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  • + Canon and Ilford produce worlds longest digitally printed photo

    Ilford sets a world record - in adverse weather conditions with rain, snow and temperatures around 0 degrees Celsius (32..

    27 October 2020

    Ilford sets a world record - in adverse weather conditions with rain, snow and temperatures around 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit).

    "The longest digitally printed photograph was produced on September 26th 2020 by Canon, Oberstdorf Tourism, Oberstdorfer Fotogipfel and Ilford in Oberstdorf, Germany," says Tom Albrecht of Guinness World Records.

    Jochen Kohl of K2 and responsible for the technical implementation of the world record: "To defy this weather, the choice of paper played a decisive role. Ilford had already made the right choice of material in advance: "ILFOJET Synthetic Paper". This paper is characterised by a low paper thickness, an important factor in making the way from the roll to the Canon Pro-6100 over a length of almost 110 meters. Its special coating, in combination with the Canon inks, resisted the adverse weather and difficult printing conditions. It is also extremely robust, so that it could be easily bent and pulled. Many viewers of the live stream were amazed at how durable the photorealistic material is. Rain showers and gusts of wind at the top of the ski jump put the material under extreme conditions".

    Uwe Janke, Sales Manager Germany at Ilford: “During this world record, the team around Jochen Kohl reached their physical limits in almost 18 hours of continuous work in rain and snow. In the last third it was actively supported by the house technicians of the Oberstdorf House. Countless stairs had to be run up and down. Jochen Kohl used all his strength to pull the print sticking to the ski jump table due to the rain down the 110 meters".

    Background Information: Perfect Teamwork between Canon, Fotogipfel Oberstdorf, K2-Studio and Ilford

    After calculating the maximum roll length of the Canon "imagePROGRAF PRO-6100" several rolls of "ILFOJET Synthetic Paper" were produced with a special length. Two test runs were carried out by Jochen Kohl from K2-Studio in advance at Ilford. Then it was off to the ski jump in Oberstdorf, with a stopover at Thomas Weissmann from Holz-Weissmann, a specialist in the construction of freight and sea crates. In just a few hours, he built a solid wooden crate for helicopter transport, which was the only way to transport the printer up the ski jump. Once at the top, the box was opened, the printer was filled with ink, the special roll was inserted and the printer was protected from rain and snow with a protective cover. Due to the protection, the printer was not visible during the 16 hours in which it continuously printed the 109.04 meter long synthetic paper from Ilford.

  • + From the US: Gerber redefines mass production with revolutionary cutter

    Gerber Technology is revolutionising the flexible materials processing industry with the launch of their end-to-end solu..

    27 October 2020

    Gerber Technology is revolutionising the flexible materials processing industry with the launch of their end-to-end solution for mass production, which will be unveiled at their annual technology conference, ideation, on November 4-6.

    The connected platform features the new Atria digital cutting solution and the October 2020 release of AccuMark 2D and 3D, AccuNest and AccuPlan. With decades of industry experience, a rich history of innovation and feedback from its global customer base, Gerber developed a next-generation, digital mass production solution that will offer the best throughput, quality and price per piece in the market.

    The Atria digital cutting room leverages Industry 4.0 and IoT to seamlessly integrate with Gerber’s pattern design, cut planning and nesting solutions, which connects the entire mass production process from CAD to the cut room. Gerber’s latest product releases deliver what manufacturers need to succeed in the post-COVID world by integrating data management, improving efficiencies, reducing material waste, optimising nesting and cutting production costs.

    “We designed the Atria to be the most intelligent, integrated, and high-performance cutter the mass production market has ever seen,” said Lenny Marano, Chief Commercial Officer at Gerber Technology. “The new normal COVID era is a challenge for many manufacturers and requires them to be agile and innovative. The Atria is backed by Gerber’s end-to-end solution that will allow companies to easily adapt and respond to consumer demands and market challenges.”

    The Atria digital cutting room builds on the innovative spirit of Joseph Gerber, the company’s founder and the pioneer behind the first automated cutting solution. As the industry’s smartest machine to date, the Atria promises to transform mass production by improving overall throughput by 50%, reducing consumable usage by over 30% and improving material yield by 5% with zero buffer cutting in many applications at full speed. The intuitive solution will be a game changer for the workwear, denim, furniture, transportation and personal protective equipment (PPE) markets as it utilises powerful algorithms to eliminate errors, reduces costs and ensure data integrity at every point in the process.

    The Atria has already received high praise from early adopters who have been testing and leveraging the advanced cutting room solutions for several months. GDI Grupo Diamante Internacional, manufacturer of professional uniforms, emphasised the Atria’s ability to cut even the toughest materials. The company has been able to cut 30% more material since implementing the Atria into their workflow . Apparel manufacturer, Lesato, has also seen a major improvement in cut quality. The Atria has allowed them to significantly increase their ply height while cutting faster and with absolute precision..

    “Fashion and transportation industries were two of the industry segments most impacted by COVID-19, which meant manufacturers in these industries had to quickly adapt their processes, accelerate eCommerce and look for new ways to connect with customers and maintain a competitive edge,” said Ron Ellis, Director of Hardware Product Management at Gerber Technology. “The Atria’s state-of-the-art control technology and intelligent sensors enable versatility and make it the perfect solution for a variety of markets including apparel, transportation and furniture.”


    Vastex has introduced a prepress system for screen printing shops comprised of performance-matched components that signi..

    27 October 2020

    Vastex has introduced a prepress system for screen printing shops comprised of performance-matched components that significantly reduce prepress time and increase registration accuracy.

    The package includes a Washout Booth to clean, inspect and develop screens; a Semi-Automatic Screen Coater to precisely apply emulsion; a Drying Cabinet to cure the emulsion; an LED exposing unit to expose the emulsion; and a Pin Registration System to preregister screens as well as accurately register screens onto the press.

    The stainless steel Washout Booth, model VWB-3627, comes with a frosted acrylic back panel and backlight to aid in visual inspection of the screen and frame during cleaning, inspection and final development.  

    Foot-pedal operation of the wall-mounted C-1000 Semi-Automatic Screen Coater lowers the screen at a constant rate, allowing application of the emulsion with greater uniformity than possible using manual methods.

    Variable heat and filtered airflow of the Dri-Vault Model VDC-253610 Screen Drying Cabinet cure coated screens in as little as 20 minutes.

    The E2-5236 LED Exposing Unit, with 0.37 kW vacuum generator, exposes one 130 x 90 cm screen or two 60 x 90 cm screens in as little as 20 seconds, and achieves tight screen-to-glass contact in as little as 6 seconds for sharp reproduction of fine detail.

    The VRS Pin Registration System allows an operator to align film positives on all screens in register prior to exposing them, and to clamp each screen to the press in register in approximately three minutes per screen, greatly increasing press time, output and profit.

    Prepress package components are also offered separately by the company, along with other screen printing and DTG printing equipment including Infrared Conveyor Dryers, manual and automatic Screen Printing Presses, Flash Cure Units and complete Screen Printing Shop Packages geared for beginners up to high-volume commercial printers.

    For information contact Vastex International, Inc., +1 610 625 2702,

  • + Print Sales Training – FESPA Online Event

    With so much having changed in the marketplace, it is probably time to rethink every element of how the printing industr..

    27 October 2020

    With so much having changed in the marketplace, it is probably time to rethink every element of how the printing industry approaches sales. What will it take to be successful, now and in the future?

    FESPA has partnered with Dave Fellman to produce an industry-specific 3-part online sales training event. Dave will present Part one of The Art of Printing Sales on Monday 9 November, with Part two and three following on the 16 and 30th November.

    “All companies can benefit from better sales performance, and we are delighted that Dave will be delivering this much-needed webinar series for FESPA Australia. Whether sales is your full-time job or just one of many hats you wear as an owner or manager, it is easy to get side-tracked and lose focus. Every sale counts and I believe attending these webinars will learn how to approach printing sales systematically and make the most from every opportunity that comes your way” Nigel Davies, President FESPA Australia says.

    The first event explores prospecting strategy and technique, along with strategies to avoid price objections or to deal with them more effectively if you must. Fellman will describe a modern approach to prospecting, integrating email, voice mail, social media, and virtual meeting technology to create a dialogue that is necessary for a successful sales relationship. He will also explain how to avoid some all-too-common mistakes salespeople make, which make price objections more likely, and the three key elements of successful negotiation, should those objections still arise.

    “This year has been challenging for our industry and our industry association. The transition to virtual association events has been difficult but necessary, and I thank the Sprinter team for helping FESPA Australia to deliver this event. Virtual events may lack the atmosphere of a live event, but they are more convenient and accessible. Dave Fellman is a polished and entertaining presenter, and I believe that attendees will enjoy the course and take away valuable tools to use in their businesses.”

    The cost per session is $85.00 for members and $130.00 for non-members. You can view details on course content and register at the Eventbrite page.

  • + HEXIS launch THE200EVO premium printable polymeric PVC film with TAKE HEAT EASY® technology


    27 October 2020


    The TAKE HEAT EASY® technology is the result of a combination of a solvent based adhesive and a micro-structured liner developed by our R&D team. This innovation has been specially designed to reduce the initial tack and immediate adhesion, thus making the installation of the vinyl more convenient with an optimal adhesive bonding process.
    In 2018 we combined this technology for the first time with a THE190EVO cast PVC film, and, in view of its success, it made sense to now use it on a high-end polymeric PVC film.


    Ease of repositioning, print quality and optimal durability are all assets that will allow our customers to express their creativity with unlimited possibilities and installers to use it conveniently on flat or slightly curved surfaces, for 2D wrapping projects (buses, lorries, fleet vehicles etc.) and large-format signage.

    Thibault Veuibllet, Business Development Manager Automotive, comments: “With its excellent sliding properties on the substrate, THE200EVO is an ideal solution, especially when an installer needs to quickly and accurately position two printed widths. It is amazingly easy to find the perfect alignment for a design.”


    Always at the forefront of innovation, HEXIS have developed and are now launching the V850B laminate with a thickness of 50 μm. “Combined with the printable THE200EVO film, our customers will be able to obtain and appreciate a particularly flexible complex”, confirms Ian Parsonson, Australia Managing Director.


    Caroline MATEU, Chairman of the Board of Directors at HEXIS is proud to report: “Our research laboratory and our industrial team have combined their respective strengths and skills to complete the design and manufacturing process of these two new products in the most successful way.

    [...] In the year 2020, despite the current health issues, HEXIS continue their race for technological innovation with the launch of the new self-healing X technology for our vehicle body protection films (BODYFENCEX) and the antimicrobial PURE ZONE® technology for surface protection.”

    Further details are available at:

  • + Rathenart Designs and Ricky RichardsBrighten up the Eye Clinic at Westmead Children's Hospital printing project

    Recently Michael Smith, Business Development Manager in the Ricky Richards Print Media division, was asked by his custom..

    20 October 2020

    Recently Michael Smith, Business Development Manager in the Ricky Richards Print Media division, was asked by his customer Rebecca to guide her in the right direction for a printable media to help create a room at the Westmead Children’s Hospital.

    Earlier this year Rebecca Brady from Rathenart Designs contacted Michael to discuss her latest project. The Eye Clinic within Westmead Children’s Hospital asked her to create art for their front counter area to help brighten up treatment rooms. She was looking for printable products that were safe to use in a hospital environment.

    As a mixed media artist Rebecca works with digital collages and mixed media to create beautiful designs that tell a story. Her artworks are a detailed and complex hub of fusing colour in multi layers. Rebecca’s love for patterns and design was inspired by her grandmother from an early age. “That has continued to light a fire in me” Says Rebecca.

    Using the Ricky Terralon Dreamscape Wallpaper that Michael suggested allowed her to create an underwater wonderland in the Eye Clinic for the children to get immersed into their own imaginary world. Knowing her designs were printed on the Terralon wallpaper, which is a sustainable, PVC free, breathable wallcovering made from 31% post-consumer recycled content, she felt she made the perfect choice. 

    Rebecca also designed the front counter in the clinic which she created as a fantasy scene with hidden animals and enchanting landscapes. Ricky Richards’ Grafityp GEFUV was used as the printable media for the counter.  GEFUV is a seamless soft white matte environment-friendly chlorine- and PVC free self-adhesive. With the support of Signwerx who did the printing and Mister Wallpaper who installed the media, Rebecca said her client was thrilled with the result.

    And so is Michael and the team at Ricky. “We love seeing what our printable media products are used for.” Says Michael “This is another wonderful project completed with our sustainable products.” 

    If you would like to know more about these products, please contact Michael Smith at Ricky on 029735 3333 or via email: 

  • + Mutoh scoops SIX best product awards at US Printing United Alliance

    Mutoh America, Inc. was recently honoured with six Printing United Alliance Product of the Year awards, making 2020 the ..

    20 October 2020

    Mutoh America, Inc. was recently honoured with six Printing United Alliance Product of the Year awards, making 2020 the ninth consecutive year of Mutoh winning one or more awards. Open to all PRINTING United Alliance supplier members, the Product of the Year competition evaluates products that are, or will be, available for sale in 2020. A highly qualified panel of judges from across the printing industry evaluated the annual contest’s 200+ entries in more than 85 categories spanning analog, digital, output and non-output technologies.

    A delighted Mutoh Australia managing director Russell Cavenagh comments. “Winning six of the key Sign and Display categories is very pleasing and proof of Mutoh’s dedication to colour and engineering excellence. Our new XpertJet range has been very well received and we are looking forward to the continued expansion of the range. Mutoh printers are still proudly designed and manufactured under XPJ 1641SRhighest precision conditions in Japan, with the company's roots going back to 1952.  It is this kind of dedication to engineering and colour intellectual property development that has delivered this record Printing United Awards haul.”

    The six 2020 output categories won by Mutoh are:

    •     XpertJet 1641SR 64in Eco-Solvent Printer – Roll-to-Roll Solvent/Latex (under 80 in.)
    •     ValueJet 2638X 104 in Eco-Solvent Printer – Roll-to-Roll Solvent/Latex (over 80 in.)
    •     XpertJet 661UF 23x19 UV/LED Flatbed Printer – Tabletop Flatbed (Industrial/Small Item Decoration)
    •     ValueJet 1638UR 64” Roll to Roll UV/LED Printer – Roll-to-Roll UV (under 80 in.)
    •     ValueJet 1638UH 64” Hybrid UV/LED Printer – UV/Latex Hybrid (under $100K*)
    •     XpertJet 1682WR 64” Dye-Sublimation Printer – Roll-to-Roll Dye Sublimation on Textile (under $50K*)
    [* US $]

    Output devices are judged based on reports generated by measuring colour charts and then comparing to industry XPJ 1682WRspecifications. “This is the only competition I know of that reports on the percentage of Adobe RGB a printer can hit,” says Ray Weiss, Director of Digital Print Programs, Printing United Alliance. “Some of the categories were decided by tenths of a point so fierce was the competition this year.”

    Cavenagh's counterpart across the Pacific, Brian Phipps, President and general manager of Mutoh America enthuses: “I couldn’t be prouder of our best-in-class printers that are still made in Japan. Mutoh continues to demonstrate its commitment to the highest quality standards in the industry.  Winning six more awards this year is just icing on the cake for us and our partners.”

    To learn more about all of Mutoh’s award winners and other products visit

  • + Horizon to Host Smart Factory 2020 Virtual Event - Register Now

    As a way to celebrate the grand opening event for the new Horizon Innovation Park, Horizon will hold a 6-day virtual eve..

    20 October 2020

    As a way to celebrate the grand opening event for the new Horizon Innovation Park, Horizon will hold a 6-day virtual event called “Horizon Smart Factory 2020 in HIP”.

    Running from October 28 - 30 and November 4 - 6, the event will see market leading manufacturers collaborate and demonstrate the latest in advanced end-to-end automated workflow systems using the entire floor as a working factory to show real Smart Factory concepts. The online demonstrations are scheduled every day during the event.

    Australian based supplier Currie Group encourages forward thinking industry professionals to register for the event to see the 'Smart Factory' in action.  
    To register for demonstrations simply click here.

    For further information about the exhibition, please click here. 

  • + Konica Minolta expands APAC presence with direct operation in New Zealand

    Konica Minolta is expanding its presence with a new direct operation in New Zealand. Konica Minolta Business Solut..

    20 October 2020

    Konica Minolta is expanding its presence with a new direct operation in New Zealand. 

    Konica Minolta Business Solutions New Zealand Limited (Konica Minolta New Zealand) will be led by Managing Director Eric Holtsmark, a former general manager at Konica Minolta Australia for strategy, transformation and technology. Holtsmark brings with him a wealth of experience in technology, production print and establishing new businesses. In establishing a direct presence in the region, he is focused on delivering customer value with innovative solutions and services that can help New Zealand businesses drive digital transformation.   

    Eric Holtsmark, Managing Director, Konica Minolta New Zealand, said, “There is a huge opportunity in New Zealand made possible by a long history of success of the Konica Minolta brand in the region. This was largely driven by channel partners and customers that are dedicated users of Konica Minolta technology. Opening a direct operation will provide a way for existing, loyal users to directly access Konica Minolta’s range of technology and solutions. It will also strengthen our strategic alliance with our distributor for the A3 office range of multifunction printers, Brother International (NZ) Limited, so we are very excited about that.” 

    Konica Minolta New Zealand will offer a broad range of products and services locally, initially focusing on its core business in office and production print. It will also be working with several strategic partners to provide software and solutions including print and document management and data migration. 

    Over the past few months Konica Minolta New Zealand has been building a local, highly experienced team, hiring technicians and salespeople to ensure that it is ready to service customers from day one. Konica Minolta Australia will also provide resources to support the expansion. 

    Yohei Konaka, Managing Director, Konica Minolta Australia, said, “Konica Minolta has many loyal customers in New Zealand and we’re very happy to now see a direct presence in this country. Konica Minolta is one of the world’s most sustainable companies with a strong commitment to creating value for customers and society, and the communities in which we operate. Having a local operation in New Zealand marks a new era for Konica Minolta and its customers and we’re looking forward to bringing Konica Minolta’s products, people, ideas and innovation directly to the New Zealand market. 

    Konica Minolta New Zealand will also be active in corporate social responsibility, in line with the company’s global philosophy around adding value to the communities in which it operates. 

    About Konica Minolta Business Solutions New Zealand Limited 

    Konica Minolta Business Solutions New Zealand Limited (Konica Minolta New Zealand) is a market-leading provider of proven print technology and solutions for enterprise, government, small business, education, commercial print and manufacturing. It is committed to the Konica Minolta global philosophy of delivering customer value and driving digital transformation. 

    Konica Minolta New Zealand helps organisations keep pace with the needs of the changing workplace to start leveraging the technology of tomorrow today. Konica Minolta New Zealand offers a broad range of office and production print products and services with efficient client support and service. It also has a number of strategic relationships to deliver software and solutions which include print and document management and data migration.   

    Konica Minolta New Zealand is part of one of the world’s most sustainable companies with a strong commitment to creating value for customers and society, and the communities in which it operates.   

    For more information visit: 

  • + Epson Large Format Production Launch at Yennora Experience Centre

    Epson has launched a host of new products at their Yennora Experience centre. The event showcased the amazing c..

    16 October 2020

    Epson has launched a host of new products at their Yennora Experience centre. 

    The event showcased the amazing capabilities of our large format & prographics printers. 

    Here are some of the highlights!

  • + Epson Australia announces first resin ink large format printer

    The 64-inch SureColor R5000 offers accurate and consistent output with better colour and support for a wider variety of ..

    15 October 2020

    The 64-inch SureColor R5000 offers accurate and consistent output with better colour and support for a wider variety of substrates

    With the launch of the SureColor R5000 Series Epson Australia has expanded its signage printer line up to include resin ink solutions. These two new R-Series models offer print service providers and creative design agencies ability to produce a wide range of signage and display products. Sitting beside the existing Epson solvent range, they offer potential for faster job turnaround with reduced OH&S and environmental concerns. Designed to compete against latex, these printers offer production speeds up to 27 m2/hr with numerous advantages.

    Key features of the SureColor R5000 versus latex
    Enhanced media support
    Superior colour gamut and gradation
    Superior colour and sisal accuracy/consistency
    Long lasting printheads for a reduced running cost
    Higher durability with CoverPlus extendable up to five years.
    Simple and flexible operation with easy loading and reduced maintenance

    The new R-Series addresses the existing industry challenges of working with latex inks, and draws from Epson’s years of experience in delivering predictable and consistent output with superior colour and image quality.

    The new 64-inch SC-R5000 and SC-R5000L deliver exceptional print performance and colour control thanks to dual PrecisionCore Micro TFP printheads and Epson Precision Dot Technology. Curing temperatures have been reduced over traditional latex to enable enhanced media support. Precision media tracking and temperature control ensures colour, image sizing and positioning is consistent from edge to edge, top to bottom, and print to print. 

    Epson resin ink produces minimal odour and does not require the out-gassing time of solvent. Printers can be installed and operated in a wider range of environments with reduced OH&S concerns. The efficient drying and curing process enables prints to be produced and laminated quickly for faster job turnaround. 

    Long-life PrecisionCore Micro TFP printheads support variable sized dots with a smaller minimum drop size for an enhanced gamut and finer gradation. As Piezo printheads are not subjected to thermal degradations, they last a lot longer while producing droplets that are more accurate and consistent. When printheads do need replacing, Epson has implemented a program that enables operator replacement , boosting uptime and productivity.

    Class leading Advanced Auto Tension Control (Ad-ATC) and integrated high-precision Auto Take-Up systems enable efficient production with extremely accurate dimensional and sisal stability. Product quality is maximised while the potential for material and labour wastage is reduced. Quality levels have been designed to suit the most demanding applications including window displays and tiled wall coverings.

    Printers use a new 6-colour UltraChrome RS ink set with a water-based formulation that cures at temperatures up to 20% less than traditional latex for enhanced media support. The ink produces durable images that suit indoor and outdoor applications in a wide variety of environments including schools, hospitals, hotels, shops and homes. The ink ships in compact and cost-effective 1.5 litre pouches. The SC-R5000 has a delivery system that holds up to 8 pouches including an optimiser and maintenance liquid. The maintenance liquid works in conjunction with self-cleaning print heads to ensure reliable operation with minimal manual maintenance. The SC-R5000L features a dual supply that holds 16 pouches with auto hot-swap for extended unattended operation.

    Both models are supported by Epson Cloud Solution PORT. This new service  provides customers with enhanced management and monitoring tools. Performance and status information can be accessed directly or remotely. It also facilitates enhanced backup and support with Epson engineers able to directly work with customers to rapidly resolve issues and action repairs when required.

    In short, with the SureColor R5000 Series Epson have delivered superior quality, flexibility, productivity and reliability. They, and a newly announced UV printer join Epson’s existing line-up of aqueous, eco-solvent, dye sub and DTG product. Epson has just become your one-stop-shop for signage, POS, packaging, labelling, fabric and interior décor requirements.

    Additional features of the SC-R5000 include:
    Print speeds up to 116.5 m2/hr
    Prints offer an enhanced level of scratch resistance
    GreenGuard Gold, AgBB and French-VOC certification 
    4.3 inch touch control panel and see-through platen cover
    User adjustable multi-stage multi-element heating system
    Adjustable optimiser application for enhanced image quality
    Ultra-sonic media status monitoring and heavy duty crash guards
    Ships with Epson Edge Print RIP and Accounting cost-control software 

    The SureColor R5000 Series will be available in Australia from November 2020 at RRPs expected to start from AUD $49,495 excluding GST and in New Zealand from NZD $53,495 excluding GST.

  • + Epson expands into high volume dye-sublimation

    SureColor F10060 offers fast, reliable and cost-effective fabric production Epson has announced their first-ever 76..

    15 October 2020

    SureColor F10060 offers fast, reliable and cost-effective fabric production

    Epson has announced their first-ever 76-inch large-format printer. The SureColor F10060 is a sophisticated, dye-sublimation machine for textile production. It is aimed at high volume producers where speed, reliability, and efficiency are central to success. Some of the numerous applications the SC-F10060 has been designed for include soft signage, fashion, sportswear, home furnishings and décor.

    In the dye-sublimation sector, customers demand fast turnaround times and cost-effective production. They also expect reliable operation with consistent high-quality output. With these requirements in mind, Epson has developed an industrial level dye-sublimation printer that, the company believes, sets new standards. 

    The SC-F10060 offers the highest throughput of any Epson LFP released to date. It features four of Epson’s very latest 4.7” PrecisionCore™ Micro TFP print heads that each incorporate four print elements. Active nozzle status monitoring and advanced self cleaning ensure consistent high quality output at up to 255m2/hr.

    High speed output is matched with efficient operation. The printer supports media rolls up to 76” wide and 60kg in weight. It features an 80L bulk ink system, an extra-large 155GB buffer memory, high-speed networking and on-board Step & Repeat. Precision feed management and a compact compact double-sided dryer enables fast roll-to-roll production with consistent tension and parallelism for quality sublimation.

    The SC-F10060 is designed for easy operation. It features a large 9” colour touch panel display and a transparent platen window with integrated lighting. Downloadable EMX profiles facilitate rapid set-up with common media types. An integrated RGB camera enables easy profile adjustment and fast configuration with new medias. 

    When developing the SC-F10060 Epson carefully considered workflow. The printer can be loaded by single operator, care of an integrated media lifter and dual front/rear feed controls. It also features an industrial style signal lamp and an ink system with automatic hot swap. The SC-F10060 ships complete with Epson Edge Print and Edge Dashboard software and also supports a new service called Epson Cloud Solution PORT (ECSP) that enables detailed production monitoring and advanced status analysis.

    As with all Epson Large Format Printers, the SC-F10060 is backed with a comprehensive service package that offers cover up to five years.  The new ECSP system enables Epson to offer remote support and accellerated repair; problems can be directly analysed and service agents dispatched complete with appropriate parts. To ensure maximum up-time, the optional User Self Replacement of print heads have been enabled, clearly demonstrating Epson has raised the benchmark for production equipment.

    Key features and benefits of the of the SC-F10060 include:

    • 4 x 4.7” PrecisionCore™ ꙡTFP print heads enable production at up to 255 m2/hr
    • Support for media rolls up to 60kg with easy loading and assisted configuration
    • Epson UltraChrome® DS ink and Epson Precision Dot Technology for consistent and accurate output with an exceptional gamut using a standard CYMK ink set
    • Dual ink supply system with automatic hot-swap that operates with a choice of 3L or 10L boxed based ink for a total capacity of up to 80L
    • Advanced new platen design and intelligent media management enable support for the widest range of media (including ultra-thin stocks) with rapid assisted set-up
    • Integrated double sided drying system and high-precision auto take-up enables efficient roll-to-roll production in a surprising compact 76” form factor
    • Oeko-Tex™ certification ensures fabric produced on the printer is safe for adults, children and infants 
    • Supplied with Epson Edge Print, Edge Dashboard and Accounting software
    • Designed for durable and reliable operation with Linear Motion Guide carriage movement, heavy duty DC motors and auto head cleaning 
    • Comprehensive and flexible support up to 5 years complete with Epson Cloud Solution PORT and optional User Self Replacement of print heads.

    The SureColor F10060 is available for ordering now from authorised Epson Large Format Fabric resellers. To find out more, visit

  • + Epson Australia Debuts First Industrial Direct-to-Garment Printer

    Bringing New Levels of Customisation to Growing Digital Textile Market New Epson SureColor F3060 Provides Low TCO a..

    15 October 2020

    Bringing New Levels of Customisation to Growing Digital Textile Market

    New Epson SureColor F3060 Provides Low TCO and High-Production Reliability Allowing Print Shops to Produce Hundreds of Custom Shirts Per Day

    Epson Australia will debut the new SureColor F3060, its first industrial direct-to-garment printer, at its Productivity & Efficiency Showcase to be held at XO Studios, 10 Lincoln Street, Brunswick East, VIC 3057 on 20 and 21 February 2020. To register for and to attend the event click here

    Designed to provide low total cost of ownership (TCO) and reliability for exceptional performance and savings in high-production print shop environments, the SureColor F3060 is Epson’s first direct-to-garment printer to leverage dual printhead technology and a bulk ink pack system, providing remarkably low ink cost and minimised waste compared to Epson cartridge systems. It touts all new automatic garment height adjustment and easy user maintenance features to increase production and reduce downtime for garment print shops creating custom apparel.

    Designed for mid-to-large size garment printers looking for a high-production, cost-effective equipment, the SureColor F3060 can produce a full-size shirt in about a minute, allowing shops to print hundreds of shirts per day.

    Ideal for digitally printing custom garments on variety of fabric types including cotton, linen and rayon, the SureColor F3060 is designed to meet the increasing market demand for unique clothing driven by the millennial population.

    The printer leverages a new dual 2.6-inch PrecisionCore® printhead for high-quality output at production speeds with true one-pass printing for both colour and White ink. Coupled with the first bulk ink system integrated into an Epson direct-to-garment printer, it is capable of housing 1.5 litres per colour and 3.0 litres of White ink for less frequent refilling, lower operating costs, and less waste.  

    First ever automatic printhead height adjustment is set based on garment thickness and texture for optimal print quality without user interference, and easily switches between thin t-shirts and thick sweatshirts with less downtime between garments. Built for reliability, the SureColor F3060 features an ultra-durable linear rail system and CNC milled print carriage, designed for years of production, and features user serviceable parts, including printheads, and low maintenance time ideal for high production print on-demand service providers, fulfilment houses and in-house print on-demand production.

    More about the SureColor F3060

    Delivering high image quality, productivity and reliability in an affordable, highly intuitive design, the SureColor F3060 offers advanced features for the garment printing industry, including:

    • PrecisionCore Printhead Technology – Dual 10-channel printheads with 16,000 nozzles delivering industrial quality output at impressive production speeds
    • Bulk Ink System – Replaceable bulk ink packs for less frequent ink refilling and lower costs compared to our ink cartridge systems
    • High-Quality Direct-to-Garment Printing – Epson UltraChrome® DG inks* are durable, vibrant and safe, with outstanding colour performance, plus equal pricing for colour and White inks 
    • Automatic Printhead Adjustment – Optimised for garment thickness for improved print quality without user intervention
    • Low Total Cost of Ownership – Low maintenance time and cost with dedicated cleaning solution channels and fabric head wiper system
    • Fast Loading for More Productivity – Easy-to-use, all-new quick-load platen reduces traditional hoop platen load times
    • Intuitive, Easy-to-Learn Workflow – Updated Epson Garment Creator Software, available for macOS® and Windows®, includes cost estimator, text tools, hot folders, and automation SDK
    • Designed Exclusively for Direct-to-Garment Printing – An entirely purpose-built system featuring Epson’s PrecisionCore printhead, Epson UltraChrome DG ink system and robust hardware
    • Scale Seamlessly – Scale production capability with additional printers featuring an easily repositionable compact design 

    Australian pricing and availability details will be announced after February’s Productivity & Efficiency Showcase.

    To register for and to attend the event click here

  • + Epson Australia announces its first UV flatbed printer

    The SureColor V7000 combines superior image quality with enhanced production flexibility For sign makers looking to..

    15 October 2020

    The SureColor V7000 combines superior image quality with enhanced production flexibility

    For sign makers looking to produce UV output, Epson Australia has launched its first flatbed printer. The SureColor V7000 builds on the success of Epson’s award-winning SureColor S-Series range of signage printers, delivering flexible production with truly outstanding image quality and a reduced running cost.

    Key features of the SC-V7000
    Supports media up to 80 mm thick
    1.25 x 2.5 m bed with multi-zone vacuum
    Integrated ioniser and media height sensor
    8c + White + Varnish UltraChrome UV ink set
    Outstanding colour accuracy, gamut and gradation
    Quality to suit the most demanding applications including fine art
    Production up to 15 m2/hr with up to three ink layers in a single pass
    On-site CoverPlus up to five years with periodic maintenance included
    Ships with Epson Edge Print software and Epson Cloud Solution PORT service

    The SC-V7000 has been designed to meet the needs of today’s signage businesses with flexible high quality production and a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). It will print on a wide range of substrates including paper, film, CorefluteTM, vinyl, canvas, aluminium and acrylic. It produces image quality to suit the most exacting applications including signage, POS/POP, premium packaging, décor, custom cabinetry and even fine art. 

    This robust and versatile printer incorporates eight Epson MicroPiezo printheads. Each head features 1,440 microfine nozzles with variable size dots as small as 4 pl. Working in conjunction with a new 10 colour Ultrachrome UV ink set, it will produce images with a very wide gamut and surprisingly fine gradation, sufficient to satisfy the most demanding customers. White and Varnish can even be applied as spot colours for enhanced detail and finish. 

    The SC-V7000 offers a 1.25 m x 2.50 m print area that supports media up to 80 mm thick and 50 kg/m2. It features a vacuum system with 4 independently adjustable zones for flexible operation. Integrated layout pins and a height sensor on the head carriage enable easy media setting while an ioniser ensures reliable and consistent output. The print heads are mounted in a staggered array that enables up to three layers to be applied in a single pass (White + Colour + Varnish) for fast and efficient production.

    Epson has ensured that the SureColor V7000 is cost-effective to install and efficient to run. It is supplied complete with Epson Edge Print RIP software and Flatbed Controller software. It can be managed from the desktop using Epson Edge Dashboard and supports Epson’s new Cloud Solution PORT service. Installation is included in the purchase price and it ships with on-site CoverPlus that can be extended out to five years. Unlike many printers of its type Epson even includes periodic maintenance.  

    The SureColor V7000 will be available in Australia from November with RRPs expected to start from AUD $129,995 excluding GST and in New Zealand from NZD $146,995 excluding GST.

  • + Quadient 2020 INSPIRE DAYS VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE - Tue. Oct. 13 - Wed. Oct. 14

    Quadient is excited to announce that the inaugural 2020 Inspire Days Virtual Experience will take place Tuesday, October..

    12 October 2020

    Quadient is excited to announce that the inaugural 2020 Inspire Days Virtual Experience will take place Tuesday, October 13 & Wednesday, October 14, 2020.

    For those new to this conference, Inspire Days brings together solution experts, business and IT leaders from diverse industries and countries for thought leadership strategy discussions, technical breakout sessions and motivating keynotes. The agenda will feature technology updates, current customers sharing experiences and best practices to help you deliver on your key projects including: improved customer engagement, successful digital transformation, and efficient cross-channel strategy, to name a few.

    This immersive event will deliver the same inspiring content, with keynotes, analyst insights, breakout sessions, technical demos, peer-to-peer networking, access to Quadient experts, and more. In addition, recorded content will be available for on-demand viewing after the event for registered delegates.

    This event is an opportunity to collaborate and learn from like-minded  individuals in the name of customer experience, with a global agenda taking place across three time zones for your convenience - choose from Asia Pacific or EMEA/Americas and still have access to all the content. 

    There is no cost to attend the 2020 Inspire Days Virtual Experience.

    To register, click here. 

  • + EFI POWER and COLORS printers for high-volume soft signage

    Electronics For Imaging, Inc.’s two new printers for the high-end, high productivity soft signage market help disp..

    12 October 2020

    Electronics For Imaging, Inc.’s two new printers for the high-end, high productivity soft signage market help display graphics producers reach new heights in productivity and extend their capabilities.

    The EFI COLORS 340 printer announced today prints at up to 850 square metres per hour (in a four-colour x 4 configuration) while providing unmatched colour capabilities for premium-quality soft signage. For even higher-volume production environments, the EFI POWER 340 prints up to 1,564 square metres per hour.

    Leveraging technology from EFI Reggiani’s 70+ year legacy of best-in-class fabric printing, both new offerings have the ability to print with higher quality on a wider range of materials than other soft signage inkjet devices, with 100% penetration on both sides of the material. The printers offer added versatility and economical ink capabilities with their ability to print either direct to fabric or to transfer paper using the same inkset, eliminating the significant cost and downtime related to switching over inks.

    “EFI, through our Reggiani division, has decades of experience bringing to market the highest quality in fabric printing in the industry,” said Scott Schinlever, COO, EFI Inkjet. “These two new printers are specifically designed to meet the most stringent quality and productivity needs in soft signage for companies that want to truly differentiate themselves in a highly competitive marketplace. With their extreme speed and reliability, the EFI POWER and COLORS printers can often replace multiple soft signage printers, producing more premium signage work with a single footprint.”

    The new printers follow the proven market successes EFI customers have achieved with VUTEk FabriVU soft signage printers, which are among the most productive in their class for premium dispersed dye sublimation graphics. There are more than 250 FabriVU printers installed worldwide, many of them installations of FabriVU 340 and 340i models that give display graphics producers a higher-profit opportunity to enter the soft signage space. Building on that progress, EFI’s newest soft signage printers address the next level of production demand with higher throughput, more robust operation and even greater efficiency.

    A new level of quality in premium soft signage

    The EFI COLORS 340 printer has all the power and capability sign and display graphics providers have grown to expect from EFI, and more. It is ideal for many applications, from table throws and pop-up promotional tents to SEG backlits, flags and retail fixtures. At 3.4 metres wide with the ability to handle many different fabrics up to 450 gr/m2, this printer delivers results that exceed the expectations of even the most demanding clients. 

    Using genuine EFI water-based CMYK dispersed dye inks, the printer gives users entrée into an ultra-premium point-of-purchase category for soft signage, producing smoother colour transitions and ultra-realistic skin tones, unlike any other soft signage printer in the market. Available with up to 24 printheads, only the COLORS 340 offers greater versatility in colour capabilities to print in four-colour x 2, four-colour x 4 or six-colour x 4 configurations, as well as an eight-colour configuration featuring standard CMYK and light CMK colour inks, plus a penetrating agent.

    Signage providers can print in production, point-of-purchase (POP) or very high quality at speeds up to 850 square metres per hour, achieving dramatic printing with a wide colour gamut and rich, deep colour saturation.

    The printer’s 2,400 dots per inch (dpi) resolution with four level greyscale printing and drop sizes from 4 to 18 picolitres can deliver 100% penetration on both sides of the material, making it ideal for the production of national flags. Its precision sticky belt feeding mechanism ensures near-perfect, continuous tone image quality at high speeds with no wrinkle artefacts on a wide range of materials. And, EFI’s unique continuous ink recirculation system for textile printing improves ink yield, reducing the need to purge while eliminating downtime associated with printhead maintenance.

    Extreme POWER meets maximum productivity needs
    The new EFI POWER 340 digital soft signage printer has most of the capabilities of the COLORS 340 but at a blazingly fast speed of up to 1,564 square metres per hour.

    The POWER 340 is also capable of printing direct-to-fabric or onto transfer paper using genuine EFI water-based CMYK dispersed dye inks. And, like the COLORS 340 model, it employs the proven, reliable sticky belt feeding mechanism. The POWER 340 features up to four colours, in either four-colour x 4 or four-colour x 8 configurations. With its remarkable speeds, users can profit from producing the appropriate quality at the highest speed with a lower total cost of ownership for high-volume demands.

    Both printers employ a powerful EFI Fiery proServer Premium digital front end, which means operators can take advantage of the ultimate in colour management, job management, and powerful tools for nesting, step and repeat, scaling, cropping, barcode creation and tiling.

    Reduce your footprint, increase your output

    With these two new solutions, soft signage producers can reduce their production footprint while also increasing their output by replacing multiple, slower devices with a single high-volume, premium-quality production powerhouse.

  • + Domino unveils N730i digital label press

    Domino has announced the launch of the N730i digital UV inkjet label press, which introduces the new Domino Generation 7..

    12 October 2020

    Domino has announced the launch of the N730i digital UV inkjet label press, which introduces the new Domino Generation 7 inkjet platform. 

    Philip Easton, Director of the Domino Digital Printing Solutions Division, said that, “This is the most significant product we have launched since we started in the digital label press business. It has been a huge collaborative team effort spread over five years involving our colleagues at Brother Industries, supplier partners, our development team, and our customers. Today, we are so proud of what the N730i delivers, as we truly believe it sets new standards in high performance inkjet label printing.”

    The N730i incorporates a host of brand-new features, including the enhanced Brother BITSTAR 1200 dpi piezo printhead, the SunLight graphical user interface, and the latest automated Domino i-Tech intelligent Technology features. These include i-Tech SetAlign and i-Tech CleanCap2.

    Louise Adcock, Global Product Manager, Domino Digital Printing Solutions, said, “During the development of the N730i, we focused on three key areas: providing consistent print quality at high speed, ease of use, and flexibility.”

    The N730i is designed to print all jobs, including those with a "silk-screen-like" white, at 230 fpm (70 m/m).

    The Brother BITSTAR 1200 dpi printhead uses a combination of small drop sizes of 2.1 picolitre (pl) and nominal drop sizes of 2.8 pl and 3.3 pl to provide consistent ink density across the image, producing excellent printing, including fine fonts, micro-text, sharper edges, and smoother gradients. Patented triple-layer polycrystalline micro piezo technology minimises cross talk and delivers precise nozzle control for optimum drop placement accuracy.

    Domino’s intelligent Technology (i-Tech) features represent developments designed to measurably improve efficiency, use, function, and reliability. i-Tech SetAlign is a new automated system that sets density and accurately aligns the printheads. The result is uniform and seamless print quality across the full web width. Domino has also enhanced performance with i-Tech CleanCap2, an automated printhead cleaning and capping system, which is a controlled process reducing manual operator intervention and waste. Other i-Tech features include the established i-Tech ActiFlow, UltraMix, and WebRev.

    Adcock continues, “In basic terms, our customers win business against their competitors on the labels they can produce, they make a profit from delivering them efficiently. The N730i’s consistent high print quality will mean they will win more business while high speed combined with reliability means they can also print it efficiently.”

    The existing user interface has been completely rewritten for the N730i with the development of the new Domino SunLight. This flexible graphical user interface with its modern look and feel is completely intuitive and highly configurable. A new enhanced version of the industry standard Esko Digital Front End has been adopted, including improved variable data printing performance, and producing process colours including orange and violet, for lower ink usage and an increased colour gamut. Support for the industry standard JDF/JMF data transfer format allows for automated job setup and reporting. This also means upward integration with the leading management information systems can be readily achieved.

    Offering label manufacturers excellent flexibility, the N730i is available with optional flexo stations for priming to facilitate consistent quality even on the most challenging media types, and for spot colours or varnishing, increasing the range of jobs that can be achieved, or for reverse white for cost-effective shrink sleeve applications. These flexo stations can be retrofitted, providing customers with greater flexibility as their business needs change.

    The N730i includes Domino’s own in-house developed UV90 ink set with excellent fade resistance, achieving a maximum Blue Wool Scale of eight on certain substrates. It has enhanced mechanical properties, including abrasion and scratch resistance. It is 7-colour CMYKOV + W and achieves 92% of the Pantone range. The UV90 white ink is commonly used by customers as a silk-screen replacement achieving an opacity of up to 76%. The Textures by Domino printing capability enables tactile three-dimensional label design effects to be created for greater shelf appeal.

  • + Contiweb Unveils New Variable Coater for Enhanced Digital Print Quality and Cost Savings

    Compatible with leading high-end web inkjet presses, the Variable Coater elevates the quality of digital print to match ..

    12 October 2020

    Compatible with leading high-end web inkjet presses, the Variable Coater elevates the quality of digital print to match offset, whilst providing access to a virtually unlimited range of paper and also reducing costs.

    Contiweb, a specialist in state-of-the-art technologies for printing, advanced drying and web-handling, announces today the launch of its Variable Coater (VC), a digital priming and over-print varnish applicator developed to boost product quality and reduce costs for paper in digital printing applications.

    Compatible with leading high-end web inkjet presses, the Variable Coater elevates the quality of digital print to match offset, whilst providing access to a virtually unlimited range of paper and also reducing costs.

    “We developed the Variable Coater to provide customers with the ability to use standard offset paper for all print jobs, even those with high ink coverage, which is much more cost effective. Uptime is also essential to profitability, and changing between the different grades of priming, even per side, can be a costly disruption, something that is now preventable. The Variable Coater delivers significant cost savings in numerous ways,” explains Rutger Jansen, CEO at Contiweb.

    “The system’s expanded range of paper as a result of the precise amount of priming per side, combined with the improved print quality of primed paper also mean printers can move more jobs from offset to digital. Jobs requiring high ink coverage will not need to be printed offset. They can take advantage of digital’s personalisation capabilities, potentially opening up new markets, and achieve higher utilisation of the digital press, leading to improved ROI and profits,” adds Jansen.

    The Contiweb Variable Coater allows variable web coverage, so printers only need to use what is required, resulting in around 15% less priming or coating usage. Also, variable in web width from 10-26 inches, the VC can work inline or near-line with leading high-end web inkjet presses. The web width of the VC can be changed with a just a quick production stop and without any requirement to exchange parts. Adjustable on-the-go with a user-friendly HMI, the Variable Coater is easy to operate and allows ‘recipes’ to be stored and used again as needed. Furthermore, there are no additional costs for consumables such as sleeves or anilox rollers.

    The Variable Coater solution was developed in conjunction with European printing group Paragon Customer Communications and Eastman Kodak Company. Paragon’s Director of Operations, Bernd Wein, says of the Variable Coater, “The flexibility was one of the main aspects of why we started this project with Contiweb. In order to achieve the best quality of printing, you must profile the paper. It absolutely makes sense to use different types of coating fluid depending on whether you’re using coated or uncoated stock, and the ability to specify only what coverage is necessary and record profiles, saves time and money.”

    The potential of the Variable Coater is further illustrated by an endorsement from Kodak. Randy Vandagriff, Senior Vice President, Digital Print, Eastman Kodak Company, said “The market is growing for digitally produced high ink coverage print products on glossy and coated papers, such as direct mail and catalogues. Contiweb’s Variable Coater, inline or near line with a Kodak PROSPER press, is a great way for printers to lower their costs, increase their quality and improve their paper supply chain.”

    The VC can work inline or near-line with all leading high-end web inkjet presses.


    Vastex has introduced an all-new, low-cost CraftPrinter™ Model V-10 screen printing press for one-colour garments,..

    12 October 2020

    Vastex has introduced an all-new, low-cost CraftPrinter™ Model V-10 screen printing press for one-colour garments, promotional items, signage or other flat products, it was announced by Mark Vasilantone, President.

    It accepts screens up to 58 x 78 cm and incorporates registration features typically unavailable on low-cost tabletop presses including all-steel construction, a no-warp steel pallet, floating head, 3-point bearing lock, and screen off-contact and levelling adjustments.

    The compact unit measures 35.9 cm W x 72.4 cm D and weighs 11.4 kg, making it portable.  

    Options include a neck guide and rubber top for the included pallet, and a variety of specialised pallets for sleeves, youth-size garments, oversized garments, face masks, small signs, insulated can holders and other promotional items.

    For higher production and/or multi-colour capability, the interchangeable print head, pallets and wheel lock assembly of the one-station/one-colour V-10 press can be transferred to the rotary frame of the company’s V-100 model to build a two-, three- or four-colour press at reduced cost when needs increase.

    Covered by a one-year warranty, the CraftPrinter press is shippable via UPS and comes with easy-to-follow instructions.

    Other Vastex equipment performance-matched to the CraftPrinter press includes an E-100 Tabletop Screen Exposer,  a D-100 conveyor dryer and a DRI-CAB Screen Drying Cabinet, which can also serve as a stand for the V-10 press and other tabletop equipment. 

    The company also manufacture commercial-grade and industrial-grade equipment including numerous models of screen printing presses, infrared conveyor dryers, flash cure units, exposing units, screen drying cabinets, washout booths and complete shops packaged according to desired capacity, printing capabilities, available floor space, and budget.

    For information contact Vastex International E: or

  • + New opportunities for learning about plastic decoration

    In October and November 2020 Leonhard Kurz is offering four online seminars on plastic decoration. The free training ses..

    12 October 2020

    In October and November 2020 Leonhard Kurz is offering four online seminars on plastic decoration. The free training sessions are oriented toward developers and designers in the automotive, home appliances, and various other sectors. Kurz specialists will explain how companies develop smart surfaces with distinguished brand character. They will present new solutions from Kurz that expand the current spectrum. The online seminars will be held in English; and registration for the online events is open until one hour prior to start. Kurz is preparing more online seminars for this winter on topics related to plastic decoration. These will include design and decoration in the automobile industry.

    October 21, 10:00AM – 11:00AM CEST:

    IMD PUR – Global innovation for automotive surface design

    Developers of front panels for electric and autonomous vehicles must dress smart technology in sophisticated design. The new Kurz process, IMD PUR, provides new opportunities. It allows for brand-shaping dead-front panels and radiolucent surfaces that are also durable and self-healing.

    The online seminar will explain the new process, which allows IMD decoration and flooding with PUR (polyurethane) in a single step. Participants learn why IMD PUR provides more options in the design of automotive fronts. The online seminar will also get into technical specifications and tests. It will be presented by Fabian Bürkel, Project Engineer Technology and Innovation Management in the plastics division at Kurz.

    October 28, 2020, 10:00AM – 11:00AM CEST: 

    FFB (Functional Foil Bonding) - Sensor integration with highest precision

    How can durable touch sensors be applied cost-effectively and without adhesive to operating interfaces? Kurz makes this possible with its patent pending FFB (Functional Foil Bonding) process. FFB allows, for the first time, mechanical integration of touch sensors. The online seminar is directed at technical experts in the automotive, home appliances, and consumer electronics industries.

    Together with Dr. Wolfgang Clemens, Head of Product Management PolyTC at Kurz subsidiary PolyIC, online seminar participants will get a peek behind the scenes of process development. These include: How touch sensors are integrated into plastic parts by using FFB. Where the FFB process is superior to the OCA and PSA techniques. What the technical specifications are. Dr. Clemens will explain how the process handles volume production based on a solution from the automobile industry.

    November 11, 2020, 10:00AM - 11:00AM CEST:

    Innovative HMI solutions by integrating metal mesh sensors into plastic surfaces

    Dead-front control panels equipped with the latest technology and boasting sophisticated design and cost-efficient production. What sounds like a demanding requirement profile becomes possible. The online seminar will demonstrate this using the example of an award-winning HMI instrument panel that Kurz developed for an automobile interior.

    The online seminar is oriented toward persons in the automotive, home appliances, and consumer electronics industries who would like to use more touch panels and touchscreens. They will learn how to cost-effectively furnish an instrument panel with sensors for controls navigation, backlighting, touch operation and slider action, and at the same time with a sophisticated design. It also involves all process components used in the HMI concept: IMD, FFB, IML and lamination. Jörg Stierand, Head of Sales Management Automotive Europe and Head of HMI at Kurz, will host the event.

    November 18, 2020, 10:00AM - 11:00AM CEST:

    Making every product unique – Home appliances decoration and function

    The production of smart home appliances is not necessarily linked to high costs. On the contrary, by combining decoration and touch control, some components and production steps can be eliminated, which lowers production costs. At the same time, touch panels make the devices more attractive, as backlit dead-front designs and simplified control functions become more popular.

    In the online seminar, participants from the field of home appliances learn how to cost-effectively produce design-oriented touch controls. Using the volume production of washing machines as an example, Kurz specialists will demonstrate how to inexpensively produce components with different language and model variants. On the agenda as well: How to combine function with backlighting. The online seminar is hosted by Steven Hirschberg, Project Engineer, Plastic Decoration at Kurz and Johannes Schad, Product Manager at Kurz subsidiary PolyIC.

    Registration for all seminars at