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  • + Esko brings innovation and added value to customers with Software 20.1 update and hardware releases

    Esko has today (29 October) unveiled a host of new and award-winning innovations for its integrated Esko Software 20.1 p..

    03 November 2020

    Esko has today (29 October) unveiled a host of new and award-winning innovations for its integrated Esko Software 20.1 platform, together with new hardware solutions, developed to deliver even more functionality as well as outstanding value to packaging, label and wide format customers.

    “As a technology company, we are relentlessly developing solutions to serve our markets and customers better,” said Jan de Roeck, Esko Director of Marketing, Industry Relations & Strategy. “We build long-term relationships with our customers and strive to ensure our solutions remain relevant and innovative, enabling anyone using them in the packaging value chain to benefit from operational efficiency improvements.”

    Speaking at a launch event streamed live from the Esko Innovation Hub – the always-on virtual environment that gives users the opportunity to explore the portfolio of latest Esko innovations – Jan navigated to innovation hotspots where he detailed the newest functions and features in the Esko Software 20.1 release, as well as the latest hardware developments from the company.

    Updates and new features in Esko Software 20.1 include: 

    • WebCenter 20.0 – the latest feature-packed version of the web-based packaging management solution, now incorporates an improved user experience and WebCenter Tasks Plugin. Digital transformation can only be successful if the solution is fully adapted to the user’s requirements, and with the addition of a social-media style dashboard and new connectors for Adobe Creative Suite applications, WebCenter does just that.

    • ArtiosCAD 20.0.1 – the leading packaging structural design tool simplifies designing of multi-part and multi-material packages using Resizable Canvas Design templates

    • ArtPro+ 20.1 Plate Cut – a new automated feature that finds the optimal individual cutting path for each separation, reducing preparation time for flexo plate mounting by up to 30 minutes

    • ArtPro+ 20.1 Trapping – a new, InterTech Award-winning aesthetic trapping algorithm which closes misregister gaps and accommodates individual exceptions, making trapping jobs up to 70 per cent faster

    • Print Control Wizard for Corrugated – a version of the award-winning software specifically designed for the corrugated market, delivering quicker plate production, improved graphic performance and reduced costs

    • AVT AutoSet – an integration between Esko Automation Engine and AVT’s press inspection system, reducing setup time of the inspection system to almost zero

    Alongside updating Esko Software 20, Esko revealed hardware innovations including:

    • Kongsberg VariAngle tool - an innovative new tool for the Kongsberg range of digital finishing equipment that enables cutting at any angle from 0o and 60o at high speed, delivering total freedom in the design of 3D creative displays

    • Crystal XPS 4260 – the newest member of the family of Crystal UV LED exposure units for digital flexo plate making, available for the first time in this plate size

    “Digitizing the process by which packaging is made is already key to delivering long-term business success,” said Jan. “But as we now move into whatever ‘new normal’ emerges from the global coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, the importance of improving operational processes, lowering costs and delivering client loyalty are more vital than ever.

    “In the wake of the pandemic, we wanted to double down on enabling businesses to continue their journey of digital transformation to meet head-on the challenges we face today. With the November release, we are delivering a greater range of functions that streamline processes and improve productivity for customers.”

    “Our innovations serve to illustrate our commitment to customers, ensuring they enjoy a greater user experience and improved efficiency,” said Jan. “For example, ArtPro+ 20.1 now features the innovative Esko trapper, which recently received the InterTechTM Award for Innovation. It ensures prepress operators achieve a consistent, aesthetic trapping result with the correct distance, direction or color. Similarly, with the latest version of our packaging management solution, WebCenter 20.0, we are making prepress processes considerably faster while delivering a 25 per cent increase in performance.

    “As we continue to navigate the fallout from the global pandemic, the ability to digitize, automate and connect will be crucial to businesses,” said Jan. “The latest software updates not only deliver greater accuracy, efficiency and consistency across a design and print workflow, but are integral tools for converters taking the next steps along their own digital transformation journey.”

    For more information about Esko software solutions, please visit the Esko Innovation Hub at

  • + HEXIS launch THE200EVO premium printable polymeric PVC film with TAKE HEAT EASY® technology


    27 October 2020


    The TAKE HEAT EASY® technology is the result of a combination of a solvent based adhesive and a micro-structured liner developed by our R&D team. This innovation has been specially designed to reduce the initial tack and immediate adhesion, thus making the installation of the vinyl more convenient with an optimal adhesive bonding process.
    In 2018 we combined this technology for the first time with a THE190EVO cast PVC film, and, in view of its success, it made sense to now use it on a high-end polymeric PVC film.


    Ease of repositioning, print quality and optimal durability are all assets that will allow our customers to express their creativity with unlimited possibilities and installers to use it conveniently on flat or slightly curved surfaces, for 2D wrapping projects (buses, lorries, fleet vehicles etc.) and large-format signage.

    Thibault Veuibllet, Business Development Manager Automotive, comments: “With its excellent sliding properties on the substrate, THE200EVO is an ideal solution, especially when an installer needs to quickly and accurately position two printed widths. It is amazingly easy to find the perfect alignment for a design.”


    Always at the forefront of innovation, HEXIS have developed and are now launching the V850B laminate with a thickness of 50 μm. “Combined with the printable THE200EVO film, our customers will be able to obtain and appreciate a particularly flexible complex”, confirms Ian Parsonson, Australia Managing Director.


    Caroline MATEU, Chairman of the Board of Directors at HEXIS is proud to report: “Our research laboratory and our industrial team have combined their respective strengths and skills to complete the design and manufacturing process of these two new products in the most successful way.

    [...] In the year 2020, despite the current health issues, HEXIS continue their race for technological innovation with the launch of the new self-healing X technology for our vehicle body protection films (BODYFENCEX) and the antimicrobial PURE ZONE® technology for surface protection.”

    Further details are available at:

  • + New Antimicrobial Film from Drytac Helps Keep Surfaces Hygienic 24/7

    Drytac has announced the global launch of Protac AMP Film with Microban antimicrobial technology, a new product designed..

    05 October 2020

    Drytac has announced the global launch of Protac AMP Film with Microban antimicrobial technology, a new product designed to help protect surfaces from microbes that can cause premature product degradation.

    When bacteria contaminate a surface such as a door or touchpad - as a result of human contact, environmental conditions or simply lack of cleaning - they can multiply very quickly. Similarly, fungi and mould can proliferate on a surface. Regular cleaning with an effective detergent will remove these microorganisms, Drytac's Protac AMP Film can help maintain cleanliness in between cleaning. It offers reliable protection from the growth of stain and odour causing bacteria and mould.

    This 150μ (6 mil) self-adhesive polyester surface protection film incorporates Microban technology at the manufacturing stage so it becomes part of the material's intrinsic physical structure at a molecular level - it will not wash off or wear away. Microban reservoirs in the film disrupt the microbes' cell walls, inhibiting their growth. The film provides protection 24 hours a day for up to 15 years, and is durable to withstand regular cleaning.

    Protac AMP Film is ideal for protecting doors, keypads, counters, tables and any other flat surfaces. It is transparent with a hard top coat and provides scratch and chemical resistance for up to 15 years. Every batch of Protac AMP is tested for antimicrobial performance providing the utmost confidence and peace of mind for any application.

    "Our new Protac AMP antimicrobial Film with Microban technology delivers protection in one easy-to-use product," says Shaun Holdom, Global Product Manager, Drytac. "It is prepared with Drytac's innovative adhesive, so users can simply apply the film to the surface and leave it to do its job: helping reduce growth of microbes on the surface for many years."

    "Protac AMP Film has already been used on drinks machines, tray tables on aircraft, and in healthcare facilities and schools, with literally hundreds of other potential applications. This product can help maintain the highest standards of cleanliness."

    For further information, please visit 

  • + GMG ColorProof GO

    Thanks to GMG ColorProof GO’s browser-based user interface, users can manage and run proof jobs from almost any de..

    25 August 2020

    Thanks to GMG ColorProof GO’s browser-based user interface, users can manage and run proof jobs from almost any device. The focus is set: With the new release, GMG appeals especially to professional users who are looking for maximum flexibility control and increased productivity. Multiple proof locations are a typical scenario, as well as mobile working and the trend towards working from home reinforce the relevance of GMG ColorProof GO.

    Besides the new flexibility, GMG ColorProof GO scores high with its intuitive user interface. To start a job, you simply drag and drop the file into the appropriate drop zone – that’s it. With GMG ColorProof GO, all connected proof systems are conveniently controlled and managed via a web browser. Even a device recalibration can be done remotely from any workstation or your smartphone. The mere possibility of being able to check the status of a proof job remotely is reassuring for users and provides process control.

    The flexibility of GMG ColorProof GO also makes sense in a company with only one location. Every workstation, whether Mac or PC, can now be used to run and manage proof jobs. No need for an operator to walk to the proofing room where traditionally the proof workstation and the proofer would be found. New users can be added to the GMG ColorProof GO network via email and their roles can be assigned individually. This type of flexibility saves a lot of time and increases productivity. GMG solutions are designed to cope in a busy production environment. If several users want to access the same proofing system simultaneously, GMG ColorProof GO will comfortably and reliably handle the workload.

  • + Inkcups Introduces Vivid White

    Inkcups has announced the release of the brightest white ink available on the UV inkjet market: Vivid White. The ne..

    11 August 2020

    Inkcups has announced the release of the brightest white ink available on the UV inkjet market: Vivid White.

    The newest addition to Inkcups’ highly regarded S1 UV Ink Series, Vivid White reproduces the brightest whites available in the industry. Based on decades of experience and after thorough and rigorous testing, Inkcups created a formula for the ideal ink that can print a vivid white on dark substrates. Vivid White can also act as an opaque white background for multi-coloured graphics to enhance the colours of artwork and make them appear more vibrant. This benefit ensures color matching is consistent across all products – the more opaque white will allow the true colours to show on dark substrates.

    Like all S1 UV Ink series colours, Vivid White has exceptional adhesion capabilities and meets the same rigorous adhesion and compliance standards as others in the product range. One exceptional attribute is that Vivid White is a pour-over for printers using the company’s S1 ink, which eliminates the need for customers to flush their machines when switching to this white ink. It can also be used in other printers where improved white opacity is needed.

    Vivid White is ideally suited for a variety of substrates including stainless steel, coated metals, plastic and more. It can also print on a wide selection of flat and cylindrical objects. Applications include drinkware, injection moulded housings, promotional items, electronics and more.

    “For high-quality graphics, a bright white makes all the difference. We have been working for a few years to find the ideal pigment combination to provide the brilliant white opacity in combination with easy jettability. Our new Vivid White really makes a visible difference and after extensive testing we believe it is the brightest white in the market,” said Ben Adner, CEO of Inkcups.

    The ink is fully compatible with the wide range of Inkcups digital printers.

    Vivid White digital ink is engineered and manufactured in the U.S. and available for order now.

  • + Kernow Launches new FloorShark Dry Toner

    UK manufacturer Kernow Coatings has launched the first floor graphic material which has been tested and certified for dr..

    11 August 2020

    UK manufacturer Kernow Coatings has launched the first floor graphic material which has been tested and certified for dry toner.

    Designed with applications such as social distancing graphics in mind, the new dry toner range is made from Kernow’s textured ultra-tough Sharkskin material and has a R10 Anti Slip Rating.  The product has been designed for quick and easy print jobs on laser printers and is simple to apply and remove.

    Bosy Colak, Sales and Marketing Director, commented “Due to the popularity of KernowJet FloorSharK for latex and solvent printing, we’ve now introduced FloorSharK for Dry Toner, which brings with it all of the benefits of the original FloorSharK product.  This unique floor graphic solution is perfect for indoor environments including retail outlets and supermarkets, airports and travels hubs and event and conference centres.  It’s made of ultra-tough polyester, is scratch and water resistant, and resilient to pallet trucks and heeled shoes.

    Unlike many products on the market, FloorSharK has been rigorously tested and certified for slip resistance and to fire rating BFL-s1, making it a superior product when it comes to safety. 

    We’re delighted to have this product readily available along with samples for customers to try”.

    For more information get in touch with Kernow through

  • + SAKATA INX Develops Environmentally Friendly UV Inkjet Ink for Corrugated Packaging

    SAKATA INX Corp. has introduced BSR-Bio, a new environmentally friendly UV inkjet ink for corrugated packaging applicati..

    03 August 2020

    SAKATA INX Corp. has introduced BSR-Bio, a new environmentally friendly UV inkjet ink for corrugated packaging applications. The new sustainable ink option is formulated with 20-30% plant-derived materials, allowing brand owners and printers to benefit from reduced regulatory risk and measurable, reportable CO2 savings.

    BSR-Bio is an advancement of the original BSR formulation that has enjoyed much success in North America on Barberán Jetmaster digital printers. The Jetmaster manufactured by Barberán S.A. was developed to bring inkjet advantages to the market for not only corrugated boxes, but point-of-purchase display as well. It is available together with SAKATA INX BSR and BSR-Bio digital ink solutions globally.

    SAKATA’s proprietary advanced technology for Nano-pigment dispersion enables their inkjet inks to have high performance jetting properties at very fast print speed, with high reliability for inkjet print heads. BSR-Bio consists of standard CMYK colours with Orange + Green or Orange + Violet as an option when wider colour gamut is required. It is extremely low odour and has high durability and good flexibility to reduce cracking problems.

    Barberán S.A. has manufactured numerous types of inkjet printers in the market to bring valuable solutions for short-run, on-demand printing. Now they are expanding its digital printing possibility with the BSR-Bio UV ink, which is intended for environmental sustainability.

    Eladio Lerga, who is responsible for the Jetmaster, commented, “We have been a good partner with SAKATA INX for years and have made successful projects together. Corrugated packaging is one of the most suitable applications for the circular economy concept, and I am excited about the environmental impact BSR-Bio brings to the market.”

    Yoshiaki Ueno, Director – CTO, SAKATA INX, said, “BSR-Bio is a marketable product formulated based on SAKATA INX core technologies and long-term experience with a wide variety of materials. The market needs for sustainable product solutions will continue to grow based on societal needs to protect the planet and develop a circular economy. BSR-Bio is a strategic product for a circular economy as is part of our Botanical ink® product line. It meets many environmental requirements including waste and greenhouse gas reductions.

  • + Media One Launches 6 Anti-Microbial Fabrics

    Media One is leading the industry by launching a line of antimicrobial fabrics, for dye-sublimation transfer, direct dye..

    27 July 2020

    Media One is leading the industry by launching a line of antimicrobial fabrics, for dye-sublimation transfer, direct dye sub, UV & latex printing. The initial materials with the integrated antimicrobial coatings will be a polyester soft flag material and have been independently lab tested to kill over 98% of bacteria within 24-hours with these coatings, and only adds ¢5/sqft to the cost.

    Our “Imperial” flag is a double-sided viewing flag (TXFM-AM). “Manhattan,” a triple-white product that is a woven suede fabric for dye sub transfer a backlit/display or hanging signage (TX3W-AM). “Doheny” is a 2-way stretch fabric which is ideal for SEG signage (TXSD-AM). “Malibu” is an airtight and watertight product ideal for tents and backlit display for UV/Latex or dye sub (TXIlluminate-AM). “Moonlight,” our most popular backlit/ frontlit product for direct dye sub or transfer (iTex-AM). “Sunset” which is a black-backed block out fabric for SEG (TXJBB-AM).

    “As things begin to open back up for our customers they are looking for solutions to meet the new safety standards, and keep their customers safe in light of these unprecedented times,” said Craig Furst, CEO of AAA Flag & Banner, “I believe the demand for solutions like these will be sustained over
    the next several years.”

    “We’re responding to the COVID-19 crisis in a way to help our customers with solutions for retail, POP, medical, and event graphics to help prevent the spread of any microbial agents, per our independent lab testing. And while this has not been tested specifically with COVID-19, this coating is anti-bacterial & anti-microbial to 98% effectiveness,” said Jason Bartusick, CEO & Head of Product Development at Media One. “Working with our suppliers, we’ve identified key products that address numerous applications, and our customers have expressed widespread interest in them.”

    These fabrics are available in 126” width, ordered by the yard, & cut to specific lengths for your project. They are also available for same-day shipment for orders received before 2pm Pacific time.

    “We are definitely seeing customers looking for solutions to combat this pandemic, but also its raised awareness of all kinds of antimicrobial applications,” said Scott Powers, Vice President of Sales at D’Andrea Visual Communications, “As more of these solutions become available, we’ll be putting them in front of our customers to help them in this brave new world.”

    More details about each fabric:
    100% Polyester Double-sided Soft Flag – TXFM-AM “Imperial”
    Weight:115g/sqm 3.24oz/sqyd Width: 61” – 126”
    Application: Flags, Light weight banners
    Features: 100% Polyester, Warp Knitted Fabric, 3 Bar Weave Latex, Dye Sub Transfer and Direct, UV, Latex

    Triple White Woven Suede – TX3W-AM – “Manhattan”
    Weight: 250g/sqm 7.5oz/sq.yd. Width: 63” – 126”
    Application: Display System, Soft Signage, Backlit, Backdrop
    Features: 100% Polyester Woven, Matte Finish suitable with Latex, Dye Sub Direct and Transfer printing processes.

    2-Way Stretch Display – TXSD-AM – “Doheney”
    Weight: 240g/sqm 7oz/sqyd Width: 63” – 126”
    Application: Geometric, Popup, SEG, Tradeshow
    Features: 85% Polyester, Warp Knitted Fabric, Good Opacity Latex, Dye Sub Transfer and Direct

    100% polyester watertight/airtight display – TXIlluminate-AM – “Malibu”
    Weight: 180g/sqm 5.2oz/sqyd Width: 102” – 126”
    Application: LED light boxes, SEG, pop ups, Awnings & Tents
    Features: 100% polyester bath-coated and one-side coated with resin Dye Sub Transfer and Dye Sub Direct, UV, Solvent

    100% Knitted Matte Polyester Frontlit/Backlit – iTEX-AM – “Moonlight iTEX
    Weight: 260g/sqm 7.6oz/sqyd Width: 63” – 126”
    Application: Backlit/SEG Backlit
    Features: 100% polyester knitting fabric, matte surface, Good Opacity Dye Sub Transfer and Dye Sub Direct, UV

    100% Knitted Polyester Warp Black-Backed Blockout – TXJBB-AM – “Sunset”
    Weight: 320g/sqm 9.37oz/sqyd -Width: 63” – 126”
    Application: Indoor displays, booth systems, interior decoration
    Features: Black Back warp Knitted, white surface, resin backed coating Dye Sub Transfer and Dye Sub Direct, UV, Latex

  • + Fisher Textiles Introduces Disenfectex Printable Fabrics Treated with HeiQ V-block

    Fisher Textiles announces the launch of DisenfectexTM printable fabric enhanced by HeiQ V-block in collaboration wi..

    27 July 2020

    Fisher Textiles announces the launch of DisenfectexTM printable

    fabric enhanced by HeiQ V-block in collaboration with HeiQ. Marketed as HeiQ Viroblock in other countries, HeiQ V-block is an antiviral textile technology for industrial use, specially engineered to work against enveloped viruses, such as influenza viruses and human coronaviruses. Treated fabrics submitted by HeiQ have been tested by the Doherty Institute in Australia to be effective against 99.99% of SARS-CoV-2.

    DisenfectexTM fabrics treated with HeiQ V-block are resistant to microbes and HeiQ V-block inhibits the growth of bacteria on the fabric. The line consists of a face mask fabric, soft knit fabric, sheer fabric and suede fabric available in roll widths 57 inches to 125 inches wide for transfer and direct dye sublimation printing. 

    DisenfectexTM fabrics have many uses for personal protective equipment (PPE) including face masks and gaiters, sanitation stations, counter-top barriers, desk dividers, table and booth dividers, table throws, room dividers and pop-up screens for retail stores, pharmacies, restaurants, hotels, banks, museums, casinos, professional services, business offices and healthcare facilities. When used in SEG systems as protective barriers, DisenfectexTM fabrics aid in social distancing requirements and act as an acoustic insulator to absorb sound and background noise. All DisenfectexTM fabrics are reusable and washable up to 30 gentle washes.

  • + Caldera Launches Caldera WebShop

    French RIP software specialist Caldera has announced the launch of Caldera WebShop. This is a new e-commerce offering th..

    20 July 2020

    French RIP software specialist Caldera has announced the launch of Caldera WebShop. This is a new e-commerce offering that will enable its customers to go digital by creating a bespoke storefront, which can be integrated into a streamlined web-to-print solution. WebShop has been created in response to a digital transformation trend that has been accelerated and intensified as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Available now, the solution on offer is a low-cost bundled services product to enable digital printing, short runs and reshoring as businesses move to a new way of working.

    The driving force behind the WebShop initiative is to enable Caldera users to run their businesses with a reduced level of social interaction. Lockdown and social distancing has resulted in a surge in demand for online services, and being able to fulfil this demand will be critical for businesses to thrive, particularly for textile and direct-to-garment printers.

    According to Caldera’s VP Marketing, Operations and IT, Sébastien Hanssens, “Our intention is to help our customers with their digital transformation by enabling them to build effective storefronts for web-to-print operations. Our web-to-print services team will guide them through setting up the components they need, including storefronts, prepress, production and logistics.”

    The tangible benefit of Caldera WebShop is that it provides an e-commerce platform that has been specifically developed for wide-format printing businesses. It’s a comprehensive solution that allows users to build their storefront, take and fulfil orders and build their online business via one integrated package. “We felt it was important for printers to be able to deliver a user-friendly buyer experience,” says Hanssens. “The costly upfront processes of providing clear product information and dealing with pricing and quotes have been streamlined. WebShop makes it easy to respond to high volumes of smaller orders by automating the path between storefront and production.”

    The package includes a wide range of complementary features that allows users to shape their digital transformation in a way that suits their business. Key among these are the customisable online product catalogues, graphic templates and premium themes for personalised storefronts. Users can further tailor the WebShop to their needs by creating their own categories within the customer database management suite, as well as within the sales portal, from where orders, invoices and shipping are managed. WebShop comes with an advanced dashboard that allow the sales and production teams to track orders and jobs as they happen, as well as a range of reporting options which can include user-specified customer information.

    “Caldera has always put the user experience at the heart of new business developments,” explains Hanssens. “With this latest innovation, we’re now focusing on helping our customers prioritise the user experience of their own customers, as they respond to the demands that are emerging in the post-COVID business world. Caldera WebShop takes web-to-print functionality to a new level, in keeping with this changed way of working.”

  • + New From Hexis


    06 July 2020


    HEXIS Group announce that their patented PURE ZONE® technology, developed and marketed since 2013, is active in combating the viral load of coronaviruses. The characteristics of PURE ZONE® antimicrobial protective films reduce coronavirus viraemia by 95% after a contact of 15 minutes, and nearly 99.9% after a contact of one hour (compared to an untreated membrane).


    HEXIS antimicrobial PURE ZONE® films provide 24-hour preventive protection against bacteria and coronaviruses. Powerful and safe, if in contact with the skin. "Reactive silver ions, contained in PURE ZONE® films, will quickly inhibit bacteria and coronaviruses, preventing their spread between two disinfection protocols," says Christophe BAUDRION Director of the HEXIS R&D laboratory department. 


    HEXIS PURE ZONE® antimicrobial products have recently passed a certification that proves their efficiency against coronaviruses. "This additional benefit will not lead to a price increase. It's a question of ethics, it reinforces our long-standing commitment towards our customers related to this product range," says Christophe INIGO, Deputy Sales Director. 

    Our customers apply our PURE ZONE films® since many years on daily-life contact surfaces. "Daily or casual uses are protected. From door handles to digicodes, not forgetting the touch screens of a large fast food chain, or reception desk of your favorite Sushi Shop, from the hospital recovery room to theme parks, the applications opportunities of our PURE ZONE® protection films are endless" reminds Sébastien MACHU, HEXIS France Sales Director.

    "And why not combine the useful with fun!" stresses Marine GUELAIA, HEXIS Decoration Manager. Transparent films from the PURE ZONE® range come in matte, glossy, with a textured wooden or leather effect or even non-adhesive. Indeed, our PRZ150 (for medical sector-only) and PURE COVER products are non-adhesive.

    Caroline MATEU, Chairman of the Board of Directors, reaffirms the commitments of HEXIS Group: "Improving the well-being and health of each of our employees, through our CSR policy, is a fundamental value for HEXIS. We are concerned by the international health crisis, in our families, in our workshops, in our customers premises. Therefore, manufacturing products that make everyone feel better on a daily basis is a recognition for all our teams.

  • + Apogee v12 Workflow Software from Agfa Delivers Increased Automation and Smooth Customer Interaction

    The release of Apogee v12 marks another step in the automation of print production. The latest version of Agfa’s p..

    30 June 2020

    The release of Apogee v12 marks another step in the automation of print production. The latest version of Agfa’s print production hub introduces new impositioning and approval functionalities, and adds a brand new browser-based GUI for sales reps to control over print production.

    Solid and efficient workflow software, adapted to changing market requirements, is a high-value asset for printers. New functionalities in Agfa’s Apogee v12 workflow solution deliver additional cost and time savings through increased automation, flexibility and quality. Additionally, enhanced customer interaction options in the software will help retain existing print buyers or attract new business.

    Apogee Impose

    The way pages are imposed impacts production cost significantly. However, print shops’ knowledge of imposition is slowly but surely declining. That is why Apogee continues to focus on automated solutions, taking into account printers’ equipment as well as the expected end products. The new Cut ‘n Assemble function is an example of this: Multiple fold sheets can now be placed on one press sheet and finished simultaneously. This leads to higher efficiency in the finishing department and less paper waste.

    Web printers will also welcome the benefits of new automation features such as partial web placement or combining page adjustments like bottling, scaling and offsets.

    Other improvements in impositioning, ensuring higher efficiency and print quality, are customised and automated imposition reports, the easy reuse of complex impositions, bottling support and paper stretch compensation.

    Apogee WebApproval

    The online Apogee WebApproval portal that lets print buyers upload files and approve pages, now includes a multi-tenant solution for print buyers. As printers get acquired by others or close their press operations, it can be essential to keep their valuable company name and brand identity alive. Using the multi-tenant print buyer solution, a printing company can create several different branded setups, each for a specific set of print buyers. This dedicated user experience delivers higher customer satisfaction and retention.

    Other new functionalities aimed at a better print buyer relation in WebApproval include extended logging, which saves time and money by avoiding discussions or claims; the possibility to quickly compare different versions of files, highlighting version-specific elements; and improved support on handling remarks and errors, so that no files can get approved when they really shouldn’t.

    Supporting the Apogee Cloud: Apogee WebFlow

    To make the use of Apogee Cloud even easier, Agfa developed a new browser-based user interface called WebFlow, which gives customer service representatives (CSRs) control over print production. In the blink of an eye, they get a full overview of all jobs and their status, and will know whether all pages are available, or if some still need to be approved. They can create, pause or modify jobs, start hardcopy proofing, initiate plate making etc.

    Swedish printing group Taberg Media Group is an avid user of WebFlow:

    “In these corona times, we are very happy that Apogee enables us to work from home. Sales colleagues can send jobs to our workflows from their kitchen table. Ten minutes later, our CTP lines are outputting plates!”, says Magnus Sandström, Digital Workflow Manager at TMG.

    Customised automation or ATP

    As of the early days of Apogee, its user interface offered several ways to automate multiple aspects of production. Automatic job archival/deletion, page placement based on naming conventions, and file revision handling are but a few examples. In v12, automation gets lifted to the next level by the Automate Task Process (or ATP). Incoming files get analyzed on content and meta data, and the gathered information subsequently defines specific actions, e.g. file renaming, routing files to offset for high copy count work, routing to B&W digital print engines… The ATP rules are set by the user or administrator, using the Apogee user interface. This means printers don’t need a degree in IT to define company- or product-specific automation rules. In case they have programming skills, however, they can write their own scripts and have Apogee run it for extended automation.

    Cloud-based subscription

    The covid-19 crisis has made it clearer than ever that the established software buying model is a thing of the past. As a result, Agfa is evaluating its current subscription offering with the intention to design a fair model that varies according to the size of a print shop. As such, payments no longer depend on functionality, but on the amount of processed data, which can vary significantly between users as well as time frames (e.g. high season versus holidays).

    StoreFront 5.6

    In sync with Apogee v12, Agfa also releases an update of its web-to-print software StoreFront. Version 5.6 offers additional functionality for approvals. First, there is a new softproof sign-off option for customisable products and variable data printing, which is particularly useful to avoid discussions with print buyers. Secondly, the multi-step approval option enables the sequential approval of print files by multiple stakeholders, benefitting mainly heavy-duty users or users that need to build in e.g. legal checks. In addition, StoreFront 5.6 saves its users time thanks to the autofill option for customisable products.

    Version 12 of Apogee will be available as of October 2020.

  • + News from OS - GMG Offers Advanced Colour Solution for HP PageWide Corrugated Presses

    GMG, a provider of colour management solutions for packaging and industrial printing, announced it has signed an agreeme..

    30 June 2020

    GMG, a provider of colour management solutions for packaging and industrial printing, announced it has signed an agreement with HP to become an HP PageWide corrugated workflow partner. GMG’s holistic corrugated workflow solution for the HP One Package Suite will enable converters to make a smooth transition into digital printing.

    GMG color management software is used to help print providers do just that: offer a high degree of colour predictability, whether for print production of complex packaging, wide format jobs, or for colour proofing. GMG delivers solutions for the standardisation and simplification of colour management workflows to achieve consistent colours on all media and in any print process.

    “We are excited to collaborate with HP and offer GMG color management products to support the HP One Package Workflow Suite,” says Darrian Young, Global Partnership Manager. “We believe that we can help those who work with HP corrugated presses by providing a way to improve the colour accuracy for their customers.”

    “HP PageWide Corrugated Presses are known for their offset print quality, using true water-based inks. Both GMG and HP see a huge value of this alliance that will help PageWide customers getting even higher colour accuracy while maintaining consistency across devices, and complying with industry colour standards for demanding Brands,” said Ran Lev, workflow solutions manager, HP PageWide Industrial, HP Inc.

    For more information, please visit, or

  • + Roland DG Announces VersaWorks 6 RIP Software Update with New Features for Improved Efficiency

    Roland DG Corporation, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and printer cutters, today announced that i..

    30 June 2020

    Roland DG Corporation, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and printer cutters, today announced that it has released the latest version of its VersaWorks 6 RIP software for inkjet printers and initiated a free upgrade service for customers using compatible models.

    Included with Roland DG’s inkjet printers and printer cutters, VersaWorks 6 RIP & Print Management Software is designed to maximise the characteristics of printer, ink and media to enable high-quality printing and improved efficiency for print production. The latest version includes important new features, such as a “Job Assistant” function that allows customers to automatically add graphic contour cut lines in VersaWorks 6 without returning to the design software. The new “True Rich Color” print setting takes full advantage of the colour reproduction capabilities of both printer and ink to create stunning graphics with vibrant colour combined with neutral greys, smooth gradations, and natural skin tones. In addition, VersaWorks 6 is equipped with several new functions that improve the quality and efficiency of output operations, including compatibility with Barbieri's latest spectrophotometer tools for colour management. 

    Kevin Shigenoya, Vice President, Digital Printing Business Division, said, "By providing our users with the latest version of VersaWorks 6, we believe that we can strongly support our customers' printing businesses in terms of both quality and efficiency. In addition to the printer itself, we will support our customers' creativity by offering a total solution that includes software and application assistance." 

    The printer models compatible with the latest version of VersaWorks 6 are listed below: 

    Eco- Solvent Printers and Printer Cutters

    • BN-20
    • EJ-640
    • RF-640
    • SG2-640/540/300
    • SG-540/300
    • SP-540i/300i
    • VF2-640
    • VG2-640/540
    • VG-640/540
    • VS-640i/540i/300i
    • XR-640
    • XF-640

    UV Printers and Printer Cutters 
    • LEC2-300
    • LEC-540/330
    • LEF-12/12i
    • LEF-300/200/20
    • LEF2-300D/300/200
    • LEJ-640

    Dye Sublimation Printer 
    • RT-640*
    * ErgoSoft Roland DG Edition users are excluded from the upgrade.

    The latest VersaWorks update has been released with the new TrueVIS VF2-640 printer and recently-released TR2-GR ink.

    To find out more about VersaWorks 6 and download the latest version, go to our website.

  • + Esko adds color management, white ink optimization and Crystal Screens for Flexo functionality to award-winning Print Control Wizard

    Enhanced test charts, Crystal Screens for flexo, and white ink optimisation for flexible packaging are just some of the ..

    30 June 2020

    Enhanced test charts, Crystal Screens for flexo, and white ink optimisation for flexible packaging are just some of the innovative features included in the newest release of the multiple award-winning Print Control Wizard software from Esko.

    The global supplier of integrated hardware and software solutions for the print and packaging sectors has unveiled its latest generation of the state-of-the-art software, Print Control Wizard 20.0.

    “Print Control Wizard was developed in response to industry calls to simplify the implementation of screens and dot gain curves, and we wanted to build on our immediate success with this new version,” said Robert Bruce, RIP & Screening Product Manager with Esko. “That’s why we’ve added integrated colour management tools and introduced a new implementation process. For example, while global standards call for three press trials to implement a flexo project, from optimisation with single screen testing, through characterisation with colour management and fingerprint for dot gain, Print Control Wizard 20.0 users can now go straight to fingerprinting. This offers a significant reduction in cost and therefore press time too.”

    Released this week, Print Control Wizard 20.0 boasts a raft of exciting new efficiency-driving features, including:

    • Improved test chart layout - the number of press trials required to create screens and curves to implement flexo projects has been reduced from two to one, bringing faster analysis of a new print condition and significant efficiency gains. The wizard now includes a 4-colour test chart and allows users to produce fingerprint charts, while a fast scan mode for minimum dot calibration reduces the time spent on each job.
    • Improvements to award-winning, wizard-style interface – the new Color Engine Pilot interface not only features a new screens and curves view but also enables users to access all Esko screening assets in one application.
    • Platemaking wizard – a central storage location for Esko CDI set up. This new tool uses built-in guides to help the user set up their CDI plate imager ensuring optimal performance in the quickest time.
    • Reporting – new fully-automated and customisable fingerprint reports are now available with just one touch of a button.
    • New Crystal screens for UV Flexo – using the same process-driven user interface for both flexible packaging and UV Flexo, this brand new module delivers simplified Print Control Wizard functionality and custom screens for UV Flexo, with support for both Pixel+ and non-Pixel+ CDIs.
    • White Ink optimization for flexible packaging - boosting performance of the most common (and most costly) ink used in flexible packaging. With Print Control Wizard 20.0, the opacity, mottle and weight of white ink is controlled and optimised automatically, improving print quality, enhancing image reproduction and reducing ink consumption costs.
    • Originally released only last year, Print Control Wizard was specifically designed to improve the flexo plate making process and flexographic print quality via Crystal Screens. It offers a simplified, standardized approach to take process parameters like ink, printing press, substrate and anilox into consideration for screen and curve creation, outputting a set of Crystal Screens and curves used for plate exposure on a CDI Crystal XPS, resulting in the most optimal flexo print quality.
    “Our goal was to provide flexographic experts with the tools to standardise and simplify screen and curve creation, enabling them to achieve the best quality results without additional steps and checks being added to the process,” he said. “After Print Control Wizard was honoured with a number of top industry awards, we have been working tirelessly to develop these new enhancements. We are delighted to now release this new version as we continue supporting the work of print and packaging specialists across the sector.”

    Print Control Wizard 20.0 is just one of a host of new innovative features and updates Esko has unveiled as part of its integrated software portfolio, Esko Software 20. The significant new developments bring even more innovation and functionality to the Esko suite of best-selling software solutions as part of its continuing drive to deliver operational efficiency improvements to the packaging value chain in tandem with outstanding value to customers. Available from 22 June 2020 onwards – and free to Esko Software Care Plan customers – the latest software release incorporates solutions such as ArtiosCAD 20, Automation Engine 20, Studio 20 and efficiency-driving updates to Share & Approve.

    Anyone wishing to learn more about Print Control Wizard 20.0 can do so by visiting the new Esko Innovation Hub ( which has been designed to provide users with a unique insight to the Esko Software 20 portfolio of innovations in a virtual environment. Users can navigate around the latest integrated hardware and software solutions from Esko, in their own time, accessing insights and technical information, as well as learn new ways to boost business productivity, efficiency and profitability.

  • + Caldera launch new EFI drivers for CalderaRIP Version 13.1

    French printing software company Caldera has announced the release of new EFI drivers for Version 13.1. These new driver..

    30 June 2020

    French printing software company Caldera has announced the release of new EFI drivers for Version 13.1. These new drivers expand their  software’s long list of supported peripherals, answer clients’ needs and further enhance their user experience.

    The new drivers for EFI Vutek 3r, 5r, D3r, D5r and Pro 32r families allow users to enable compression on large output files (for example, files larger than 25 metres).

    This feature helps reducing the amount of time necessary to transfer the files to the EFI controller. As a result, users owning EFI printers and CalderaRIP V13.1 can benefit from a better throughput, process more jobs and scale up their entire production.

  • + GMG Releases GMG ColorServer 5.2

    The new version has GMG OpenColor on board for the first time and is optimised for different applications – notabl..

    22 June 2020

    The new version has GMG OpenColor on board for the first time and is optimised for different applications – notably: Multicolor

    GMG ColorServer is now addressing an even broader user base and, therefore relies on three solutions for different areas of the graphic arts industry: GMG ColorServer Conventional, GMG ColorServer Digital and GMG ColorServer Multicolor.

    “We basically work very closely with our clients,” says Peter Schoeffler, responsible Product Manager at GMG. “Customer feedback has shown that we can support users with different challenges much better with three tailor-made solutions. From now on, we are targeting the following market segments: conventional printing, digital printing with both CMYK and Multicolor presses, and we are addressing customers who print cross-process using spot colours – primarily from the packaging industry."

    All three solutions contain the award-winning profiling technology GMG OpenColor, which is both simple and intuitive to use – even more so with GMG SmartProfiler. Custom profiles are easily created to allow for unusual paper tones or adapting to printing processes such as flexo print. Another advantage is the central colour database. The information stored here is not only used for data preparation, it can also be called up by GMG ColorProof.

    GMG ColorServer delivers automation and consistent results for all three segments.

    GMG ColorServer Conventional primarily ensures the efficient handling of third-party data – both in commercial printing and in CMYK packaging printing. Different input data are converted to any desired industry standard using the superior MX technology via a hot folder. As an integrated technology, GMG OpenColor also enables conversion to accommodate paper types that are not covered by common industry- or individual house standards. The functionality of GMG InkOptimizer is also part of the solution – saving ink and stabilising the print process.

    GMG ColorServer Digital is specifically aimed at customers with digital four-colour presses. Large-format users and customers who work in the low-volume packaging sector, in commercial digital- or in personalised printing are addressed here. With the seamlessly integrated GMG SmartProfiler, digital printing machines can now be fingerprinted very easily. And thanks to the direct connection to GMG OpenColor, users benefit from the patented and award-winning profiling technology based on spectral measurement data.

    GMG ColorServer Multicolor primarily addresses users in the packaging industry. Digital printing is becoming increasingly important here. Instead of using spot colors, brand colors must now be displayed with a fixed ink set. "To achieve consistent results across all processes – digital and conventional – there is no way around GMG ColorServer Multicolor," explains Peter Schoeffler. “Jobs can now print on any press available, delivering welcome flexibility in the pressroom. And Multicolor creates opportunities: achieving increased vibrancy in images or accurately matching brand colors.” In addition to qualitative aspects, GMG also underlines the economic benefits of the new generation GMG ColorServer. GMG promises to contribute significantly to increase the capacity of digital printing presses with GMG ColorServer and to define the future of the entire industry with Multicolor.

    Further information on GMG ColorServer can be found at 

  • + INX International introduces Genesis GS

    INX International Ink, with Sakata INX, have released Genesis GS washable label inks. In March, the ink was recognised b..

    18 May 2020

    INX International Ink, with Sakata INX, have released Genesis GS washable label inks. In March, the ink was recognised by the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) for meeting or exceeding the group’s strict testing protocol for washable and recyclable PET shrink sleeve applications.

    Genesis GS meets the PET-CG-02 Critical Guidance Protocol established by APR. It maintains properties in accordance with APR guidelines required for shrink sleeve applications and exhibits bleed resistance in caustic bath solutions. Since the ink is separated from the substrate and removed from the label material during the bath, a complete recyclable package is a viable option.

    Genesis GS can also be used for floatable roll-fed OPP labels so a customer can print multiple label types with one ink system. Floatable applications require the ink to remain on the substrate after exposure to the caustic bath solution. The ink is capable of printing at high press speeds, displays fast drying capabilities at low temperatures and adheres well to several grades of flexible films.

    ‘We are very pleased with the development of Genesis GS and making it a must-have solution for label providers,’ said Mark Hill, senior vice president R&D for INX. ‘The environmental benefits are superb. With the ink cleanly removed from the PET label or floatable with OPP labels, it allows clear bottles to be made through the circular reuse of recovered materials.’

    Hill said that INX’s R&D staff was able to troubleshoot a PET concern that arose during the testing process.

    ‘Most shrink sleeve bottles are made of PETG resin, which has a lower melting point than PET bottle flake,’ he explained. ‘Given that, the film can turn into what is essentially a glue, clumping the PET bottle flakes and making the PET harder to utilise. Additionally, inks from PETG shrink sleeves can discolour the clear bottle flakes. Our new innovations address that issue.’

    APR on March 19 informed INX that all colours with and without white backing, and with inside overprint varnish on Bonpet BR1 crystalisable film, met or exceeded APR’s PET-CG-02 Critical Guidance Protocol for Clear PET Articles with Labels and Closures. The recognition was based on the technical recyclability of the decorated label innovation with PET bottles and applies only to the decorated sleeve labels.

    The critical guidance protocol is a multi-industry consensus of key issues related to the recycling of post-consumer PET bottles. It directs innovators to conduct specific testing per established procedures, and the recognition is based on the innovation either meeting or exceeding the most challenging and strictest guidance criteria.

  • + Esko & GIS announce collaboration to create the broadest ecosystem for packaging digital print

    Esko, a global developer of integrated hardware and software solutions for the packaging and label markets, has announce..

    12 May 2020

    Esko, a global developer of integrated hardware and software solutions for the packaging and label markets, has announced a new collaboration with Global Inkjet Systems (‘GIS’) to combine its workflow and brand colour management expertise with the inkjet expertise of GIS.

    Esko has extensive experience in digital print development having supplied a digital front end (DFE) turnkey solution, including brand colour management and RIPing, for more than ten years to several leading press manufacturers. GIS is a market leader in the supply of data path electronics, ink delivery systems and print control software, alongside capability in scanning and direct to shape inkjet print systems.

    By combining the DFE and workflow automation expertise of Esko with the inkjet electronics and Atlas® software capabilities of GIS, the two companies can together offer a complete solution from print job creation to the optimisation of print quality through precise printhead control.

    Chuck Ravetto, VP/GM Suppliers Business of Esko, comments: “We know that digital press manufacturers are seeking to reduce development times of their presses. By using this integrated solution resulting from our partnership with GIS, they will get innovations to market faster. At the same time, packaging converters investing in digital press capacity will benefit by having more standardised and robust on press solutions for workflow, colour management and device compensation.”

    Ravetto continues: “Whether for short run label production, fast turnaround of promotional packaging work or efficiently handling a spike in demand, meeting the delivery deadline as expected by the print buyer is of paramount importance to business success. The combined capabilities of Esko and GIS create a level of integration that extends beyond the digital press and reduces complexity for everyone involved, driving efficiency and productivity when its needed most.”

    Nick Geddes, Managing Director of GIS, added: “Combining the packaging management, prepress automation and DFE expertise of Esko with the industrial inkjet capabilities of GIS creates a unique ecosystem for packaging and label digital printing, not seen elsewhere. Our high speed single pass inkjet systems, offering very fast screening technologies and closed loop image quality control for missing nozzle compensation and printhead density correction, fit seamlessly into the Esko workflow creating a powerful advantage for the digital print sector.”

    To find out more, please visit

  • + Ricoh Empowers Digital Workplaces With Always Current Technology

    Ricoh, a leading provider of smart workplace technology, has launched the availability of its Always Current Technology ..

    12 May 2020

    Ricoh, a leading provider of smart workplace technology, has launched the availability of its Always Current Technology v1.1 platform in Australia enabling organisations to extend the capabilities of their Ricoh devices in line with their own business growth and add new feature capabilities to keep up with changing productivity demands. 
    Ricoh customers can activate new desired features, through automatic remote firmware updates, and download applications available on demand as well as feature upgrades directly to their device as they become available, giving users greater flexibility and allowing them to work with more agility.
    At the same time, digital workplaces can scale their capabilities based on evolving needs, while also keeping security features and software up to date while future proofing their MFD investment.
    Key features include:

    • Functionality that increases over time.  Ricoh device capabilities can change as your business conditions vary. If users need access to the latest functions for their devices, they can simply activate desired features, download applications and upgrades as they are required.  New capabilities can be easily and seamlessly added to keep up with changing productivity demands.
    • Scalable Intelligence.  Device capabilities can grow in line with business requirements. The platform allows users to install the latest features and interface enhancements as they become available.  For example, future Always Current Technology premium upgrades will include tools to enhance accessibility and streamline ease-of-use.
    Enhancements released with Ricoh’s Always Current Technology v1.1 include a new user interface menu, new features added to smart copy function and new features added to fax settings. Additionally, users can future-proof their investment by applying updates easily, with minimal downtime and disruption empowering employees to work faster, smarter and more securely.
    Peter Georghiou, Senior Product Manager, Ricoh Australia, said, “Ricoh Always Current Technology enables organisations to reap the benefits of using a platform that allows users to install the latest features and enhancements, while helping keep their device capabilities current and ready to meet changing business needs.  Decision makers can invest with confidence in Ricoh technology, knowing that its functionality and value will grow over time.  At the same time, we look forward to working with Australian businesses to help keep their device capabilities current and ready to meet their evolving digital workplace innovation requirements.”
    For further information, please visit: