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  • + Queensland Libraries Get Storybook Makeover from icatchers and Drytac

    Exhibition display specialist icatchers has added fun and colour to children's libraries in and around Brisbane using Dr..

    01 September 2020

    Exhibition display specialist icatchers has added fun and colour to children's libraries in and around Brisbane using Drytac ViziPrint and ReTac self-adhesive media, supplied by Shann.

    The children's sections of two libraries in Queensland, Australia have received bright, bold makeovers from icatchers, using Drytac media products.

    A specialist in signage and fit-outs for exhibitions and trade shows, showrooms and offices, shops and events, icatchers has been servicing customers from its Brisbane head office and production facility and Melbourne sales office for 16 years. It counts the governments of Queensland and Victoria, Queensland University of Technology, Aldi, Boeing, LG, BP, Xbox and Nintendo among its well-known clients.

    Its customer base also includes Brisbane City Council's libraries department, for whom icatchers updates children's library areas every five years. The project comprises everything from design to manufacture to installation, including furniture, power and lighting, interactive games and computers, play equipment, flooring, wall graphics and signage.

    "Usually these projects involve a six- to eight-week turnaround from concept to completion," explains Kyle Lewis, Visual Communications Manager at icatchers. "There are strict health and safety guidelines as the spaces are used by children. We also have to use products that meet specific requirements to minimise damage and that can be replaced easily if damaged - it's amazing how much damage these little humans make!"

    Its most recent project at Holland Park Library involved wall graphics, which presented icatchers with additional challenges.

    Kyle explains: "For the wall graphics we needed something that would be easy to use as we needed to wrap around columns and window openings, and found Drytac ReTac 150 Smooth was perfect. It's a quality product with great printing results."

    Drytac ReTac Smooth 150 polymeric PVC film is a 6 mil (150μ) printable self-adhesive vinyl designed for wall graphics applications. Installation on a range of surfaces is easy, thanks to Drytac's ReTac ultra-removable adhesive technology which maintains strength over the duration of the project but ensures the film can be removed cleanly at the end of its life.

    This year icatchers completed a similar project at Beenleigh Library, 40km outside Brisbane, which included window graphics installed on the outside of curved glass. They were printed on an HP Latex 360.

    "We used Drytac ViziPrint Impress Clear for the windows, mainly for its optically clear benefits as we needed something that would let a lot of light through," says Kyle. "It was also used for its ease of installation and removal when required. The graphics floated on beautifully and the library was pleased with the vibrancy of the colours."

    Developed for glass and other smooth, flat surfaces, Drytac ViziPrint Impress Clear is durable and water-resistant for stunning window graphics and other decorative applications. This 5 mil (125μ) clear PET film is PVC-free and 100 per cent recyclable.

    The Drytac products were supplied by Shann DPM, appointed as the exclusive Australian distributor for Drytac's extensive range of wide format print media, mounting and protective films earlier this year. Shann DPM is a division of the Shann Group, an established Australian company with over 60 years' experience and a team of over 30 experienced sales representatives on the road.

    "Shann gave us a detailed and informative overview of the Drytac products, providing quick and precise answers to any questions we had," comments Kyle Lewis. "The Drytac products fulfilled all our requirements for both jobs, with outstanding printing and installation results. We'll definitely be using these products in the future."

    For further information on Drytac's products and services, please visit 

  • + Epson expands into high volume dye-sublimation

    Epson has announced their first-ever 76-inch large-format printer. The SureColor F10060 is a sophisticated, dye-sublimat..

    01 September 2020

    Epson has announced their first-ever 76-inch large-format printer. The SureColor F10060 is a sophisticated, dye-sublimation machine for textile production. It is aimed at high volume producers where speed, reliability, and efficiency are central to success. Some of the numerous applications the SC-F10060 has been designed for include soft signage, fashion, sportswear, home furnishings and décor.
    A close up of a printer

    Epson SureColor F10060
    In the dye-sublimation sector, customers demand fast turnaround times and cost-effective production. They also expect reliable operation with consistent high-quality output. With these requirements in mind, Epson has developed an industrial level dye-sublimation printer that, the company believes, sets new standards.
    The SC-F10060 offers the highest throughput of any Epson LFP released to date. It features four of Epson’s very latest 4.7” PrecisionCore™ Micro TFP printheads that each incorporate four print elements. Active nozzle status monitoring and advanced self-cleaning ensure consistent high quality output at up to 255m2/hr.

    Epson 4.7” PrecisionCore™ ꙡTFP print head
    High speed output is matched with efficient operation. The printer supports media rolls up to 76” wide and 60kg in weight. It features an 80L bulk ink system, an extra-large 155GB buffer memory, high-speed networking and on-board Step & Repeat. Precision feed management and a compact double-sided dryer enables fast roll-to-roll production with consistent tension and parallelism for quality sublimation.
    The SC-F10060 is designed for easy operation. It features a large 9” colour touch panel display and a transparent platen window with integrated lighting. Downloadable EMX profiles facilitate rapid set-up with common media types. An integrated RGB camera enables easy profile adjustment and fast configuration with new medias.

    Integrated RGB camera
    When developing the SC-F10060 Epson carefully considered workflow. The printer can be loaded by single operator, care of an integrated media lifter and dual front and rear feed controls. It also features an industrial style signal lamp and an ink system with automatic hot swap. The SC-F10060 ships complete with Epson Edge Print and Edge Dashboard software and also supports a new service called Epson Cloud Solution PORT (ECSP) that enables detailed production monitoring and advanced status analysis.

    Epson Cloud Solution PORT
    As with all Epson Large Format Printers, the SC-F10060 is backed with a comprehensive service package that offers cover up to five years.  The new ECSP system enables Epson to offer remote support and accelerated repair; problems can be directly analysed and service agents dispatched complete with appropriate parts.
    To ensure maximum up-time, the optional User Self Replacement of print heads have been enabled, clearly demonstrating Epson has raised the benchmark for production equipment.

    Key features and benefits of the of the SC-F10060 include:
    • 4 x 4.7” PrecisionCore™ ꙡTFP print heads enable production at up to 255 m2/hr
    • Support for media rolls up to 60kg with easy loading and assisted configuration
    • Epson UltraChrome® DS ink and Epson Precision Dot Technology for consistent and accurate output with an exceptional gamut using a standard CYMK ink set
    • Dual ink supply system with automatic hot-swap that operates with a choice of 3L or 10L boxed based ink for a total capacity of up to 80L
    • Advanced new platen design and intelligent media management enable support for the widest range of media (including ultra-thin stocks) with rapid assisted set-up
    • Integrated double sided drying system and high-precision auto take-up enables efficient roll-to-roll production in a surprising compact 76” form factor
    • Oeko-Tex™ certification ensures fabric produced on the printer is safe for adults, children and infants 
    • Supplied with Epson Edge Print, Edge Dashboard and Accounting software
    • Designed for durable and reliable operation with Linear Motion Guide carriage movement, heavy duty DC motors and auto head cleaning
    • Comprehensive and flexible support up to 5 years complete with Epson Cloud Solution PORT and optional User Self Replacement of print heads.

    The SureColor F10060 is available for ordering now from authorised Epson Large Format fabric printing solutions resellers.
    To find out more, visit

  • + Student’s powerful road safety campaign targeting young drivers goes live in Sydney

    A powerful new road safety campaign by a talented University of Technology Sydney student has gone live across oOh!media..

    01 September 2020

    A powerful new road safety campaign by a talented University of Technology Sydney student has gone live across oOh!media billboards and digital signage in Sydney.

    The campaign is the result of behaviour change program Re:act, which challenges university students to come up with ideas to raise road safety awareness among adults aged 18 to 25 – a demographic almost twice as likely to be killed in a traffic accident than their parents, according to new data from Australian Roads.

    Re:act has partnered with oOh!media to run campaigns across three cities on oOh!’s roadside digital billboards, with Sydney now going live after a recent Brisbane launch, and Melbourne to follow at a later date.

    The creative will also appear on digital displays in retail, higher education and social venues. Provided at no cost, the total media value for all three campaigns is over $850,000, marking a significant contribution to spreading the safety messaging to the wider public.

    The Re:act program is an initiative of creative behaviour change agency Hard Edge. In 2020 it ran at University of Technology Sydney, Swinburne University in Melbourne and, for the first time, Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane. It also expanded internationally to the University of the Arts London.

    UTS student Ella Mander-Jones was chosen for her campaign drawing the young audience in before delivering a strong and clear message focused on music as a distraction on our roads: ‘Make your playlist killer. Not a killer on our roads’.

    “I wanted to create something different that was on trend for a young target audience,” she said.

    “People around my age are very much into their playlists. ‘Killer’ has a negative connotation but can also be awesome, like a ‘killer’ playlist, so I linked the two to draw people in without them knowing off the mark that you’re talking about road safety.”

    In addition to supporting the campaign through media space, oOh!media also played a pivotal role in the students’ design process, deploying personnel to work with the students as they came up with their ideas, helping shape them for maximum creativity in the Out of Home format while also providing technical support.

    Noel Cook, oOh!media’s Chief Commercial & Operations Officer, said that the company was proud to support Re:act for the second year running.

    “Young drivers have a higher risk of getting into accidents, which is important to be aware of at a time when ongoing COVID-19 issues are forcing more people to drive instead of taking public transport,” he said.

    “This year’s theme is ‘distraction’, and it’s been a revelation to see how these gifted students have translated their objective of keeping drivers focused on the road into creative designs that will strike a chord with their age group.”

    Andrew Hardwick, Re:act founder and CEO, said Re:act’s vision is to give young people a voice in road safety.

    “Young people have an incredible contribution to make in reducing road trauma – statistics they are unfortunately overrepresented in,” he said. “It’s fantastic to see their work being shared in the public domain thanks to this partnership between oOh! and Re:act. This is such an amazing experience and opportunity for the students in their careers.”  

    oOh!’s support for Re:act is part of the company’s broader approach to road safety. In conjunction with the Outdoor Media Association (OMA), oOh! is committed to working closely with governments and authorities to invest in research and make roads safer.

    To find out more about the Re:act program, visit

  • + Canon Launch Groundbreaking New Arizona 2300 Series

    Building on its rich heritage in flatbed printing, Canon Production Printing Australia has launched the new Arizona 2300..

    01 September 2020

    Building on its rich heritage in flatbed printing, Canon Production Printing Australia has launched the new Arizona 2300 series. The latest addition in the series of award winning flatbed printers will allow customers to speed up production, improve operational efficiencies and fuel growth opportunities through new applications. The Arizona 2300 series will generally be available in Australia, in 2021. Until then, customers are invited to see the Arizona 2380 XTF with Roll Media Option via online and live demos from Canon’s Customer Experience Centres in the Netherlands (Venlo). The new series has varying ink channel options available (40, 60 and 80) to support a diverse range of applications, which includes three compact GTF models (Arizona 2340 GTF, 2360 GTF, 2380 GTF) with a flatbed area of 1.25m x 2.5m and three large XTF models (Arizona 2340 XTF, 2360 XTF, 2380 XTF) with a flatbed area of 2.5m x 3.08m.

    Smart productivity 

    Revolutionising flatbed table architecture, the new printer series is built around Arizona FLOW technology, an airflow suction technique that combines a zoneless, multi-origin table layout with easy-to-use pneumatic registration pins to better secure the substrate in place on the table. The result? Productivity up by more than 20% compared with previous generations of Arizona printers, as no operator time is required for masking the table or taping the media down, enabling faster changeover between jobs, shorter set-up times and hassle-free job switching. The FLOW technology makes printing on unusual and more challenging media, such as cardboard, wood and glass, or even printing large images tiled over multiple large boards, easier than ever before. Print from edge to edge on the substrate to benefit from less or no waste, more output and even more possibilities.  

    The pneumatic registration pins allow you to align media to either the left or the right edge of the table – or even to both – and you can print 2-up, 4-up and 6-up. Turning the substrate over from front to back and from left to right on the flatbed enables perfect registration when printing double-sided, regardless of whether the substrate has dimensional imperfections. Confidently print on unusual, heavy, smooth or pre-cut media.

    Keep productivity at an all-time high by printing up to 95m2/hr while maintaining print quality. The automated maintenance system offers hands-free printhead maintenance and reduces downtime by restoring nozzle functionality in seconds – including for white ink, which is usually difficult to maintain. You no longer have to wait for your printer to warm up – the new Arizona 2300 series offers an instant-on capability through its LED-UV curing system, enabling quicker turnaround for last minute jobs. Plus, its high-resolution camera alignment system enables easy, quick and precise printhead alignment and flatbed table mapping. 

    With Arizona Xpert, the Arizona 2300 series has a self-learning capability so you can design – and then repeat – complex, multi-layered projects. The printer remembers the ‘recipe’ for the next time you want to print similar applications, saving you set-up time and automating the production process.

    In addition to the Arizona 2300 series, Canon is also introducing Arizona Xpert version 2.1. With new features and ‘recipes’ to further enhance productivity, the software application is able to print intelligent outlines of the media onto the flatbed table for perfect positioning without taping or masking. Arizona Xpert 2.1 supports ‘recipes’ for print and cut workflows via integration with Canon’s ProCut software. Double-sided and multi-panel printing is now easier than ever thanks to maximum automation. No mistakes and, consequently, reduced waste. The software application also enables easy ‘recipe’ exchange between print supplier and designer, so they can see the end product with a 3D view in Adobe Creative Suite®, reducing the chance of design flaws to the bare minimum.

    Sustainable by design

    The Arizona 2300 series offers LED-UV curing for 40% less energy consumption compared with other flatbed printers thanks to its instant-on operation (as no warm-up period is needed), the longevity of the lamp life and its connectivity to a regular power network. It also offers low ink consumption, using less than 8ml/m² of ink on average, including maintenance.

    Manufactured in Germany, the Arizona 2300 series has passed both the German TÜV (Technischer Überwachungsverein) and DGUV (Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung) assurance tests, which confirm that the product range is in line with health and safety regulations for minimising environmental impact and guaranteeing a safer working environment. Its UV inks are UL GREENGUARD Gold certified, so prints are suitable for use in schools, hotels and hospitals.

    To ensure your print room is meeting the specified requirements for air ventilation, an air filtration system is optional to help maintain a healthy working environment for you and your employees. 

    A new dimension of possibilities

    Achieve superior print quality, print after print, across a broad media range at the fastest production speeds, thanks to the high-key print mode, pixel placement compensation, enhanced screening and the award-winning, third-generation VariaDot printhead technology. If you’re looking for optimum configuration for high-value, high-margin applications, you can add extra ink channels (from four to six and up to eight channels) – including the brightest white ink set and crystal clear glossy varnish. 

    Meet any customer demand for printing on hard plastic materials such as acrylic, polycarbonate and styrene. The Roll Media Option allows you to explore a vast range of roll media, including thin, heat-sensitive media up to 220cm. This allows you to easily switch between rigid and flexible media jobs with no machine preparation. 24/7 production becomes a reality for safe, unattended overnight printing with the option of a fully robotised workflow with automated loading and unloading of boards. 

    Looking to add a new dimension to your work? The Arizona 2300 series can be equipped with Canon’s textured printing software, Touchstone, enabling applications, such as interior décor products including wallpaper and furniture panels, and functional applications such as braille, to be printed with elevated texture effects. 
    Dirk Brouns, Vice President, Large Format Graphics said that, “The large format graphics market is driven by innovation and we are fully committed to the R&D programme of our Arizona flatbed solutions. With the Arizona 2300 series, we are introducing new revolutionary flatbed technology: a unique airflow system that simplifies customer workflows and speeds up production processes. We’re excited to bring this product to the market to help our customers fuel new growth opportunities.”

    Andrew Cocker, Senior Sales Manager, Large Format Graphics at Canon Production Printing Australia state, “We’re confident that the Arizona 2300 series will enable our customers to boost profits, expand their application possibilities and open up new market opportunities, while achieving operational excellence. With the addition of this new flatbed printer series to our portfolio and alongside our Colorado UVgel roll-to-roll printers, we have a range of large format solutions to suit any and every customer’s needs.” 

    Further information about Canon Europe is available at: 

  • + Inkcups Introduces Transparent Pin Curing for Helix Printers

    Global printing industry leader Inkcups announces the release of a new feature for Helix® digital cylinder printers:..

    25 August 2020

    Global printing industry leader Inkcups announces the release of a new feature for Helix® digital cylinder printers: Transparent Pin Curing.

    Transparent Pin Curing (TPC) is a specialised system that enables UV inkjet printing on clear products such as plastic bottles, glassware, spirit bottles and wine bottles, without the need to add a UV-blocking agent into the vessel. Traditionally, UV inkjet printing on clear vessels requires a stuffing agent known as a “foxtail” to block the UV light from curing the ink and damaging the print heads. With this new patent-pending technology, containers remain uncontaminated and sterile on the inside and print head life is protected. As an added benefit, removal of this extra step thanks to the TPC system also streamlines the production process.

    “We have been developing and testing this new feature for some time and are excited to bring it to market. The revolutionary transparent pin curing system will simplify production, improve efficiency and is completely retrofittable to our fleet of Helix® digital cylinder printers. It makes a significant difference for transparent items,” said Ben Adner, CEO of Inkcups.

    The proprietary TPC system is available as a field-upgradable retrofit for existing Helix® printers or on new Helix® machines. These include the Helix® Digital Cylinder Printer and Helix® Hi-Fi Photorealistic Rotary UV Printer, which was released in 2019. Recognised in the industry as very fast and reliable machines, they are ideal for use in print-on-demand, short and medium volume drinkware printing applications. Typical applications include full color imaging on glassware, stainless steel tumblers, plastic bottles and much more.

    The TPC system feature is engineered and manufactured in the U.S. and available for order now.

  • + GMG ColorProof GO

    Thanks to GMG ColorProof GO’s browser-based user interface, users can manage and run proof jobs from almost any de..

    25 August 2020

    Thanks to GMG ColorProof GO’s browser-based user interface, users can manage and run proof jobs from almost any device. The focus is set: With the new release, GMG appeals especially to professional users who are looking for maximum flexibility control and increased productivity. Multiple proof locations are a typical scenario, as well as mobile working and the trend towards working from home reinforce the relevance of GMG ColorProof GO.

    Besides the new flexibility, GMG ColorProof GO scores high with its intuitive user interface. To start a job, you simply drag and drop the file into the appropriate drop zone – that’s it. With GMG ColorProof GO, all connected proof systems are conveniently controlled and managed via a web browser. Even a device recalibration can be done remotely from any workstation or your smartphone. The mere possibility of being able to check the status of a proof job remotely is reassuring for users and provides process control.

    The flexibility of GMG ColorProof GO also makes sense in a company with only one location. Every workstation, whether Mac or PC, can now be used to run and manage proof jobs. No need for an operator to walk to the proofing room where traditionally the proof workstation and the proofer would be found. New users can be added to the GMG ColorProof GO network via email and their roles can be assigned individually. This type of flexibility saves a lot of time and increases productivity. GMG solutions are designed to cope in a busy production environment. If several users want to access the same proofing system simultaneously, GMG ColorProof GO will comfortably and reliably handle the workload.

  • + HVG shares seven PRO tips to help you get the most out of your floor graphics!

    As businesses and public spaces continue to slowly open their doors to the public, temporary floor graphics have been us..

    25 August 2020

    As businesses and public spaces continue to slowly open their doors to the public, temporary floor graphics have been used to meet regional requirements, and deliver healthcare best practice, helping to minimise the spread of COVID-19.     
    The reason for the rapid adoption of floor graphics as the go-to solution in the marketplace for temporary, reliable, and effective visual communication lies in the fact that if can be applied quickly and easily, in a wide range of environments. 

    However, as in all such rapid uptakes of graphics solutions, there are lessons that have been learned which will help you ensure you floor graphics always make a good impression, regardless of how harsh the environment or how much footfall they endure. 

    We have consulted with our product experts to provide you with some tips that will see you putting your best foot forward.
    Top 7 tips for floor graphics application: 

    Tip #1 Before quoting, know the floor surface and type (smooth, textured, carpet) as well as the environment (indoor or outdoor). Making the right product choice ensures the decals do the job they are meant to.

    Tip #2 Use the correct non-slip product. Installations require a minimum slip rating for the decal surface to meet floor safety standards. This requisite applies to all public areas and is referenced as P (pendulum) and or R (ramp) slip resistance rating. Products being used should have the minimum required slip rating, tested to Australian Standards AS 4586:2013. These testing certifications for relevant products will be available from your trusted supplier. 

    Tip #3 Graphic design and profiling cutting - avoid sharp corners and angles which can cause lifting. Circular decals are ideal, however adding radius corners to rectangular or square shapes will also limit corners peeling up. 

    Tip #4 Before application, ensure the floor surface is clean and dry. For outside surfaces especially, brush-off with a broom to remove any dust or dirt. Cleaning may involve the use of a mild detergent mixed with water and ideally, a final wipe off with a cloth and iso-propyl alcohol (IPA). Avoid applying pavement graphics when the surface is wet or damp. Plan your application at least 72 hours or longer since the last rain fall in the area. Moisture and rising damp through porous outdoor surfaces like pavers and tiles will reduce adhesion and may result in the decal failure.

    Tip #5 During application, avoid grout lines, expansion joins and any uneven surfaces wherever possible to prevent graphics lifting or peeling up. 

    Tip #6 When applying floor decals onto sealed or varnished surfaces, conduct a spot test by applying the selected product to a small, discreet section of floor, then removing before undertaking the project. This ensures the correct sealant or varnish was used and removal will not result in any damage.     

    Tip #7 Current social distancing campaigns may require longer life-cycles for floor graphics, compared to the traditional shorter-term advertising campaigns for which they have been typically employed. However, it is important to remember that these graphics must still be replaced in a timely manner to negate signs of wear and tear, and damage that may result in safety risks and trip-hazards. Not only will a regular refresh of graphics ensure safety remains a key priority, but it also allows you to refresh and update messaging for maximum utility. 

  • + HP Inkspiration Awards 2021.

    The prestigious HP Digital Print Excellence Awards is back with a new name: HP Inkspiration Awards 2021. Now in its 14..

    20 August 2020

    The prestigious HP Digital Print Excellence Awards is back with a new name: HP Inkspiration Awards 2021.
    Now in its 14th year, this HP Graphics Solutions Business event puts the spotlight on outstanding digital print innovators across Asia Pacific and Japan.
    The HP Inkspiration Awards 2021 will be recognising creative ways organisations have responded to this unprecedented time through digital printing. Two new categories will be introduced: Collateral supporting this unprecedented time (Commercial segment) and Specialty print supporting this unprecedented time (Labels segment).
    We invite you to wow our judges including representatives from global brands, graphic designers, packaging and media experts in terms of overall aesthetics, marketing impact, shelf appeal, design suitability, uniqueness, and media/substrate use, this is the perfect opportunity to showcase what you can do to a wider audience and receive the recognition you deserve.
    Currie Group encourages all their HP Indigo customers to enter.

    Submit your entries on or before 15th March, 2021.
    Entry form link:

  • + Kornit Digital Acquires Custom Gateway

    Kornit Digital, a worldwide market leader in digital textile printing technology, announced today the acquisition of Cus..

    18 August 2020

    Kornit Digital, a worldwide market leader in digital textile printing technology, announced today the acquisition of Custom Gateway, an innovative technology provider of cloud-based software workflow solutions for on-demand production business models.

    “I am very pleased to announce the acquisition of Custom Gateway as we augment our market-leading capabilities with their powerful software, which we’ve evaluated thoroughly, including via several strategic customers we share,” said Ronen Samuel, Kornit Digital CEO. “Brands, retailers, suppliers, and fulfillers of all sizes stand to grow considerably through digital transformation, and with Custom Gateway, Kornit will revolutionize on-demand digital textile production with a unique end-to-end solution, giving us a powerful competitive advantage in the market.”

    Custom Gateway’s robust and functionality-rich cloud platform is suitable for both B2B and B2C business models and handles all steps of efficient on-demand production. The platform enables content sourcing, creation, content management, and display at the front end. Orders created are captured by a robust order management system and are directed to the appropriate back-end production sites using sophisticated routing algorithms. Once orders proceed to the production floor, they are smartly routed and managed, to allow for efficient on-demand production on a mass scale. The entire process from order creation to shipment is enriched with integrations to existing IT environments, data-driven decisioning, and business intelligence analytics. By seamlessly connecting front end (online or other storefront) to the most suitable back end (on-demand production and logistics operation), the technology enables customers to realize the full efficiency, scalability, and profitability benefits of digitisation.

    Supplementing Kornit’s Konnect platform for visibility and control of print operations, Custom Gateway’s platform offers Kornit customers valuable business insights for agility in the face of market dynamics and disruption.

    Custom Gateway has over 300 active customers globally, including brand names such as the U.K.’s largest fashion retailer Next, as well as other leading sports, fashion, and content brands.

    “We’re excited about bringing these two creative cultures together and know from experience that Kornit and Custom Gateway are built upon a common vision,” said Andrew Talbot, Custom Gateway CEO. “Together, we will provide global brands and fulfillers optimal control of their business, ensuring swift, socially responsible fulfillment, and in a profitable model that produces and ships orders in real time, without excess inventory or labor.”

    “On-demand production is overtaking traditional retail models, and the producers who harness all available data will win the marketplace,” said Omer Kulka, Kornit Digital CMO. “We’re excited to welcome Custom Gateway to the Kornit family, a development that will ultimately give end consumers the products and experiences they expect.”

  • + Dates announced for Dscoop Edge Fusion

    Dscoop Edge Fusion, a global conference for education, business growth, technical training, industry trends, and collabo..

    18 August 2020

    Dscoop Edge Fusion, a global conference for education, business growth, technical training, industry trends, and collaborative networking, has been scheduled for May 16-18, 2021. The largest community of HP Graphic Arts users in the world will come together – both online and in person

    The in-person event will take place in St. Louis, MO, USA.

    In March, Dscoop Edge Orlando 2020 was postponed due to COVID-19 and to protect the safety of attendees. The rescheduled event, Edge Fusion, will be a blend of in-person and online activities for a global “hybrid” experience. Keith Wilmot, Dscoop CEO, explains, "With the world still uncertain in many ways, we are preparing a valuable experience for a variety of scenarios.” 

    Whichever scenario attendees choose, Edge Fusion will deliver engaging, relevant, and forward-thinking content. The entire event experience – including education tracks, business growth, keynote speakers, networking activities, training workshops, and partner solutions sessions -- is designed for all Dscoop members, from The Americas (AMS), Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA) and Asia-Pacific/Japan (APJ) and will accommodate all time zones.

    If attendees choose a face-to-face experience (much like past Dscoop Edge events) in St. Louis at the America's Center convention center, there will be hotel accommodations at the Marriott St. Louis Grand hotel right across the street, and the Courtyard St. Louis Downtown hotel, just one block away. If attendees prefer to stay closer to home, can’t make those travel dates or travel is restricted, Edge Fusion will offer virtual and blended options using excellent new meeting technology, interactivity, live streaming, and recorded sessions. 

    In every scenario, Dscoop will take its lead from global health regulations to protect the safety of its community and adjust plans for Edge Fusion as necessary. 

    “We know there’s no experience like a face-to-face Dscoop Edge experience. There’s also no doubt about the value of on-demand education and the focused approach of virtual training, demos and workshops,” says Wilmot. “Edge Fusion won’t be an ‘either/or.’ It will be a ‘Yes, and.’ Expect an amazing experience for every role in your company, for printers and partners alike, regardless of how or where you decide to join us.” 

    Expanded event hours will accommodate different time zones, so attendees from the Americas, EMEA and APJ will be able to connect globally with their like-minded peers, partners, speakers and session presenters.

    “It has been an unprecedented time for our customers ... you have faced challenges, persevered, and in many cases, created incredible innovation and collaboration,” says Haim Levit, general manager for HP Indigo, as HP is a premier partner of Dscoop. “We want to make sure we’re doing everything we can to help Dscoop members regain business, create continuity and growth, and get the insights, training and awareness they need to move forward – no matter what the new normal brings.” 

    The safety of Dscoop’s members, partners, staff, and speakers continues to be a top priority. The organization will take its lead from global health regulations and will adapt and adjust plans for Edge Fusion as necessary. The schedule, activities and technology will work in concert, allowing Dscoop to shift quickly if needed.
    “The unique thing about being part of Dscoop is that I have never felt alone,” says Jay Dollries, owner, Innovative Labeling Solutions, and Dscoop’s Global Board chairman. “We've always been in this together, helping each other through the years however we can. I think we could all use a lot of ‘Edge,’ inspiratio and connection, to learn from each other and rise up together. I’m looking forward to that, in whatever form it takes.”

  • + Action Labels & Nameplates chooses Epson SurePress L-6034VW industrial UV label solution

    Started in 1945 Action Labels & Nameplates has been heralded for being inventive and forward thinking. 75 years late..

    18 August 2020

    Started in 1945 Action Labels & Nameplates has been heralded for being inventive and forward thinking. 75 years later Action Labels & Nameplates is undergoing a digital transformation under new ownership. New ownership means new equipment such as their recent purchase the highly effective Epson SurePress L-6034VW industrial UV label press.

    Action Labels CEO James Malone explained, “Action Labels have a good range of semi rotary and intermittent printing machinery that operate well, however the demand has been increasing for short runs of labels and multiple SKUs and conventional printing machinery is getting less competitive in today’s digital world. So we started looking for a solution and decided the Epson SurePress L-6034VW was ideal.”
    For Malone it was important to find a machine that not only could print on a wide range of substrates  with durable and lightfast inks but could also print on many different widths of stock from 80mm up to 340mm.
    He continued, “After looking at many UV inkjet presses in the marketplace is was soon apparent that there is a lot of similarity amongst the various models. With so many UV Inkjet presses already installed in Australia we needed to find a UV Inkjet press that would make us stand out from the competition. That UV press is the Epson SurePress L-6034VW.”
    Action Labels & Nameplates is a label convertor who currently uses a combination of roll to roll letterpress and roll to roll screen printing machinery.  Digital printing was done on smaller roll to roll inkjet and toner equipment. Malone has been watching UV inkjet develop in terms of quality and speed over the years and saw the opportunity where a UV LED inkjet solution would give Action Labels & Nameplates the advantage in the growing short-to-medium run durable label markets.
    Malone continued, “The SurePress L-6034VW certainly fulfils our requirements and those of the market. It can print on stock widths from 80mm to 340mm wide and the digital varnish station in the final station allows matt or gloss UV varnish effects to be created after CMYK or WCMYK printing. Epson are a multi-billion dollar turnover company so there is significant support and backing from them, they also designed and made the press from the ground up and make their own inks and printheads. These are all big advantages for us.”
    The Epson SurePress L-6034VW is a UV LED inkjet digital label press which delivers high quality, productivity and durable labels. The press uses Epson’s own PrecisionCore printheads and comes standard with wide gamut CMYK, high opacity white and digital varnish inks, led curing, corona treater, web cleaner, ioniser, eye mark sensor and an additional UV curing lamp. Everything that’s required for prime label production.
    When Malone purchased the SurePress he went on to experience Epson’s service team do an excellent job of having the press installed and operators trained to meet his first UV print deadline.
    He added, “The positive feedback of the high quality output due to the colour pinning control and centre drum web handling platen has been great. Also the innovative digital varnish ink printed in one pass gives our brand owners the flexibility of either matte and gloss using spot varnishes to add high value and very appealing accents that lift the visual appearance of specific areas. As a result we are using the SurePress L-6034VW for CMYK printing and durable labels for the lucrative cosmetics, beer and wine markets.”

    The Epson SurePress L-6034VW comes with an Adobe Illustrator plugin so it is almost as simple to print with as an office printer. A job is loaded into Adobe Illustrator then all pre-flight, imposition, VDP and colour management is handled by Epson’s Illustrator plug-in software and spot colours and media profiles are controlled by the easy to use touchscreen control panel on the press.

    This ease of use is not lost on Malone who commented, “We are very impressed by the high level of engineering that has gone into the L-6034VW. The press is solidly built and has a zero point reverse feature so very little stock is wasted. Adding to Action Labels & Nameplates large range of diecutting, hot foiling and screen printing machinery, the SurePress L-6034VW provides the perfect digital engine to allow us to serve a wide range of industries including superfast turnaround trade printing of labels and tags.”
    It’s clear James Malone is happy with his new purchase and equally with Epson’s service and support as he concluded, “The value of having one supplier design and manufacture all the key technologies of a digital label press cannot be underestimated. This, combined with Epson’s excellent local service and support makes this purchase a no-brainer.”
    Epson’s UV range of presses is expanding as the company furthers its commitment to providing a printer for all market sectors, needs and requirements. New in their UV range is the SurePress L-6534VW a press that uses Epson’s 600 x 1,200dpi PrecisionCore printheads and produces print speed modes of Production mode 50 m/min, Standard mode 30 m/min, and a 15 m/min High-density mode.
    For more on Action Labels & Nameplates solutions contact their general manager Steve Bonanno at and for more information on the Epson SurePress range, visit

  • + Rob Mesaros joins Currie Group

    We are excited to announce that Rob Mesaros has joined Currie Group in the newly created position of Strategic Executive..

    18 August 2020

    We are excited to announce that Rob Mesaros has joined Currie Group in the newly created position of Strategic Executive Advisor. Mesaros joins Currie Group after 15 years with HP, many of which were spent abroad, in various senior executive roles.   

    Mesaros says, “Personally, the time has come for my family to return home. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at HP, from meeting many wonderful people to experiencing diverse cultures and business environments. I want to thank all of the HP teams I have been a part of, and the many HP channel partners, for providing me with a platform to learn and grow.”

    Most recently Rob served as the Vice President & Head of 3D Printing & Digital Manufacturing for Asia Pacific & Japan, and officially started his new role on the 3rd of August, based at Currie Group’s head office in Melbourne.

    Rob will be responsible for reviewing the end to end business operation, with a focus on business planning, and strategic improvement initiatives.  Additionally, Rob will work closely with our staff, key customers and partners to ensure we continue to gear ourselves up for future success. 

    “I am excited to be joining Currie Group in a senior advisory role at such an important time for the company and industries evolution.  I have always respected Currie Group’s vision, and most importantly their attention to driving the right customer centric transformation.  The digital transformation of industries is just heating up, and I’m confident that Currie Group coupled with their Vendors will continue to play an important role in driving that transformation.” 

    “During his 15-year tenure, Rob made very significant contributions to HP in a variety of roles across the region, including as Managing Director in Australia and New Zealand post HP separation in 2015 till May 2018. We thank Rob for his leadership over many years both here in Australia and abroad and we look forward to working closely together at Currie Group,” said Michael Boyle, Managing Director, HP Australia and New Zealand. 

    Currie Group’s Executive Chairman, David Currie welcomes Rob to the team saying, “Currie Group is a long-standing partner with HP and having Rob join the group in the capacity of Strategic Executive Advisor makes sense on many levels. Rob’s experience in running business operations in ANZ and across the region, as well as his deep technical knowledge of the print industry, is complementary to our business model and our future direction. We look forward to working with Rob and all our partners to chart the course for growth and future success.”

  • + Inkcups Introduces Vivid White

    Inkcups has announced the release of the brightest white ink available on the UV inkjet market: Vivid White. The ne..

    11 August 2020

    Inkcups has announced the release of the brightest white ink available on the UV inkjet market: Vivid White.

    The newest addition to Inkcups’ highly regarded S1 UV Ink Series, Vivid White reproduces the brightest whites available in the industry. Based on decades of experience and after thorough and rigorous testing, Inkcups created a formula for the ideal ink that can print a vivid white on dark substrates. Vivid White can also act as an opaque white background for multi-coloured graphics to enhance the colours of artwork and make them appear more vibrant. This benefit ensures color matching is consistent across all products – the more opaque white will allow the true colours to show on dark substrates.

    Like all S1 UV Ink series colours, Vivid White has exceptional adhesion capabilities and meets the same rigorous adhesion and compliance standards as others in the product range. One exceptional attribute is that Vivid White is a pour-over for printers using the company’s S1 ink, which eliminates the need for customers to flush their machines when switching to this white ink. It can also be used in other printers where improved white opacity is needed.

    Vivid White is ideally suited for a variety of substrates including stainless steel, coated metals, plastic and more. It can also print on a wide selection of flat and cylindrical objects. Applications include drinkware, injection moulded housings, promotional items, electronics and more.

    “For high-quality graphics, a bright white makes all the difference. We have been working for a few years to find the ideal pigment combination to provide the brilliant white opacity in combination with easy jettability. Our new Vivid White really makes a visible difference and after extensive testing we believe it is the brightest white in the market,” said Ben Adner, CEO of Inkcups.

    The ink is fully compatible with the wide range of Inkcups digital printers.

    Vivid White digital ink is engineered and manufactured in the U.S. and available for order now.

  • + Kernow Launches new FloorShark Dry Toner

    UK manufacturer Kernow Coatings has launched the first floor graphic material which has been tested and certified for dr..

    11 August 2020

    UK manufacturer Kernow Coatings has launched the first floor graphic material which has been tested and certified for dry toner.

    Designed with applications such as social distancing graphics in mind, the new dry toner range is made from Kernow’s textured ultra-tough Sharkskin material and has a R10 Anti Slip Rating.  The product has been designed for quick and easy print jobs on laser printers and is simple to apply and remove.

    Bosy Colak, Sales and Marketing Director, commented “Due to the popularity of KernowJet FloorSharK for latex and solvent printing, we’ve now introduced FloorSharK for Dry Toner, which brings with it all of the benefits of the original FloorSharK product.  This unique floor graphic solution is perfect for indoor environments including retail outlets and supermarkets, airports and travels hubs and event and conference centres.  It’s made of ultra-tough polyester, is scratch and water resistant, and resilient to pallet trucks and heeled shoes.

    Unlike many products on the market, FloorSharK has been rigorously tested and certified for slip resistance and to fire rating BFL-s1, making it a superior product when it comes to safety. 

    We’re delighted to have this product readily available along with samples for customers to try”.

    For more information get in touch with Kernow through

  • + HP PageWide Presses Hit 500B Page Milestone

    HP Inc. announced today its inkjet production printing solution, PageWide Web Press, has reached a milestone of 500 bill..

    11 August 2020

     HP Inc. announced today its inkjet production printing solution, PageWide Web Press, has reached a milestone of 500 billion printed pages, as the print platform continues to expand its page capacity driven by global HP print service providers (PSPs).

    “PSPs operating HP PageWide Web Presses are finding new success and opportunities for more sophisticated and profitable digital print applications, as well as transferring more pages from offset to digital inkjet technology,” said Carles Farre, vice president and general manager, HP PageWide Press. “They have more than doubled the number of pages they print on HP PageWide Presses since drupa 2016 for a growth rate that is nearly twice that of the market. More than half of these customers have printed over 1 billion pages on their devices.”

    HP PageWide Web Press is an inkjet leader, reaching a share of more than 30% of the 8.8 billion page capacity added in high-volume color inkjet page capacity in the first quarter of 2020.1

    Growing volume in pages

    PSPs are using PageWide Web Press technology to enable high-volume digital inkjet printing of commercial, publishing, transaction and direct mail applications, as momentum continues worldwide. Notable growth success stories include:

    Hatteras Printing Inc. based in Michigan, US, is growing volume with its investment in the HP PageWide Web Press T240 HD, delivering high volume and high quality, from lightweight substrates up to cardstocks. “Versatility capabilities of our equipment has been a big part of our growth,” said John Orlando, vice president of sales & marketing, Hatteras Printing Inc. Hatteras produces, mail and electronically delivers unique printed and digital products for the financial, healthcare, marketing and public sectors.

    GGP Media GmbH, based in Germany, has installed a second HP PageWide Web Press T490 HD. The German company is part of Bertelsmann Printing Group, the leading print service provider in Europe. Annually, GGP produces more than 250 million print products, including bestseller novels, comics and fashion magazines.

    “Not only do we benefit from the new press, but our customers do too. Smaller run sizes can be optimized with the printing technology and we are more flexible and able to significantly reduce time-to-market,” said Christof Ludwig, managing director of GGP Media GmbH. The press was added to deliver on steadily growing demand for digitally printed products alongside decreasing sizes of print runs, as well as to supply backlisted titles. The new press includes HP A55 Thermal Inkjet printhead technology, delivering crisp text quality at 305 meters per minute (1000 feet per minute).

    ProCo, of the UK, installed its first HP PageWide Web Press T240HD a year ago to provide high volume and high-quality direct mail as its scales production. “As a business, we're all about doing new things for customers. Simply by opening up the power of personalization, with the flexibility and the quality of HP color, we’re able to offer a scale of options for our customers that was not possible to deliver prior. As a result, we’re adding massive value to their business, which is just as critical for us,” said Jon Bailey, CEO ProCo. “Now, you no longer have to choose between volume and quality, and you definitely don’t have to choose between what's possible and what's not possible.”

    New capabilities for HP PageWide web presses

    To drive additional page growth through an expanded application range, HP PageWide announced earlier this year its next-generation HP PageWide Web Press T250 HD with HP Brilliant Ink. The press is capable of printing on a wider range of coated and uncoated offset papers for high-volume commercial applications.

    In addition, HP is now announcing a new partnership with Solimar Systems for high-volume document management. The Solimar Chemistry™ Platform, including ReadyPDF® Prepress Server™, Rubika® and SOLitrack™, supports job onboarding, enhancement, and management and delivery of both print and digital communications, including multi-channel document delivery.

    “Through this valuable collaboration, HP customers can now benefit from Solimar’s long-standing technical expertise and market-leading workflow systems,” said Farre. “By integrating Solimar’s solutions, PSPs can fully optimize their workflows, maximize production efficiency and fully utilize the high productivity of their HP technology, ultimately enabling them to be more profitable.”

    With presses from 20 inches to 42 inches and a range of production solutions, HP PageWide production inkjet web presses allow PSPs to meet customer needs for high-quality, high-volume printing, as well as reinventing supply chains to help eliminate distribution and inventory costs. Print-to-Order capability for publishing ensures books, magazines and journals are available and printed with the environment in mind.

    In direct mail and commercial print, HP customers benefit from advanced automation and variable data tools to deliver creative campaigns that are targeted, relevant and boost ROI, which is becoming even more important as marketing budgets shrink and paper and postage costs rise.

    HP Site Flow automates jobs and maximizes efficiency, as well as both Designer and Composer software solutions to give customers the power to create variable data pieces. These pre-press tools allow customers to change text, images, QR codes, versions and finely tune messages to customers.

    To discover how HP PageWide Web Press reinvents inkjet production printing, please visit

  • + New EFI Engage Conference in 2021 to Deliver World-Class Print and Packaging Education Program

    Building on the continuing success of its recent webinar and online training series for print and packaging professional..

    11 August 2020

    Building on the continuing success of its recent webinar and online training series for print and packaging professionals, Electronics For Imaging, Inc. will offer an expansive, new EFI™ Engage Conference online next January that gives customers tangible, actionable insights on how they can increase efficiency, improve performance, and capture new market opportunities. Sessions will cover a broad range of technologies, offering world-class instruction on EFI Productivity Suite MIS/ERP, EFI Fiery® digital front end and EFI Display Graphics and Corrugated inkjet printing solutions. In addition to continuing EFI’s strong tradition of in-depth print training, the new virtual conference will also provide the company’s most intensive packaging training yet, with in-depth instruction on integrated workflow automation for corrugated and flexible packaging, labels and folding cartons.
    The event will leverage the strong content offering EFI has excelled at providing in the 20+ year history of its Connect conference. Attendees will be afforded all the same access to executives, networking opportunities, in-depth best practices and training sessions. Small and interactive sessions will be available for demonstrations of the latest and greatest software. EFI is also going to make the sessions more approachable and valuable by offering sessions in multiple languages for its customers around the globe.
    “EFI puts an extraordinary amount of time and energy into offering one of the world’s best print and packaging education programs for our annual Connect users conference. Given the uncertainly involved with safely executing in-person events and the careful planning it takes to assemble top-tier content for customers, having a virtual conference in 2021 is the best option to deliver the valuable information that has become the hallmark of the Connect experience,” said Ken Hanulec, vice president, Worldwide Corporate Marketing, EFI. 
    “Engage will be an online offering unlike any other that EFI has presented, delivering the type of in-depth detail that makes Connect a successful event,” Hanulec added. “While we look forward to returning to Las Vegas for Connect 2022, next January’s event will deliver valuable information our customers can use to survive and thrive in a rapidly changing market.”
    Beginning on January 25, 2021, the event will be held on six days over the course of two weeks. Compared with Connect event, Engage will feature shorter individual sessions – spread out over a longer number of days and with consideration of customers in varying time zones. Sessions will be timed to minimise the disruption to customers’ work schedules.
    In the sessions, participants will gain clear, detailed information on choosing the right technologies to navigate an uncharted market and maintain business continuity. It is part of a commitment to help customers future-proof their print and packaging operations by implementing efficient, effective workflows and production strategies that can create stronger businesses, even in uncertain times. 
    Classroom-style educational tracks will highlight the latest advancements and newest features in integrated print and packaging workflows. Attendees can learn from their peers as well as through virtual think tanks and roundtable discussions.
    Attendees will be able to gather the precise, market- or application-specific details they need for their business success through Engage’s virtual labs, one-on-one meetings with EFI executives and through voice of the customer sessions. Engage will also feature annual user group meetings for EFI Pace™, Monarch and Radius® MIS/ERP software users. Plus, the new and expansive packaging offering at EFI Engage will highlight the accelerated changes and improvements coming to market with EFI Corrugated Packaging Suite and Packaging Suite end-to-end workflows.
    More details about the EFI Engage Conference will be available at in September. The next EFI Connect Conference is scheduled for January 18-21, 2022, at Wynn Las Vegas.

  • + Trotec Open House events

    Laser demonstrations and customer training Trotec's Open House events are relevant for everyone interested in laser..

    11 August 2020

    Laser demonstrations and customer training

    Trotec's Open House events are relevant for everyone interested in laser marking, cutting and engraving. Not only do you have the opportunity to view the hundreds of samples for inspiration, you will also receive a personalised laser demonstration performed by our laser experts. These demonstrations are tailored to your needs whether they be acrylic processing, wood engraving or metal marking (or any of the endless applications that can be performed with a Trotec laser). 

    Come and meet the friendly Trotec team including John, Jade, Greg and Andy.

    Sydney Open House event:
    Date: Thursday 13th August
    Time: All day - by appointment
    Location: Trotec Sydney - 23B Rodeo Road Gregory Hills NSW 2557
    Demonstration machines: Speedy, SP, SpeedMarker and Rayjet series.

    Newcastle Open House event:
    Date: Tuesday 18th August
    Time: By appointment
    Location: Trotec Newcastle - 4/12 Channel Road Mayfield West NSW 2304
    Demonstration machines: Speedy and Rayjet series.

    Online Laser Demonstrations:
    Can't make it into the showroom? That's no problem as we are also able to offer you an online laser demonstration - an experience you should not miss if you are wanting to invest in laser technology.

    Book your place here. 

  • + Roland DG Assists Customers with New Social Distancing Signage Solutions

    Roland DG Australia, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and printer cutters, today launched a new sol..

    11 August 2020

    Roland DG Australia, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and printer cutters, today launched a new solution on the Company’s website designed to assist customers with creating COVID-19 related signage.

    With COVID-19 defining much of 2020, social distancing signage can be found everywhere. From retailers, corporate office spaces, restaurants and schools, signage such as decals, posters, and window and floor graphics, are becoming increasingly important to convey the COVID-19 safety, health and hygiene message. 

    A new section of the Roland DG Australia website, "Social Distancing Signage Solutions", includes detail on various signage solutions for social distancing, and the Roland DG equipment that can create them. Additionally, a range of free social distancing templates are available for customers to download and use to create their signs. 

    "During a time when industries and businesses around the world are suffering, many sign and print companies have found new revenue streams by offering social distancing signage to their customers," said Greg Stone, Product and Marketing Manager at Roland DG Australia. "For those in the print and sign industry who aren’t yet offering this service, or who currently outsource," continues Greg, "there has never been a better opportunity to expand their offering. By providing the tools to create social distancing signage on our website, we hope we can help companies to build their business in both the short and long term." 

    To find out more about social distancing sign making solutions, and download the free templates, go to the website.

  • + Intec releases trio of new flatbed cutters

    Intec Printing Solutions has introduced three new flatbed models into its digital flatbed cutter range for mid-volume pr..

    03 August 2020

    Intec Printing Solutions has introduced three new flatbed models into its digital flatbed cutter range for mid-volume producers. The trio of machines are aimed at customers wanting to handle a more diverse range of media for varied applications.

    The three new flatbed models, the FB550, FB750 and FB1150, have been designed to cater to a variety of stocks and sizes ranging from 350 x 520mm up to 740 x 1040mm and can handle paper, boards, synthetic materials, vinyls and kiss cut applications. They cut at speeds up to 600mm per second with an SRA3 taking between 30 – 45 seconds per sheet, depending on job complexity.

    The new machines offer ‘a much improved user experience’ via new touch screen controls and the flagship model, the FB1150, comes with an upgraded registration system to include seventh generation ARMS sensing, for faster job retrieval and 300% faster job registration.

    All three new models make use of either a CCD video camera or optical sensor and can cut mixed sheets, placed together on the cutting table, in a ‘seamless and uninterrupted flow.’ Both creasing and cutting capabilities are generated via a multi-tool holder with interchangeable tools, that can apply up to 1kg of pressure, supporting the immediate finishing of packaging, POS, prototypes and kiss-cut labels.

    Cut jobs are instantly recognised with ColorCut Pro, Intec’s job retrieval software. ColorCut Pro integrates with Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW so users have a smooth transition to creating the necessary cut files. When users create their job, ColorCut Pro applies an editable barcode or QR code to each of the designs and saves the cutting file to the ColorCut Pro Job Library which is automatically retrieved when cutting.

    ‘The launch of the new flatbed range of cutters represents an exciting new phase, in terms of the development of our cutters with a significantly improved user experience through the more responsive and immersive touch panel screens,’ said Mark Baker-Homes, director of product development. ‘Additionally the seventh generation Vision3 ARMS sensor provides almost instant job recognition and lightning fast registration and alignment, enabling any user to cut jobs, which places the Intec cutters at the top of their class. We are ensuring users faster set up and production times providing the ability to deliver a more on-demand environment for the promotional and packaging market.’

  • + SAKATA INX Develops Environmentally Friendly UV Inkjet Ink for Corrugated Packaging

    SAKATA INX Corp. has introduced BSR-Bio, a new environmentally friendly UV inkjet ink for corrugated packaging applicati..

    03 August 2020

    SAKATA INX Corp. has introduced BSR-Bio, a new environmentally friendly UV inkjet ink for corrugated packaging applications. The new sustainable ink option is formulated with 20-30% plant-derived materials, allowing brand owners and printers to benefit from reduced regulatory risk and measurable, reportable CO2 savings.

    BSR-Bio is an advancement of the original BSR formulation that has enjoyed much success in North America on Barberán Jetmaster digital printers. The Jetmaster manufactured by Barberán S.A. was developed to bring inkjet advantages to the market for not only corrugated boxes, but point-of-purchase display as well. It is available together with SAKATA INX BSR and BSR-Bio digital ink solutions globally.

    SAKATA’s proprietary advanced technology for Nano-pigment dispersion enables their inkjet inks to have high performance jetting properties at very fast print speed, with high reliability for inkjet print heads. BSR-Bio consists of standard CMYK colours with Orange + Green or Orange + Violet as an option when wider colour gamut is required. It is extremely low odour and has high durability and good flexibility to reduce cracking problems.

    Barberán S.A. has manufactured numerous types of inkjet printers in the market to bring valuable solutions for short-run, on-demand printing. Now they are expanding its digital printing possibility with the BSR-Bio UV ink, which is intended for environmental sustainability.

    Eladio Lerga, who is responsible for the Jetmaster, commented, “We have been a good partner with SAKATA INX for years and have made successful projects together. Corrugated packaging is one of the most suitable applications for the circular economy concept, and I am excited about the environmental impact BSR-Bio brings to the market.”

    Yoshiaki Ueno, Director – CTO, SAKATA INX, said, “BSR-Bio is a marketable product formulated based on SAKATA INX core technologies and long-term experience with a wide variety of materials. The market needs for sustainable product solutions will continue to grow based on societal needs to protect the planet and develop a circular economy. BSR-Bio is a strategic product for a circular economy as is part of our Botanical ink® product line. It meets many environmental requirements including waste and greenhouse gas reductions.