step approval option enables the sequential approval of print files by multiple stakeholders, benefitting mainly heavy-duty users or users that need to build in e.g. legal checks. In addition, StoreFront 5.6 saves its users time thanks to the autofill option for customisable products.

    Version 12 of Apogee will be available as of October 2020.

  • + News from OS - GMG Offers Advanced Colour Solution for HP PageWide Corrugated Presses

    GMG, a provider of colour management solutions for packaging and industrial printing, announced it has signed an agreeme..

    30 June 2020

    GMG, a provider of colour management solutions for packaging and industrial printing, announced it has signed an agreement with HP to become an HP PageWide corrugated workflow partner. GMG’s holistic corrugated workflow solution for the HP One Package Suite will enable converters to make a smooth transition into digital printing.

    GMG color management software is used to help print providers do just that: offer a high degree of colour predictability, whether for print production of complex packaging, wide format jobs, or for colour proofing. GMG delivers solutions for the standardisation and simplification of colour management workflows to achieve consistent colours on all media and in any print process.

    “We are excited to collaborate with HP and offer GMG color management products to support the HP One Package Workflow Suite,” says Darrian Young, Global Partnership Manager. “We believe that we can help those who work with HP corrugated presses by providing a way to improve the colour accuracy for their customers.”

    “HP PageWide Corrugated Presses are known for their offset print quality, using true water-based inks. Both GMG and HP see a huge value of this alliance that will help PageWide customers getting even higher colour accuracy while maintaining consistency across devices, and complying with industry colour standards for demanding Brands,” said Ran Lev, workflow solutions manager, HP PageWide Industrial, HP Inc.

    For more information, please visit, or

  • + Epson Selected as a Constituent of the FTSE4Good Index Series for the 16th Consecutive Year

    Epson has been included in the FTSE4Good Index Series for the 16th consecutive year. The FTSE4Good Index Series measures..

    30 June 2020

    Epson has been included in the FTSE4Good Index Series for the 16th consecutive year. The FTSE4Good Index Series measures the performance of companies demonstrating strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices. The FTSE4Good indexes are used by a wide variety of market participants to create and assess responsible investment funds and other products.

    election for the FTSE4Good Index Series indicates that Epson has been independently appraised for its efforts towards the environment and in solving issues in society, and has been recognised as a sustainable company.
    FTSE4Good indexes can be used in four main ways:
    • Financial products - as tools in the creation of index-tracking investments, financial instruments or fund products focused on sustainable investment.
    • Research - to identify environmentally and socially sustainable companies.
    • Reference - as a transparent and evolving global ESG standard against which companies can assess their progress and achievement.
    • Benchmarking - as a benchmark index to track the performance of sustainable investment portfolios.
    Epson aims to create new value by looking hard at solutions to social issues, understanding the expectations of society, and then providing products and services that far exceed those expectations. The company is committed to the development of a sustainable society through the four areas of innovation identified through its Epson 25 Corporate Vision and considers any action designed to realise Epson's Management Philosophy to be a CSR activity.

    In addition to ensuring compliance, observing corporate ethics, and fulfilling their responsibilities at a level that exceeds what society requires, Epson will fully demonstrate their unique creativity in CSR by creating value through the products they develop and manufacture. In 2017, Epson developed a materiality matrix that identifies key CSR themes, such as environmental issues, respect for human rights, human resources development, and governance. Epson uses this matrix to guide and strengthen their CSR activities and to help make the world a better place.
    See here for more information about Epson's CSR and SDGs: 
    See here for more information about FTSE Russell:
    See here for more information about the FTSE4Good Index Series:

  • + Exciting New Products from Roland DG

    Explore Uncharted Colours with the TrueVIS VF2-640 Printer (

    30 June 2020

    Explore Uncharted Colours with the TrueVIS VF2-640 Printer 

    Roland DG is excited to announce the launch of the first print-only model in the TrueVIS Series, the TrueVIS VF2-640 Printer. The VF2-640 includes a host of functions from the award-winning TrueVIS VG2 Series printer cutters, delivering the highest print quality available for durable graphics. 

    The VF2-640 can produce colours that were previously unchartered with the addition of a new TR2 Green ink, that when combined with vibrant Orange ink, results in stunning printed graphics.

    TR2 Green Ink Adds Unprecedented Colours to VG2 Series Printer Cutters

    TR2 ink is now available in Green to further increase colour gamut for VG2 Series printer cutters as well as the new VF2-640 printer. To maximise the effect of the new inks, a new Multi-Process Color Function has been developed to enable using Orange and Green inks as process colours for richer visual expression. 

    Please Note: TR2-GR can only be configured on new VG2-540/640 units and cannot be added to existing installations.

  • + Roland DG Announces VersaWorks 6 RIP Software Update with New Features for Improved Efficiency

    Roland DG Corporation, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and printer cutters, today announced that i..

    30 June 2020

    Roland DG Corporation, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and printer cutters, today announced that it has released the latest version of its VersaWorks 6 RIP software for inkjet printers and initiated a free upgrade service for customers using compatible models.

    Included with Roland DG’s inkjet printers and printer cutters, VersaWorks 6 RIP & Print Management Software is designed to maximise the characteristics of printer, ink and media to enable high-quality printing and improved efficiency for print production. The latest version includes important new features, such as a “Job Assistant” function that allows customers to automatically add graphic contour cut lines in VersaWorks 6 without returning to the design software. The new “True Rich Color” print setting takes full advantage of the colour reproduction capabilities of both printer and ink to create stunning graphics with vibrant colour combined with neutral greys, smooth gradations, and natural skin tones. In addition, VersaWorks 6 is equipped with several new functions that improve the quality and efficiency of output operations, including compatibility with Barbieri's latest spectrophotometer tools for colour management. 

    Kevin Shigenoya, Vice President, Digital Printing Business Division, said, "By providing our users with the latest version of VersaWorks 6, we believe that we can strongly support our customers' printing businesses in terms of both quality and efficiency. In addition to the printer itself, we will support our customers' creativity by offering a total solution that includes software and application assistance." 

    The printer models compatible with the latest version of VersaWorks 6 are listed below: 

    Eco- Solvent Printers and Printer Cutters

    • BN-20
    • EJ-640
    • RF-640
    • SG2-640/540/300
    • SG-540/300
    • SP-540i/300i
    • VF2-640
    • VG2-640/540
    • VG-640/540
    • VS-640i/540i/300i
    • XR-640
    • XF-640

    UV Printers and Printer Cutters 
    • LEC2-300
    • LEC-540/330
    • LEF-12/12i
    • LEF-300/200/20
    • LEF2-300D/300/200
    • LEJ-640

    Dye Sublimation Printer 
    • RT-640*
    * ErgoSoft Roland DG Edition users are excluded from the upgrade.

    The latest VersaWorks update has been released with the new TrueVIS VF2-640 printer and recently-released TR2-GR ink.

    To find out more about VersaWorks 6 and download the latest version, go to our website.

  • + Esko adds color management, white ink optimization and Crystal Screens for Flexo functionality to award-winning Print Control Wizard

    Enhanced test charts, Crystal Screens for flexo, and white ink optimisation for flexible packaging are just some of the ..

    30 June 2020

    Enhanced test charts, Crystal Screens for flexo, and white ink optimisation for flexible packaging are just some of the innovative features included in the newest release of the multiple award-winning Print Control Wizard software from Esko.

    The global supplier of integrated hardware and software solutions for the print and packaging sectors has unveiled its latest generation of the state-of-the-art software, Print Control Wizard 20.0.

    “Print Control Wizard was developed in response to industry calls to simplify the implementation of screens and dot gain curves, and we wanted to build on our immediate success with this new version,” said Robert Bruce, RIP & Screening Product Manager with Esko. “That’s why we’ve added integrated colour management tools and introduced a new implementation process. For example, while global standards call for three press trials to implement a flexo project, from optimisation with single screen testing, through characterisation with colour management and fingerprint for dot gain, Print Control Wizard 20.0 users can now go straight to fingerprinting. This offers a significant reduction in cost and therefore press time too.”

    Released this week, Print Control Wizard 20.0 boasts a raft of exciting new efficiency-driving features, including:

    • Improved test chart layout - the number of press trials required to create screens and curves to implement flexo projects has been reduced from two to one, bringing faster analysis of a new print condition and significant efficiency gains. The wizard now includes a 4-colour test chart and allows users to produce fingerprint charts, while a fast scan mode for minimum dot calibration reduces the time spent on each job.
    • Improvements to award-winning, wizard-style interface – the new Color Engine Pilot interface not only features a new screens and curves view but also enables users to access all Esko screening assets in one application.
    • Platemaking wizard – a central storage location for Esko CDI set up. This new tool uses built-in guides to help the user set up their CDI plate imager ensuring optimal performance in the quickest time.
    • Reporting – new fully-automated and customisable fingerprint reports are now available with just one touch of a button.
    • New Crystal screens for UV Flexo – using the same process-driven user interface for both flexible packaging and UV Flexo, this brand new module delivers simplified Print Control Wizard functionality and custom screens for UV Flexo, with support for both Pixel+ and non-Pixel+ CDIs.
    • White Ink optimization for flexible packaging - boosting performance of the most common (and most costly) ink used in flexible packaging. With Print Control Wizard 20.0, the opacity, mottle and weight of white ink is controlled and optimised automatically, improving print quality, enhancing image reproduction and reducing ink consumption costs.
    • Originally released only last year, Print Control Wizard was specifically designed to improve the flexo plate making process and flexographic print quality via Crystal Screens. It offers a simplified, standardized approach to take process parameters like ink, printing press, substrate and anilox into consideration for screen and curve creation, outputting a set of Crystal Screens and curves used for plate exposure on a CDI Crystal XPS, resulting in the most optimal flexo print quality.
    “Our goal was to provide flexographic experts with the tools to standardise and simplify screen and curve creation, enabling them to achieve the best quality results without additional steps and checks being added to the process,” he said. “After Print Control Wizard was honoured with a number of top industry awards, we have been working tirelessly to develop these new enhancements. We are delighted to now release this new version as we continue supporting the work of print and packaging specialists across the sector.”

    Print Control Wizard 20.0 is just one of a host of new innovative features and updates Esko has unveiled as part of its integrated software portfolio, Esko Software 20. The significant new developments bring even more innovation and functionality to the Esko suite of best-selling software solutions as part of its continuing drive to deliver operational efficiency improvements to the packaging value chain in tandem with outstanding value to customers. Available from 22 June 2020 onwards – and free to Esko Software Care Plan customers – the latest software release incorporates solutions such as ArtiosCAD 20, Automation Engine 20, Studio 20 and efficiency-driving updates to Share & Approve.

    Anyone wishing to learn more about Print Control Wizard 20.0 can do so by visiting the new Esko Innovation Hub ( which has been designed to provide users with a unique insight to the Esko Software 20 portfolio of innovations in a virtual environment. Users can navigate around the latest integrated hardware and software solutions from Esko, in their own time, accessing insights and technical information, as well as learn new ways to boost business productivity, efficiency and profitability.

  • + Caldera launch new EFI drivers for CalderaRIP Version 13.1

    French printing software company Caldera has announced the release of new EFI drivers for Version 13.1. These new driver..

    30 June 2020

    French printing software company Caldera has announced the release of new EFI drivers for Version 13.1. These new drivers expand their  software’s long list of supported peripherals, answer clients’ needs and further enhance their user experience.

    The new drivers for EFI Vutek 3r, 5r, D3r, D5r and Pro 32r families allow users to enable compression on large output files (for example, files larger than 25 metres).

    This feature helps reducing the amount of time necessary to transfer the files to the EFI controller. As a result, users owning EFI printers and CalderaRIP V13.1 can benefit from a better throughput, process more jobs and scale up their entire production.

  • + Fiber Galvo Laser Flash Sale: $12/day

    Alfex Laser’s EOFY flash sale. Get the Lotus Micro Meta for only $32,000 or $12/day. Extremely affordable it..

    23 June 2020

    Alfex Laser’s EOFY flash sale. Get the Lotus Micro Meta for only $32,000 or $12/day.
    Extremely affordable it allows you to start marking metal items and engineered plastics cost-effectively.
    Ideal for parts marking, promotional products, photo engraving and more.
    Built in the UK, virtually maintenance free and built to last.
    Click the link below for details and inclusions. Limited stock available, hurry - sale ends in 6 days!

  • + GMG Releases GMG ColorServer 5.2

    The new version has GMG OpenColor on board for the first time and is optimised for different applications – notabl..

    22 June 2020

    The new version has GMG OpenColor on board for the first time and is optimised for different applications – notably: Multicolor

    GMG ColorServer is now addressing an even broader user base and, therefore relies on three solutions for different areas of the graphic arts industry: GMG ColorServer Conventional, GMG ColorServer Digital and GMG ColorServer Multicolor.

    “We basically work very closely with our clients,” says Peter Schoeffler, responsible Product Manager at GMG. “Customer feedback has shown that we can support users with different challenges much better with three tailor-made solutions. From now on, we are targeting the following market segments: conventional printing, digital printing with both CMYK and Multicolor presses, and we are addressing customers who print cross-process using spot colours – primarily from the packaging industry."

    All three solutions contain the award-winning profiling technology GMG OpenColor, which is both simple and intuitive to use – even more so with GMG SmartProfiler. Custom profiles are easily created to allow for unusual paper tones or adapting to printing processes such as flexo print. Another advantage is the central colour database. The information stored here is not only used for data preparation, it can also be called up by GMG ColorProof.

    GMG ColorServer delivers automation and consistent results for all three segments.

    GMG ColorServer Conventional primarily ensures the efficient handling of third-party data – both in commercial printing and in CMYK packaging printing. Different input data are converted to any desired industry standard using the superior MX technology via a hot folder. As an integrated technology, GMG OpenColor also enables conversion to accommodate paper types that are not covered by common industry- or individual house standards. The functionality of GMG InkOptimizer is also part of the solution – saving ink and stabilising the print process.

    GMG ColorServer Digital is specifically aimed at customers with digital four-colour presses. Large-format users and customers who work in the low-volume packaging sector, in commercial digital- or in personalised printing are addressed here. With the seamlessly integrated GMG SmartProfiler, digital printing machines can now be fingerprinted very easily. And thanks to the direct connection to GMG OpenColor, users benefit from the patented and award-winning profiling technology based on spectral measurement data.

    GMG ColorServer Multicolor primarily addresses users in the packaging industry. Digital printing is becoming increasingly important here. Instead of using spot colors, brand colors must now be displayed with a fixed ink set. "To achieve consistent results across all processes – digital and conventional – there is no way around GMG ColorServer Multicolor," explains Peter Schoeffler. “Jobs can now print on any press available, delivering welcome flexibility in the pressroom. And Multicolor creates opportunities: achieving increased vibrancy in images or accurately matching brand colors.” In addition to qualitative aspects, GMG also underlines the economic benefits of the new generation GMG ColorServer. GMG promises to contribute significantly to increase the capacity of digital printing presses with GMG ColorServer and to define the future of the entire industry with Multicolor.

    Further information on GMG ColorServer can be found at 

  • + Miyakoshi launches water-based inkjet press for flexible packaging

    Miyakoshi Printing Machinery has launched a new inkjet press for flexible packaging, the MJP30AXF. The press uses w..

    22 June 2020

    Miyakoshi Printing Machinery has launched a new inkjet press for flexible packaging, the MJP30AXF.

    The press uses water-based ink, claimed safe for food packaging. It comes in a 30in (750mm) print width and runs at 50m/min with a print resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 DPI. The 5-colour press features CMYK+WW, and can handle materials between 12-100 micron. The press features integrated unwinder, corona treatment, pre-coater and rewinder.

    Optimised production features include the ability to batch print a variety of jobs on the same web and printing of barcodes to manage post-press equipment. Automatic registration control and missing nozzle compensation minimise printing errors.

    ‘Currently the printing of flexible packaging is dominated by traditional analog printing technologies such as gravure and flexography, which enable very high productivity at low cost for long run printing jobs,’ said the company in a statement.

    ‘The challenge for these analog solutions today is that marketing focus has shifted from mass production to a more personalised approach. This requires brands to create an ever increasing variety of products produced in smaller quantities. This trend has led to a constant reduction in the size of production lots for which analogue devices are not well suited.’

  • + New Esko certification program recognises best in class plate makers

    Esko has rolled out a new XPS Crystal Certification Program to recognise those plate making businesses that consistently..

    22 June 2020

    Esko has rolled out a new XPS Crystal Certification Program to recognise those plate making businesses that consistently produce superior flexo plates and flexographic print quality.

    Esko Flexo Certification 1The global developer of integrated hardware and software solutions for the print and packaging industry introduced the scheme as a way for companies to communicate their ‘best in class’ plate offering, reassuring supply chain partners and brand owner customers of both best practice in production processes and consistent quality of final print. 

    “The certification scheme was developed specifically to ensure the entire supply chain can meet the exacting needs and requirements of brands and converters in terms of predictable and accurate plate quality and the highest plate making consistency available, for any given photopolymer,” said Pascal Thomas, Director of Flexo Business at Esko. “It’s a confirmation of production excellence. Certified members can assure their customers of optimum quality and performance in their plates and resulting print.”

    Pascal said the XPS Crystal Certification Program is open to all users of its innovative XPS Crystal exposure units. “Beyond the obvious external communication benefits, certified members will be able to verify their plate making process against the industry benchmark. This also serves to help track plate quality over time and catch potential issues before they occur on press.”

    The award winning Esko XPS Crystal technology optimally combines UV main and back exposure, using LEDs that always emit consistent UV light as opposed to traditional exposure frames, which use lightbulbs with fluctuating output. Winner of the prestigious FTA award, 2017 Intertech Technology Award, 2019 EFIA Technology award and the Red Dot Award for Product Design, the XPS Crystal delivers a simultaneous and optimally controlled UV main and back exposure to produce highly consistent digital flexo plates.

    Esko is introducing this new scheme following the success of its very successful HDFlexo certification program for Esko Flexo Certification 2flexo platemaking. The new certification is offered as part of the XPS Crystal maintenance contract and the process can be started either on installation, during a preventative maintenance visit, or upon request. Certification is valid for 24 months and during this period Esko will support members’ quality control by verifying both imaging quality and the processing quality of equipment in comparison to the company’s ‘Certified Benchmark Reference’.

    Always keen to be at the forefront of industry advances, Medialliance Graphic, elected to be among the first companies to undertake the certification process. Established more than four decades ago, medium-sized independent French enterprise Medialliance has become a go-to partner for companies looking for support with packaging and brand identities. Honing their expertise through years of experience, they are always driven by their customers’ growing needs for skills and services.

    “With more than 40 years in business, we are renowned for producing plates of the highest quality,” said Jonathan Schmitt, Director of Operations at Medialliance Graphic. “Any third-party endorsement like this underlines our reputation. The Esko Certification Program is an excellent marketing tool for the business, enabling us to add value and promote an extra level of quality assurance to our customers, and additionally consolidates our relationship with what is the leading developer of integrated hardware and software solutions in our industry.

    “As a certified partner, we benefit from benchmarking and identification of best practice around quality control processes and production efficiency.”

    For more information about the scheme, please visit

  • + Monotech Systems’ JETSCI Global Launches Four New Models for Digital Label Printing

    Building on the success of JETSCI Colornovo and utilising more than a decade’s inkjet expertise, Monotech Systems ..

    22 June 2020

    Building on the success of JETSCI Colornovo and utilising more than a decade’s inkjet expertise, Monotech Systems Limited has launched four new models of Digital Label Presses under its renowned brand JETSCI Global. The portfolio of brand new presses are developed to fit into every customer’s budget and workflow, and also to meet the current and future market opportunities, such as time to market, the rise in substrates, shelf appeal, brand protection and sustainability. 

    JETSCI KolorSmart: This is a 4 or 5 Color, 8.5 inches digital label printing press, very much suitable for the customers who want to start into digital with lower capital and/or utilise their existing converting and finishing facility.

    JETSCI KolorSmart+: This is an advanced version of KolorSmart, having additional pre-inkjet Flexo station with standard UV curing to apply primers, under white or spot colours.

    JETSCI Colornovo Hybrid: This is enhanced version of the Colornovo digital label press launched earlier and based on GM (Grafisk Maskinfabrik) web control system. The press can be configured with 8.5 or 13 inch, 4 to 6 Color UV inkjet, with SPOT registered Flexo, Cold foil, and lamination before UV inkjet and all UV curing systems are with Chiller units.

    JETSCI Colornovo Hybrid+: This model is suitably configured Digital Label production press having additional finishing and converting features to Colornovo Hybrid, Flexo station with Cold foil after UV inkjet, Semi & Full Rotary Die-cut, Slitting station and Dual Rewind.

    All the models utilise inkjet print head technology from Kyocera providing uncompromised quality and highly flexible UV inkjet printing at 600x 600 dpi resolutions up to 3 or 4 drop grey scale and productivity at up to speeds of 50 m/min, and UV inkjet is configured with switchable Inter Color pinning after each colour and provided with advanced colour management kit for best output in colour matching, Web Cleaner, and Corona Treater.

    Strengthening the product portfolio JETSCI Global has now covered the complete range of Digital Label production solutions, and beauty is that each model is upgradable on field to next or higher model or configuration(s), so customers can start from just basic as per requirements and budget and can upgrade later on field to any other model based on the requirements thus saving them on huge capital re investments.

    Jimit Mittal, President, JETSCI Global says “We came across several potential buyers of digital label printing solutions, who want to quickly start with digital but don’t want to make heavy investment and gradually want to build the workflow around. We are on a mission to provide every Label printer the path to start with Digital printing economically, reliably & with fastest returns and maximum profits. With this launch we are now confident that our offerings from JETSCI Global will suit every label printer’s requirements. Being UV inkjet, it is the most flexible technology in terms of substrates usage, quality and adopting digital at early stage helped our customers grow faster.”

  • + Kodak unveils new Prosper inkjet, Sonora plates update

    Kodak has announced a raft of new technology with the company releasing its latest inkjet press range, the Prosper Ultra..

    22 June 2020

    Kodak has announced a raft of new technology with the company releasing its latest inkjet press range, the Prosper Ultra 520, which builds on its predecessor, the Prosper 6000.

    The company’s Executive Chairman Jim Continenza presided over a live global announcement of Kodak’s latest releases earlier this week and said the company is doubling down on its commitment to digital printing.

    Headlining this commitment to close the gap with offset is the Prosper Ultra 520 inkjet range which is designed for the mid-level printer producing direct mail, marketing collateral, catalogues and books.

    Kodak says the press, which comes in two models the C250 for high-ink applications and the P520 for medium-to-low ink applications, will become available at the end of 2020.

    The Ultra 520 delivers offset-quality print at up to 150 metres per minute in high-quality mode and offers increased productivity, high-image quality and the lowest running costs on the market.

    What sets this new press apart from its predecessor, the high-volume Prosper 6000 which was launched at drupa in 2016, is its use of Kodak’s proprietary continuous drop Ultrastream writing technology.

    Ultrastream is now in its fourth generation and was previously deployed in the Uteco flexible packaging press. The updated system uses electrostatic charging to deflect perfectly round droplets, which have themselves been substantially reduced in size with resolution increasing to 600 x 1800 dpi.

    The technology enables the press to print on an even broader range of substrates, including labels and flexible packaging, and creates quality print usually reserved for sheetfed offset or other analogue devices.

    Kodak Australia and New Zealand Sales Director Rob Mollee said the new press marks a significant turn for Kodak.

    “The Prosper previously had a much larger drop size but the Ultra utilises a much smaller drop size to give that higher resolution. It is all around the design of the stream itself and the droplet size that we are using.” 

    “We can actually come up with offset quality now on a digital press and we personally believe, that at this point in time, this is the highest resolution digital inkjet press on the market.”

    In the global press conference, Continenza said: “Kodak is investing approximately $25 million a year in advancing print technology, doubling down on digital print and delivering the products our customers need to drive productivity and growth as the industry evolves.

    “The revolutionary new Prosper Ultra 520 Inkjet Press is the product of our heritage of innovation in print and our continuing focus on developing breakthrough technologies.

    “Printers can rely on the full range of Kodak Solutions, from offset plates to workflow software to digital presses, to deliver performance that pays.”

    Randy Vandagriff, Vice President Eastman Kodak, said the new Prosper Ultra will allow print business owners to grow and increase profits.

    “I am excited and pleased to announce Kodak’s next inkjet press, the Prosper Ultra C520, powered by Kodak’s next generation Ultrastream technology,” Vandagriff said.

    “This press is suited for mid-volume production, closing the gap of image quality with offset, enabling the migration of graphics printing to digital.

    “Prosper Ultra 520 will deliver our customers a new product with high productivity, high image quality and the lowest running cost in the market allowing our customers to grow their business and increase their profits.”

    Sonora Xtra Process Free Plates

    For offset printers, Kodak has also refined its Sonora Process Free Plates.

    The next development in this series is the Sonora Xtra Process Free Plate, which will be available at the end of 2020.

    Kodak vice president of traditional print John O’Grady said the Sonora Xtra Process Free Plate technology delivers a 20 per cent imaging speed improvement on its predecessor.

    “Printers are already enjoying longer run lengths and we are continuing to innovate. We are very pleased to announce the Sonora Xtra Process Free Plate,” O’Grady said, adding the plates deliver stronger image contrast, improved handling robustness and faster imaging speeds.

    “Sonora Plate technology is the world’s most widely used and trusted process free plate technology, embraced by over 4,000 printers of all sizes around the world. The Sonora Xtra Process Free Plate is scheduled to be available at the end of 2020.

    “The robustness of the plate has also increased which means there is absolutely no sacrifice in swapping from traditional plate making processes to the Sonora.”

    Mollee said the Sonora X plates had had enormous take up in both Australia and New Zealand as the plates remove the need for chemical processing, meaning major cost savings for printers.

    “Our current Sonora is one of the fastest process free plates in the market already as far as imaging is concerned,” Mollee said.

    “I believe we are still streets ahead of the competition which is a bold statement for me to make but we have had so much success with the Sonora X.

    “It is just going to continue to increase because we are converting customers on a regular basis away from wet processing and over to process free. They are all just saying it is fabulous because they have eliminated so much time, cost, wastage and OHS risk with processing all gone.”

    Prinergy On Demand Workflow Platform

    Kodak has also updated its Prinergy workflow solution to be cloud-enabled and accessible via a subscription model making it more cost-effective for customers.

    Mollee says this update will benefit users as customer licenses will reside in the cloud meaning they can be automatically updated and data analytics to see how workflow is going will be held in a secure environment. The cloud-based technology will also assist customers in the event of in-house computer server issues.

    Two new platesetters

    In the prepress area, Kodak unveiled two new platesetters, the Magnus Q800 Platesetter which can image up to 80 plates per hour, and the Magnus Q4800 Platesetter for extra large format needs.

    “The Magnus Q800 Platesetter will now be able to image up to 80 plates per hour to help maximise the productivity of offset workflows. Faster imaging speeds need automation that can keep up, so Kodak is also introducing an updated Multi-Pallet Loader that matches the 80pph speed and with a capacity of up to 3,200 plates,” Kodak said.

    “The T-Speed Magnus Q800 Platesetter will be available for beta testing this month and in production in September 2020. 1,500 plates per pallet capacity for Single Pallet Loader/Multi Pallet Loader will start shipping in June 2020.”

  • + Prytec Solutions Joins Virtual Expo

    Prytec Solutions has unveiled its stand at the Print, Sign, Display and Graphics Virtual Trade Show, with its centrepiec..

    22 June 2020

    Prytec Solutions has unveiled its stand at the Print, Sign, Display and Graphics Virtual Trade Show, with its centrepiece PLS-51515 1kW Advanced Fibre Laser System, in a move sure to create plenty of excitement at the online show. 

    The PLS-F1515 which will be the centrepiece of the Prytech Solutions stand is a fully enclosed, fibre laser system which the company says offers superior sheet metal cutting accuracy, with greater precision, power and speed than all its predecessors.

    Boasting a wide range of applications in metal processing, including Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium alloy and more, it’s a versatile and productive machine which has enormous potential for a wide range of applications.

    The system employs a high-accuracy fibre laser source with 1000W power and high-precision operation which delivers superior edge quality while operating at consistently high cutting speeds. Designed for ease of use, efficiency and safety, the machine has a fully-enclosed protective cover with lifting door and safety interlocks, a drawer-type working table and automatic exhaust extraction system, among other features. 

    Importantly, Prytec Solutions can also work with businesses to modify things like bed size and laser source, to ensure a solution which meets specific market needs and opportunities.

    More information about the Advanced Fibre Laser System, the company’s trade show specials, and contact details for Prytec Solutions and its partners, can be found by visiting the virtual stand at: 

  • + Edale launches FL1 Prime flexographic label press

    British manufacturer of printing and converting machinery, Edale has launched FL1 Prime, its latest addition to its FL r..

    15 June 2020

    British manufacturer of printing and converting machinery, Edale has launched FL1 Prime, its latest addition to its FL range of flexographic presses offering cost-efficient quality label printing.

    The FL1 Prime is built on the fundamentals of its bigger brother, the FL3, and has been developed as affordable, high quality label printing option with minimal waste. The target market is businesses that want a logical replacement or addition to the older mechanical presses used within the narrow web printing market or do not require the advanced automation of the FL3.

    The new press offers a web width of 350mm (13in), and similarly to the entire FL range, it features servo-driven technology as standard with Uniprint printhead design geometry, as well as pre and auto-register. The Prime is modular and upgradable, with options to install EZ Reg and EZ Die as well as LED UV curing.

    ‘We noticed a gap in the market for those businesses who wanted an affordable “step up” to a press which gives technological advancement and efficiencies and delivers superior print quality,’ said James Boughton, managing director of Edale. ‘The FL1 Prime modular design can be upgraded to suit the businesses’ growth when they need it.’

    ‘This year marks 75 years’ experience in the printing and packaging industry and what better time for us to mark this occasion than with our launch of the FL1 Prime, which will be followed by other new products throughout the year. We are proud to have our FL presses installed worldwide, all of which are designed and manufactured in our UK Headquarters,’ concluded Boughton.

  • + Epson EcoTank printers win Keypoint Intelligence - Buyers Lab Awards

    Epson EcoTank printers have won two Keypoint Intelligence - Buyers Lab (BLI) Pick awards in the Printer and Multifunctio..

    15 June 2020

    Epson EcoTank printers have won two Keypoint Intelligence - Buyers Lab (BLI) Pick awards in the Printer and Multifunction Printer (MFP) categories. The EcoTank ET-2756 (known as the ET-2750 in A/NZ) took home the Outstanding Personal Colour Inkjet All-in-One award and the ET-4760 (known as the ET-4750 in A/NZ) won the Outstanding SOHO Colour Inkjet All-in-One award.

    Epson EcoTank ET-4750
    “The Epson EcoTank ET-2756 and ET-4760 are ideal for low-volume environments looking for a highly reliable, low cost colour MFP,” said Kaitlin Shaw, Senior Editor of Printer/MFP Analysis at Keypoint Intelligence. “The devices use Epson’s cartridge-free ink tank system and ship with up to two years of ink included in the box. This, combined with low-cost refill bottles, translates to an extraordinarily low cost per page—even compared to other in-class inkjet models. For a significantly lower than average total cost of ownership, users get an easy-to-use, highly reliable device they can count on to keep downtime to the absolute minimum.”
    Buyers Lab is the leading independent provider of testing services and analytical information to the document imaging industry. Awarded twice annually for office equipment, Pick awards acknowledge the products that gave the best performances in the Buyers Lab’s extensive suite of lab tests over a six month period.
    The WorkForce ET-4750 EcoTank all-in-one, powered by heat-free PrecisionCore®, offers revolutionary cartridge-free printing with easy-to-fill, super-sized ink tanks. It includes up to 2 years of ink in the box1. That’s an incredible amount of ink — enough to print up to 11,200 pages3, and equivalent to about 284 individual cartridges4. Plus, it features auto-stop ink bottles with each colour uniquely keyed for easy filling of each tank. The ET-4760 also offers a high-capacity 250-sheet paper tray, fax, 2.4" colour touchscreen, 30-sheet ADF, fast auto 2-sided printing, and convenient wired and wireless networking.
    The Expression ET-2750 EcoTank all-in-one, offers revolutionary cartridge-free printing with easy-to-fill, ink tanks. It includes up to 2 years of ink in the box1. That's an incredible amount of ink — enough to print up to 5,200 pages2, and equivalent to about 132 individual cartridges3.

    Epson EcoTank ET-2750
    The ET-2750 features auto-stop ink bottles with each colour uniquely keyed for easy filling of each tank and also offers wireless printing from tablets and smartphones4, plus a user-friendly control panel with intuitive buttons for easy navigation.
    For further information on Epson EcoTank printers go to