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  • + Easy Cut Studio Release Version 5 with More Cutter Support and 64-Bit Compatibility

    EasyCut has introduced Easy Cut Studio version 5, a compatibility update to the company’s sign-making solution wit..

    07 January 2020

    EasyCut has introduced Easy Cut Studio version 5, a compatibility update to the company’s sign-making solution with more enhanced functions, Support for more vinyl cutters, 64-bit compatibility and much more. Version 5 of Easy Cut Studio has been optimized to be fully compliant with Apple’s latest operating system – macOS 10.15 Catalina.

    Easy Cut Studio is designed and engineered to be the total solution for any sign-making business. It helps you make signs quickly and easily, even if you're not a professional designer. The software features advanced vector graphics editor, vectorization tool, and all special effects, along with full vinyl cutting and color printing features. Perfectly adapted for both Mac and Windows. it can be used in 8 different languages and together with over 600 different cutting plotters.

    “EasyCut is excited to add 64 bit support to Easy Cut Studio 5, With 64-bit support, The program can process significantly larger design files and even quicker than before. Both 32-bit and 64-bit worksheets are interchangeable for optimal compatibility, provided that the file can be processed in 32-bit.” said Eric Lee, EasyCut CEO. “ As the superstar product, it combines the advanced cutting technology and simplest UI design. We are always trying our best to making it better and better.”

    Easy Cut Studio Version 5 is the culmination of 2 years engineering work and carefully considered feedback from dozens of cutting plotter manufacturers and hundreds of customers worldwide. Easy Cut Studio 5 is the new version of the sign industry’s leading vinyl cutting software, It offers a variety of powerful tools and features to create from scratch, edit and enhance vector graphics. The upgrade of the vinyl cutting software for Mac and Windows features a 64-bit engine for speed improvements, larger projects and additional features listed below.

    Easy Cut Studio 5 includes the following new features and bug fixes:
    - Added support for GCC RXII, UKCutter SMURF, Cotek, FlyCut, Bridge, Bascocut,
    Vinyl Express GRC, ArtSign and EastSign cutters.
    - Fully compatible with the latest macOS 10.15 Catalina.
    - Completely rewritten for 64-bit, now runs natively as 64-bit on machines.
    - Added sensitivity option for USCutter TITAN3 ARMS.
    - Add TCP option to Janome cutter.
    - Export as PDF format.
    - More than one project can be opened at a time.
    - Custom guidelines.
    - Custom color for Cutting Mat.
    - Custom guidelines.

    - More functions added to Trace Image.
    - Other stability improvements and small bugs fixed.
    To learn more about Easy Cut Studio 5, please visit 

  • + Esko brings innovation and added value to customers with the release of Software Platform 18.1 update

    Esko continues to bring innovations to market while delivering outstanding value to its customers, unveiling a host of n..

    03 December 2019

    Esko continues to bring innovations to market while delivering outstanding value to its customers, unveiling a host of new updates for its integrated software platform which will bring operational efficiency improvements to the packaging value chain.

    From 25 November, significant new functionality has become available to customers with the release of an 18.1 update of the Esko Software Platform, the suite of software solutions from Esko, the global supplier to the label, packaging and wide format sectors. These include:

    • ArtPro+ – updated with a patented new trapping concept, expanded support for Action Lists and brand new Dynamic Marks

    • ArtiosCAD 18.1 – enhanced canvas layout, manufacturing tools, latest DWG and Spatial libraries, and new functionality in the innovative ArtiosCAD Preflight module now including automatic fixing 

    • Automation Engine – new ‘Optimise File’ task to simplify user experience, new tasks exploiting the processing steps in native PDF

    • Device Manager in Automation Engine – new optimised merging algorithm to reduce flexo platemaking waste

    • Cape Pack – new online Truck Analysis giving greater functionality and savings potential

    • Share & Approve – new customised emails, forward approval function and reporting on approval KPIs

    Jan de Roeck, Esko Director of Marketing, Industry Relations & Strategy, said that the updates would drive increased efficiency by enhancing and improving the user experience and offering a greater range of functions for customers.

    “We are delighted to be making these updates available all at once, underlining our commitment to a fully integrated ecosystem of solutions and a commitment to our users, ensuring they enjoy continued support, benefits and updates when using Esko software,” said Jan. “For example, our next generation native PDF editor for packaging prepress, ArtPro+, now incorporates an innovative, object-based trapping feature which addresses one of the most time-consuming elements of packaging and label prepress work. This patent-pending concept pushes the ‘right first time’ ratio to 70% and enables individual changes and enhancements to be made in a sustainable way.”

    The latest software updates all lead to greater accuracy, efficiency and consistency across a design and print workflow. “Once you’re on board with an Esko workflow, you will enjoy continued support along the ride, each update bringing significant benefits,” said Jan, “and those using several tools in an integrated workflow should expect to be stunned by the massive combined improvements to their workflow.”

    The new Esko software updates include:

    Object-based trapping ArtPro+The new ArtPro+ update, which is undoubtedly a game-changer, as Jan explains: “So far in packaging there has not been a single solution that can automate and accurately trap a packaging or label job due to the requirements of different printing processes, substrates and the use of spot inks and embellishments. But this new patented concept as part of ArtPro+ now tags upfront how a file should be trapped, making this a real breakthrough in artwork and design.”

    The new automated trapping concept is far from the only new feature being added to Esko ArtPro+ though. “The update also features a series of new Action Lists helping to apply house standards before the file is even opened,” said Jan. “It also supercharges brand new Dynamic Marks, reducing the time operators need to create or amend print sheet layouts, helping ArtPro+ stand out from other packages.”

    ArtiosCAD 18.1, the world’s most popular structural design software for folding cartons, corrugated boxes and displays, benefits from enhancements to the manufacturing tools which allow designers to optimize the nested layout for digital production or for die cut tooling production as part of this update. “The latest DWG and Spatial library for integration with Solidworks is also available and ensures Esko ArtiosCAD maintains its number one position as the professional’s choice for structural packaging design and manufacturing,” said Jan. “ArtiosCAD can also now automatically fix common anomalies identified in Esko ArtiosCAD Preflight. This will invariably save structural designers several minutes on each design by totally eliminating the need to manually search for design flaws and make corrections, in turn boosting productivity.”

    Automation-EngineAutomation Engine also enjoys a substantial update. “Whenever we are developing software solutions, we work to ensure they are easy to use while bringing added value to our customers,” said Jan. “Esko Automation Engine is also upgraded to support all the new trapping modifications and Dynamic Marks, enjoying full compatibility with the host of new features.”

    As Automation Engine now connects to the Esko Cloud with the Automation Engine Cloud Connector, it has just become significantly easier for customers to deploy expert skills even if they are residing at a remote facility, or to easily move jobs to another site in an effort to balance workload.

    A new ‘Optimise File’ task has been introduced, which consolidates three existing tasks into one thereby simplifying the user experience, while the new update also now enables Esko Automation Engine users to work with native PDF files, including the use of processing steps in PDF.

    “The update supports Esko ArtPro+ templates for web and sheet layout creation, so a fully native PDF workflow can be set up. This eliminates the need for any file conversion and related complexity of file processing and therefore simplifies the workflow setup and maintenance,” said Jan. “It also extends the graphic capabilities of classic workflows with new PDF action lists and powerful Dynamic Marks, enabling all users to automate repetitive prepress tasks without the need for scripting or programming skills.”

    The updated Device Manager in Esko Automation Engine comes with a new optimised merging algorithm and will help ensure less waste of expensive flexo plate material.

    The addition of the online Truck Analysis feature brings added functionality to Cape Pack, the Esko palletisation software that optimises product and case sizes for shipping. “This newest update includes a brand new, simple to use online Truck Loading creator and interactive 3D viewer,” said Jan. “Users can complete their pallet load formatting and then fill a virtual truck to identify and analyse different logistical solutions.

    “Users of Share & Approve, our cloud-native approval tool which enables users to upload, review and annotate packaging and label jobs in 2D and hyper-Esko update - Approval KPIs ShareApproverealistic 3D, will also benefit from additional functions as part of this update,” added Jan. “Customised emails, reporting on approval KPIs and a new Forward Approval function will all be included in the base version from November onwards. With this new Forward Approval feature, a user can invite another person to approve files instead of, or in addition to, themselves.

    “Our research and development teams work tirelessly to ensure a regular heartbeat of updates for our solutions,” commented Jan. “We value the dialogue we have with our customers in advisory boards and inner circle meetings because only with an intimate understanding our customer’s needs will we develop software that answers even the most challenging demands.”

    “We are continually responding to industry requirements and develop innovative solutions that deliver value to our customers,” he said. “The extensive list of new features in the November update of the Esko Software Suite 18.1, available for global release from November 25th onwards, is the evidence of this.”

    For more information about Esko software solutions, please visit

  • + Ricky Launches Two New Products

    Backlit textile Artist Mambo Direct-Tex and Blackout textile be.tex Directo FR are now available from Ricky. Backli..

    12 November 2019

    Backlit textile Artist Mambo Direct-Tex and Blackout textile be.tex Directo FR are now available from Ricky.

    Backlit textile Artist Mambo Direct-Tex is a printable textile is ideal for backlit LED flat frames and trade show display systems with exceptional dye sub transference. 
    The textile is suitable for UV and dye sub printing.

    Blackout textile be.tex Directo FR is a printable textile is ideal for banners, display frame systems, roll-up display systems, backdrops and curtains. As its name states, be.tex Directo FR is fire retardant and can be printed on both sides. The new textile is suitable for UV, Latex and dye sub printers.

    If you would like further information, contact one of the Print Media experts today on 029735 3333 or

  • + EFI adds new W2P capability to MarketDirect

    EFI has released PackCentral, a new addition to its MarketDirect platform designed to allow packaging professionals to t..

    05 November 2019

    EFI has released PackCentral, a new addition to its MarketDirect platform designed to allow packaging professionals to target profitable growth through new revenue streams and reduced sales costs by utilising enhanced web-to-pack (W2P) capability.

    MarketDirect PackCentral allows packaging and corrugated service providers to increase value for the brands they serve by streamlining end-to-end workflows, according to EFI, while also providing future-ready features like SmartBox Designer, a new tool to simplify and visualise online 3D designs.

    The updated EFI MarketDirect options for packaging design and project re-ordering are intended to help converters quickly adapt to global trends toward just-in-time, customised inventory, and multi SKU/versioned packaging supply chains, which in-turn provide new revenue stream opportunities and growth capabilities, noted EFI. The software also simplifies and automates key operations to help packaging printers and converters maintain and grow profits, stated the supplier. This includes:

    - Intuitive and flexible tools, which enable customers, procurement agents and buyers to quickly search, select and order products 24/7 from a customised online portal;
    - Producers and manufacturers being able to more efficiently create and publish a library of products to online catalogues, eliminating errors and reducing transactional costs by moving more procurement online. Users can automatically create sales orders and view available inventory saving precious time for customers and CSRs alike; and
    - SmartBox Designer, which allows the creation, customisation and visualisation of folding carton and corrugated box designs entirely online. Brands and designers can bring their designs to life in real time before placing orders, ensuring brand integrity while speeding time to market.

    Specifically, new PackCentral W2P options are designed to enhance the functionality MarketDirect offers beyond its core customer communication and marketing campaign management capabilities, adding easy-to-use procurement, order management, and customer collaboration tools designed specifically for packaging converters and brands.

    Early reviewers such as US-based custom corrugated packaging manufacturer Abbott-Action in Attleboro, Massachusetts have been able to see how company’s can improve their total offering to brands using such tools.

    Abbott-Action expects MarketDirect PackCentral to provide the business with an intuitive online design, ordering and management process that will help make it the preferred or sole converting partner for an even greater segment of its client base.

    Abbott-Action CEO J. Samuel Abbott commented, ‘We’re excited about the potential with SmartBox Designer to support our key brand agents in specifying content online. Our valued customers are always looking for flexible tools to better manage their artwork and assets through production.

    ‘SmartBox Designer will enable us to push our small box order specification to an online platform, enabling our customers to process orders on a digital platform removes internal administrative tasks and greatly improves our speed to market.’

  • + Kernow Coatings adds new dry-erase lamination film

    KernowJet KlearWipe is a clear PVC-free lamination film that offers durability and scratch resistance. Kernow Coati..

    29 October 2019

    KernowJet KlearWipe is a clear PVC-free lamination film that offers durability and scratch resistance.

    Kernow Coatings has launched new dry-erase technology in the form of the company's KernowJet KlearWipe. KernowJet KlearWipe is a clear PVC-free lamination film for dry-erase applications.

    The product offers a thickness of 75µm, with a stiffness that makes it easier to apply. KlearWipe is durable and scratch resistant, as well, making it easy to handle and reassuring that it won't be damaged during lamination. KernowJet KlearWipe is highly transparent and comes with a special permanent adhesive to laminate over a plethora of prints, even UV-cured inks. It is available in widths up to 1,524mm.

    The film has been tested with a wide range of water-based, solvent and acetone-based markers, and the product has been shown to pass all the tests. According to Kernow, there is no pearling of the inks when writing, and its erasability leaves no ink residue even after a long delay. Permanent markers can be cleaned off with alcohol without damaging the film, too. Dry erase surfaces can start to look tatty once they have been scratched and the ink imbeds inside the scratch. Due to its scratch resistance, KernowJet KlearWipe is an ideal solution for long term dry-erase surfaces.

    This product is suitable for whiteboard and blackboard lamination for use in schools, offices, meeting rooms, convention centers. The material is compliant with the EN Standards: EN71-3 which is necessary for the safety of toys, and is therefore suitable for kids furniture, toys, child’s whiteboard, and more.

  • + be.tex® Green Valuetex FR is now available from Ricky.

    This brand-new display textile made of 100% recycled yarn, is fire resistant and sound absorbent. Consisting of yarn obt..

    29 October 2019

    This brand-new display textile made of 100% recycled yarn, is fire resistant and sound absorbent. Consisting of yarn obtained from plastic bottles, this printable textile leads the way when it comes to sustainability in the printable textiles industry.

    be.tex® Green Valuetex FR delivers the same end-quality print as the other Berger textiles, but the fact it uses recycled materials makes a positive alternative for the more environmentally conscious.

    Ideal for banners, display frame systems, pop up displays and tablecloths.

    Contact your Print Media expert today to find out more:

  • + EFI Fiery FS400 Pro Advances State-of-the-Art Technology for Digital Print Servers

    EFI's new Fiery® digital front end (DFE) software platform, EFI™ Fiery FS400 Pro, gives a new level of innovat..

    29 October 2019

    EFI's new Fiery® digital front end (DFE) software platform, EFI™ Fiery FS400 Pro, gives a new level of innovation to the industry-leading DFE server platform. EFI Fiery FS400 Pro includes innovations that can provide unmatched colour superiority, increased productivity, and more automation customers need to respond to the demands of today’s production print environments.

    New technologies coming to market with the platform launch – including EFI’s most advanced tools yet for colour management and enhancement, spot-colour reproduction and variable-data print (VDP) management – elevate digital production, giving print service providers (PSPs) a new, higher level of integrated, advanced digital print workflow capabilities.
    EFI is working closely with its OEM partners to make EFI Fiery FS400 Pro available in conjunction with their upcoming new product launches. EFI Fiery FS400 Pro is available for both external and embedded Fiery servers. 
    “This is the biggest Fiery platform release of the past few years, one that can have a significant improvement for print providers looking to advance their businesses with higher quality, higher accuracy, and outstanding efficiency,” said John Henze, vice president of Fiery marketing and sales, EFI. “Customers who adopt the Fiery FS400 Pro platform in their new digital press investments will quickly realise that it is more than capable of handling some of the most demanding production printing requirements.”
    More value in digital print with Fiery FS400 Pro
    New functionality for Fiery FS400 Pro falls in two categories: a series of innovations and a stronger Fiery foundation that will make it easier for users to get the most out of their investments.
    Fiery FS400 Pro introduces Fiery JobExpert, an in-RIP technology to dynamically analyse incoming PDF files and optimally process the job to achieve the best image and colour quality while reducing production time. JobExpert will help print service providers process more jobs per day with fewer errors and less waste with less experienced operators.
    Colour advancements include a completely new technology for colour profiling, Fiery Edge™, that improves out-of-the-box colour as well as gives users more control to produce the desired output. Users of Fiery embedded servers will benefit from processing jobs through the Adobe PDF Print Engine and more-convenient access to advanced colour and imaging features with the Fiery ColorRight Package.
    Fiery Impose software now tightly integrates with many more offline finishing equipment brands with slitter/cutter/creaser finishers, enabling all preparation steps in just one click. This time-saving prepress to finishing integration works with equipment from Ausjetech®, Graphic Whizard, Horizon, MBM®, Morgana®, Plockmatic® and Uchida® in addition to Duplo®.
    In terms of foundational enhancements, Fiery FS400 Pro features improved reliability with new system maintenance tools and intuitive recovery mechanisms to respond to high uptime requirements. Fiery Health Monitor aids users in keeping their DFE running in its most efficient condition at all times. The DFE also includes a Fiery deployable image for easy replication of the Fiery system image across a fleet of the same Fiery server model to speed up installation and ensure consistent operation.
    Other innovations include:
    - Support for Adobe’s latest PDF Print Engine (APPE 5.0) and PDF 2.0;
    - Fiery Spot Pro, a feature that offers brand colour-matching with higher precision from design to print;
    - Fiery FreeForm™ Plus, a new, proprietary variable data printing format that works in conjunction with the Fiery FreeForm Create free application for designers;
    - Security enhancements to stay up to date with evolving requirements and standards that meet specific customer environments;
    - Additional compatibility with third party cost accounting software.
    In conjunction with this release, there are also new features in the Fiery Command WorkStation® job management interface, including faster response with frequently used functions, and a Smart Search tool that helps users quickly find Fiery-related information and training.
    For more information about products and services from EFI, visit

  • + GEF-UV PVC free ecological film is now available from Ricky.

    We often wonder what role we can play to keep our environment green. Let's all start by using Grafityp printable G..

    29 October 2019

    We often wonder what role we can play to keep our environment green. 

    Let's all start by using Grafityp printable GEF, the green PVC-free alternative. 

    Suitable for all indoor applications, this matte white self-adhesive film is environmentally friendly and has an outdoor durability of up to 5 years when used with matching non-PVC laminate.

    For more information, contact your Print Media experts on 9735 3333 or

  • + Caldera announces certification and support for HP STITCH

    French RIP software specialist Caldera has announced RIP certification and support for the new HP STITCH series of print..

    29 October 2019

    French RIP software specialist Caldera has announced RIP certification and support for the new HP STITCH series of printers, having developed TextilePRO printer drivers specifically for the range.

    The new and intuitive workflow suite has been designed to enable fast, precise textile printing that will cut down on waste and error, resulting in more profitable production.

    TextilePRO is Caldera’s intuitive production suite for textile printers. It will give HP STITCH users the ability to control, color, ink and substrates at the touch of a button and includes features that create a more efficient workflow by minimising waste. The TextilePRO RGB Workflow keeps all colors in RGB to guarantee full fidelity to the original, and there is a choice of generation methods for blacks to achieve the richness and texture required by the fashion market.

    Other TextilePRO features include Step & Repeat Textile for the creation of repeatable aligned patterns and Color Management to ensure the most accurate and consistent color matches across the full production cycle.

    According to Caldera’s Vice President Marketing and Communication, Sebastien Hanssens, “In TextilePRO, we believe we have a great RIP solution for digital textile printing – it’s intuitive to use and results in excellent color reproduction and a highly-efficient workflow. Our objective is to offer the leading software solution for the digital textile printing market.” With new developments and more advanced devices coming to the market, Caldera is positioning its textile RIP suites as the reference RIP products for this sector. “As always,” says Sebastien, “the development of our products is driven by what will make the best user experience for our customers. The new HP STITCH series is a step forward in dye-sublimation printing and Caldera is delighted to be offering a custom-designed RIP product for the range.”

  • + Prism Inks Announces Revolutionary Dye-Sub Ink to Cotton Solution

    Prism Inks and Graphics One are pleased to announce the introduction of its new GO FabriMate dye-sub ink to cotton techn..

    24 September 2019

    Prism Inks and Graphics One are pleased to announce the introduction of its new GO FabriMate dye-sub ink to cotton technology. GO FabriMate will be exhibited for the first time during the Printing United Show in Dallas, Texas October 23-25, 2019 in the Graphics One booth 2861.

    According to Amir Ajanee, CEO and President, Prism Inks and Graphics One, “For many years sublimation has been limited to polyester substrates, with dye sublimation to cotton thought technically not possible. Over the past twenty-two months, we have been working to develop an innovative process for imaging dye-sub ink to cotton and have succeeded. The process uses standard dye-sub paper, is simple to use and is usable with virtually all EPSON piezo printers, including MicroTFP print heads. We are extremely excited to announce this breakthrough and to show it for the first time.”

    Ajanee continued, “The feedback we have from our customers has been very exciting. We are expecting FabriMate applications to be wide-ranging and far beyond apparel to include automotive, interior decoration, furniture, soft signage, medical uniforms and much more. This technology offers incredible new capabilities.”

    During the Printing United Show, Graphics One will be providing technology demonstrations on three different cotton and polyester systems including a complete letter-sized entry-level t-shirt system listing for $995, a complete 13”x 19” t-shirt system listing for $1,995 and a complete direct-to-fabric 24-inch for proofing purposes listing at $9,995.

    FabriMate initial shipments are expected to start in November and will be available through the Graphics One distribution channel.

  • + RIP Specialist Caldera Announces Version 13

    French RIP and workflow software developer Caldera is set to release the latest version of its award-winning RIP softwar..

    24 September 2019

    French RIP and workflow software developer Caldera is set to release the latest version of its award-winning RIP software. Version 13 (V13) is coming to the market in October with a range of new features, and several improvements to existing features. The new version will be showcased at a number of upcoming print conventions including SGIA/Printing United in Dallas in October, CPrint in Lyon next February, FESPA in Madrid in March, and ISA in Orlando in April. 

    A clear benefit of V13 is that users can expect to save significant amounts of time during prepress, reprinting, as well as saving on media in certain areas but also during mounting and installation in the field. The 5 main new features include Print&Cut Mirror, Tile Order, Caldera Jobs – Detailed View, Custom Annotations and Alpha-to-Spot. 

    Print&Cut Mirror has been designed to streamline mirror workflows, when printing the back side of backlit applications and for print-to-cut dye sublimation transfer applications. It allows printers to manage the mirroring of the image, the cut marks and the cut file directly from the RIP interface, resulting in prepress time savings. Tile Order allows users to choose the printing order of tiles to reduce onsite mounting time for large tiling jobs. Printing can be started from a corner of choice and the feature can deliver time savings on mounting times for building graphics, blueback posters and building wrapping. 

    Another new feature, CalderaJobs, makes managing large volumes of jobs and multiple printers more efficient. With the ability to archive, save or delete past jobs more effectively, users will save time spent searching for a reprint and have a clean view of all their work to date. The Custom Annotations feature allows printers to choose which information they print in the annotations, which results in saving media space and optimized data searching and pertinence. There is no more need to put the legacy Caldera standard or detailed information on textile applications and building wraps, saving both media and mounting time. The final innovation in this version is Alpha-to-Spot. This automatically converts files with transparent backgrounds into white channels in automated workflows, allowing for prepress time savings. 

    As well as the new features, V13 boasts a number of improvements to existing features. InkPerformer now offers a choice of V2 (Legacy) and V3 engines. The latter delivers ink savings of up to 30 percent, maintaining color quality with improved grey neutrality printing. New version Light Installers save time, while OS support has been extended to MacOS Catalina 10.15. V13 itself can be downloaded directly from CalderaDock, as can new ICC profiles and printer drivers. The new version sees updated Pantone Libraries, including 210 swatches in Pantone FHI Cotton TCX, and there’s a new 2xCMYK Print Mode, for finer prints with duplicated heads. 

    Vice President Marketing, Operations & IT Sébastien Hanssens says, ‘This new version of Caldera’s flagship RIP software has been developed to explicitly meet the needs of our existing users and to provide them with enhanced benefits across the full range of workflow and RIP functions. Printing with Caldera V13 is more efficient and cost effective than ever before, with a simplified user experience for valuable time savings.’

  • + Esko gives ArtiosCAD users exclusive trial of new preflight functionality ahead of 2020 launch

    Esko, a leading provider of integrated technology solutions for packaging professionals, is giving users of its market-l..

    24 September 2019

    Esko, a leading provider of integrated technology solutions for packaging professionals, is giving users of its market-leading ArtiosCAD structural design software the opportunity to trial its innovative new preflight functionality in its latest release.

    ArtiosCAD Preflight - ComputerArtiosCAD (18.1) users can now start using the breakthrough innovation for software-assisted quality control checks as a trial ahead of the full launch in early 2020. With unrivalled performance in CAD design for packaging and displays, the new preflight software delivers an even greater efficiency boost by saving users up to 15 minutes per design, eliminating the need for manual checks and standardizing design checks across a user group.

    Specifically created to boost productivity for packaging structural designers, product development processes, virtual prototyping and die cut manufacturing operations, ArtiosCAD is a trusted tool with more than 23,000 users worldwide. “Best in class principles based on industry standards, including BOBST ABC guidelines, are now validated in ArtiosCAD to ensure accurate production-ready designs are established, reducing the iterative cycles between design and die making,” said Richard Deroo, Esko Product Manager. “Each design is checked to ensure it’s optimized for faster and more accurate waste removal during die cutting, and potential die cut production issues are now clearly identified earlier in the design phase.

    “Delivering quality control at the touch of a button, ArtiosCAD Preflight automatically analyzes structural design files and flags quality issues to avoid downstream errors and save time for converters,” said Richard. “The patent-pending software alerts designers to potential design issues before releasing the file to estimating or production, reducing errors and rework and boosting operational uptime and efficiency.”

    Users of ArtiosCAD Preflight now have the option to join an exclusive online user group for this new feature enabling collaboration with peers and directly with the Esko R&D team on the benefits of preflighting structural design files, as well as developing ideas for future modifications to the software.

    “We are working with a number of pre-release customers from our broad user base to shape the full release,” he said. “But it is already clear that this new addition to ArtiosCAD 18.1 can make a significant difference to the efficiency and operational performance of the packaging and display community.” 

    Graphic Packaging International has been a key pre-release customer for the software development. Elizaveta Roberts, Tactical and Manufacturing Design Senior Manager at Graphic Packaging International, said: “We’ve been running ArtiosCAD Preflight before a design goes to manufacturing. Some of the checks that are running have allowed us to save at least 10 minutes per design. Depending on how many designs we’re doing in a day that can really add up to big-time savings.”

    New ArtiosCAD Preflight performs a number of quality control checks on structural design files including:

    - Production checks to see if the design meets the requirements of the intended production assets
    - Product quality checks to identify design features that can negatively affect the folding, gluing or stacking of the finished article.
    - Die press performance assessments to assess any negative impacts on the operational speed of the die press
    - File import checks to examine the structural integrity of imported designs to identify any anomalies that could impede production overall

    Available to download from, ArtiosCAD Preflight is available as a trial until April 2020 for users who upgrade to ArtiosCAD 18.1. To find out more, please visit

  • + 3M’s Next Generation Wrap Film Makes Installation Easier

    3M introduces an industry first – new 3M™ Wrap Films Series 2080 gloss films come engineered with a Protecti..

    17 September 2019

    3M introduces an industry first – new 3M™ Wrap Films Series 2080 gloss films come engineered with a Protective Film Layer, allowing for easier installation.

    Further innovations in the new 3M™ Wrap Films Series 2080 include; better conformability for further ease of installation and an extended warranty of up to seven years* on vertical applications, to drive greater confidence and peace of mind for both installers and consumers.

    New innovations in film technology are consistently being improved to achieve smooth and distinctive wrap designs. The patent-pending Protective Film Layer on gloss colours comes positioned over the top of the film’s surface to reduce the potential for surface imperfections, such as hazing or blotchiness. This remains in place during the installation and is removed easily once the film is applied to reveal a perfect finish. As a result, vehicle owners and installers will have the peace of mind that any scratches made to the Protective Film Layer will not transfer to the film itself, nor mar the look of the completed wrap. “The new 3M™ Wrap Films Series 2080 gloss films ensure both quality aesthetics and performance, and we’re excited to see the impact it has for installers and their customers.” said Janelle Pizzi, product marketer, 3M Commercial Solutions Division.

    Simultaneously, the warranty backed by science means installers and consumers can have increased confidence that when wrapping a vehicle with 3M film, it will both perform during installation and uphold its striking appearance when maintained correctly.

    The multi-layer cast, adhesive backed film will be first available in 41 colours, of which there are 6 new colours available to meet current consumer and trend demands, and all of which can be used with 3M™ Knifeless Tape.

    For For more information on 3M™ Wrap Film Series 2080, please visit or

  • + Goerner Group presents fiber-based food contact packaging solution at Fachpack

    As a producer of cardboard packaging, the company's waste serves as the raw material for Goerner Formpack. At Fachpack, ..

    17 September 2019

    As a producer of cardboard packaging, the company's waste serves as the raw material for Goerner Formpack. At Fachpack, the company will present its newly developed GBfiber solution.

    Further development of the molded fiber technology and toolmaking was carried out in cooperation with a confectionery group in order to completely replace the plastic blister packs previously used with cellulose fiber products. The experiment was successful and GBfiber – the new brand of Goerner Bionics – meets various requirements, from an ISEGA certification for direct food contact and suitability for existing packaging systems. 

    GBfiber can be manufactured industrially and at costs that are absolutely comparable to the production of plastic blister packs. Wilhelm Siller-Goerner, the innovative mastermind at Goerner, says, “With GBfiber for the confectionery industry and greasy foods, we have developed an alternative to single-use plastics that is 100% environmentally friendly. There are also other sustainable approaches using other technologies and natural raw materials but they are often based on foods, such as potato starch. However, when it comes to economic efficiency, recyclability and sustainability, cellulose fiber and our molded fiber technology are currently ahead of the field.”  

  • + Next-Generation EFI Fiery Technology Delivers Higher Print Color Quality Plus Controls for Boosted Color Saturation

    EFI announced the availability of important advancements in its latest version of Fiery® Color Profiler Suite &ndash..

    17 September 2019

    EFI announced the availability of important advancements in its latest version of Fiery® Color Profiler Suite – integrated colour management software that gives digital print producers more power than ever before to get colour right every time. Next generation EFI™ Fiery Edge™ colour profiling technology launching in the suite delivers out-of-the-box print quality and colour improvements in new Fiery digital front ends (DFEs). Plus, a host of new controls within Fiery Color Profiler Suite tune colour to meet customer preferences, such as features to intelligently boost colour and adjust shadow detail levels.
    Fiery Edge profiles are available for selected new cut-sheet digital printers, as well as for many wide- and superwide-format printers that use EFI Fiery DFEs.

    Expanded output controls
    Users benefit from an increased array of advanced user controls. For example, a key element of the new Fiery Edge technology is the ability to control or manually select a black point that best matches the intent of the item being printed. This maximises the dynamic range of a print when the darkest printable colour is not a neutral black. Users can also control shadow detail levels to best represent a product’s or a subject’s characteristics.
    Fiery Edge also gives print professionals the ability to define colour-to-black transitions for reduced image peppering, graininess, and smoother transitions, all of which is especially useful in colour-critical market segments such as photobook printing.
    Prior to using Fiery Edge, Himanshu Pandey, owner of New Delhi-based Avantika Printers Pvt. Ltd., was unable to compete in that segment with his current printers. “The colours were not vibrant enough and the tonal values were not stable enough,” according to Pandey. “The colour control provided by Fiery Edge technology allowed us to use our printers to print photobooks containing various images of people and places. Fiery Edge literally opened the photo segment for us!”
    Out-of-the-box enhancements
    Users of Fiery Edge colour profiles will notice much smoother color transitions and blends right out of the box. They will also see more image detail, clarity, and depth. Plus, superior rendering of RGB reds and blues in Fiery Edge technology gives users a more-faithful rendering of RGB images.
    “Fiery Edge colour profiling technology brings all the excellent results and controls to my Fiery cut-sheet printer customers that I’ve been relying on for several years to keep my Fiery wide-format inkjet customers happy,” said Rob Cawston, owner of Colour Consultancy Ltd. in Nottingham, England. “The smoothness of blends and extra image detail are the things that stood out as benefits of Fiery Edge just by using the default profiles and settings.
    “I particularly like the new rendering intent option,” he added. “No more lengthy profile tweaking for customers that want more pop. Having all this control for toner now too is very welcome.”
    “Getting the best colour and quality from any printer should be the goal for all print producers,” said John Henze, vice president of sales and marketing, EFI Fiery. “Whether it is taking advantage of the maximum gamut of a printer to give prints more colour, getting the most detail available to show a product at its best, or producing the smoothest colour transitions for photo-realistic images, these new capabilities will help print producers achieve the best results their print devices are capable of, therefore getting the most from their colour investments.”
    Boosted colour to attract attention
    Users can produce more colourful, vivid and dynamic-looking output in signage, point of sale, display and other applications because Fiery Edge technology brings the ability to boost colour with Fiery Intensify™ – a new rendering intent innovation that can increase colour and saturation while maintaining neutral grays and realistic skin tones. The new feature, which is part of Fiery Color Profiler Suite version 5.2, improves colour while at the same time maintaining balanced visual results – a difficult goal to achieve with other rendering solutions available on the market. Not only does this enable precise control of chroma, lightness and contrast levels, it also allows users to select the correct source profile for the best possible use of an output device’s gamut and dynamic range.

    Fiery Edge technology also supports up to eight colour channels (CMYK+ 4 extra colours) further enhancing Color Profiler Suite’s ability to get the best possible colour out of any supported Fiery Driven™ printer, including those with gamut-expanding colorants such as orange, violet, blue, and green inks or toners.
    The newest version of EFI Fiery Color Profiler Suite featuring Fiery Edge is available now from EFI and authorised EFI resellers. For more information about digital colour production printing using EFI Fiery technologies, visit

  • + INTRODUCING HP Foldable Durable Synthetic Banner, 3-in Core for HP PageWide Technology!

    HP introduces an innovative new banner material that offers a unique combination of durability and flexibility. Unlike o..

    10 September 2019

    HP introduces an innovative new banner material that offers a unique combination of durability and flexibility. Unlike other banner materials, HP Foldable Durable Synthetic Banner can be folded and easily transported due to its thin, lightweight construction. Engineered with DuPont Tyvek material it is designed to produce tear-resistant, water-resistant, foldable maps, banners, and posters that can be grommeted and stitched. This versatile banner material is compatible with Original HP PageWide XL pigment inks, and HP Vivid Photo Inks and HP Bright Office Inks for HP DesignJet printers.

    No longer just for technical documents, HP PageWide XL printers can produce brilliant banners radically faster than anything on the market—with low cost of operation.

  • + New Prinect Version 2020 from Heidelberg Forms the Backbone of Digitization in Print Shops

    - Push-to-Stop – greater automation, lower costs - Gang form creation with automatic optimisation - Plate Pilo..

    10 September 2019

    - Push-to-Stop – greater automation, lower costs
    - Gang form creation with automatic optimisation
    - Plate Pilot supplies plates right on time as printing commences
    - Prinect supports hardcover book production
    - SmartBi provides key lever for improving overall efficiency
    - Case-based online support
    - New functions for the packaging sector

    Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) is making it even easier for Prinect users to run their print shop with the new and partially cloud-based functions in the Prinect production workflow. “A growing number of Prinect functions are gradually migrating to the cloud. By taking out a subscription contract, customers can gain access to them as and when required and based on the benefits they offer,” says Jürgen Grimm, head of software solutions at Heidelberg. “The Prinect workflow thus forms the backbone of digitisation in print shops.”

    Push-to-Stop – greater automation, lower costs

    Automatic planning in Prinect 2020 makes it even easier to optimise job sequences. Substrates, special colours, folding layouts, and much more are taken into account in digital planning and transferred directly to the Prinect Press Center, thereby reducing the changeover procedures that have to be carried out on the press. Operators no longer have to select and adopt jobs from the machine queue, which also reduces the scope for errors.

    As of now, the Push-to-Stop concept is also supported in postpress

    This means that appropriately configured folding machines can work through several jobs one after the other, with the status of work repeatedly reported back to the Prinect system. As a result, the productivity gains that Push-to-Stop has brought to the pressroom can now also be achieved in postpress.

    Gang form creation with automatic optimisation

    One major contribution that Prinect makes to lowering costs and driving up productivity relates to the creation of gang forms, with the gang server picking out jobs from a pool according to pre-set filter criteria and then using these criteria to optimize the compilation of appropriate gang forms on a fully automated basis. Any gang forms produced this way that do not satisfy these criteria are not forwarded to production, and are instead canceled and then combined with other jobs later on, provided an optimum gang form can be created.

    Plate Pilot supplies plates right on time as printing commences

    The new Prinect Plate Pilot works with the further improved Prinect Scheduler to automatically output plates so they can be placed on trolleys in the correct sequence and made available at the press in time for the planned printing slot. Operators can monitor this process via the Plate Pilot Widget of the Prinect Portal, which also allows them to intervene in the process as necessary. This solution puts an end to the tedious process of sorting printing plates and also avoids the damage and scratches that can otherwise occur.

    Prinect supports hardcover book production

    The production of bound (hardcover) books and other complex products involves a number of steps that go above and beyond the usual processes in commercial printing. The new version of Prinect supports the special workflow-specific features of book production in both production and MIS operations. With immediate effect, Prinect offers the option of factoring these steps into the fully automated costing of the book in Business Manager and then handing over to the Prinect production system for automatic processing.

    SmartBi – cloud-based software provides key lever for improving overall efficiency

    The cloud-based software Prinect SmartBi supports the analysis and use of data generated in print shops. After all, every activity, every production process, and every job generates data, but many companies either completely overlook the value and usefulness of this information or do not fully harness its potential. Prinect SmartBI helps print shops unlock and utilise this corporate and production data quickly and with ease, assisting Prinect users with the generation, filtering, preparation, and visualisation of their data.

    New Prinect Portal becomes an efficient collaboration platform?Version 2020 of Prinect reinforces inter-company cooperation. For example, the Prinect Portal has been launched to meet the demand for a wide-ranging collaboration platform and can be used by print shop staff to establish efficient online communications both within their own company and with customers and suppliers.

    New functions for the packaging sector

    To support Push-to-Stop in the packaging sector, Prinect is offering a new function that allows customers to use the cutting tool as a criterion for optimising production planning. This ensures the same tool is not refitted several times over, thus significantly improving productivity and machine availability.

    The cost savings and productivity gains achieved by using gang forms are also available to packaging print shops Working from an existing die cutting tool and filter criteria, gang forms are first created and then either kept or rejected depending on whether they satisfy pre-set criteria.

    Prinect also offers a whole series of new functions for CAD. Having the option to set out all the parts of a packaging design in one drawing ensures the interdependencies between the individual parts can be taken into account accurately. This makes the design process easier and faster to complete.

    When it comes to more complex packaging and displays, there is also the option of creating assembly instructions to make the items easier to build or set up.

    What’s more, Prinect supports pillow box packaging, which can now be simulated as a 3D model and exported as an animated 3D PDF.

    Context-sensitive online support

    The launch of HTML-based online support gives users direct access from within the application to the current library of Prinect software documentation at all times, plus a growing number of explanatory videos. All this makes Prinect even easier to use.

  • + Esko launches Share & Approve cloud-based software

    Share & Approve is a new and unique approval tool from Esko. The software runs as a service on Esko cloud architectu..

    10 September 2019

    Share & Approve is a new and unique approval tool from Esko. The software runs as a service on Esko cloud architecture and enables users of Automation Engine to upload, share, annotate and approve packaging and labels jobs in 2D and hyper realistic 3D.

    Esko knows that securing packaging job approvals can be a confusing process causing production delays and it’s often hard for the approver to envision their 2D design once finished. In today’s high speed and often pressured business environment, there is also no easy way to gather and interpret feedback from multiple stakeholders on a job, without significant time delays impacting the project.

    The Esko Share & Approve software solution enables users to realistically visualise their pack in 2D and 3D and annotate the file with feedback in a single, centralised online tool. This new clarity reduces the amount of approval iterations and shortens the time required to get the job approved enabling brands and their supply chains to operate more efficiently and drive down time-to-market.

    Karsten Daemen, Esko Product Manager, commented: “We are very happy to see approval loops finishing in a maximum of 8-9 days instead of a few weeks, which is typical of what happens in the industry today. We have also observed the number of job revisions decreasing from 8-9 to 3-4 with use of the software. With the speed and complexity of packaging management today, Share & Approve is going to make a tangible difference to our customers seeking to increase their speed to market.”

    Users of Share & Approve can now instantly create 3D pack renders based on their actual 2D artwork, including special print effects and embellishments. The software has a super easy user interface enabling upload and set up in only four clicks and incorporates a range of unique packaging inspection tools for measurements, deep zooms and separations viewing, as well as barcode and braille reading.

    Creating visibility on job management, Share & Approve provides a complete audit trail of operator actions and versioning, as well as increases approval rates up to 3x faster than traditional approval processes.

    Jan De Roeck, Esko Marketing Director, added: “With Share & Approve designed as a cloud-based service, there is no IT overhead costs or efforts involved for our customers, compared to traditional on-premise solutions. There is no web deployment, no servers to maintain and keep up to date, no need to provide for data security and back-up scenarios and the uptime of the service is guaranteed."


    Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions today introduced five new satin and gloss metallic colours incorporating vibrant pigme..

    27 August 2019

    Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions today introduced five new satin and gloss metallic colours incorporating vibrant pigments unique to their Supreme Wrapping™ Film portfolio.

    These new colours of Hope Green, Passion Red, Fun Purple, Wave Blue and Energetic Yellow offer vehicle owners in Australia and New Zealand exciting ways to show off their personality and originality.

    “These bold new colours are designed to add a premium finish, enhancing contours and body work,” said Jordan Leach, Senior Business Manager for Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions in Australia and New Zealand. “With a prestigious metallic finish, the new colours reflect the latest trends in automotive paint. Customers can instantly transform their vehicles to the latest in fashion and style.”

    With its high-quality performance, reliability and durability, these new colours feature the patented Avery Dennison Easy Apply RS™ technology, providing high conformability and repositioning capability for the most demanding wrapping applications. The new colours are now available at all authorised distributors. The Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film portfolio boasts of more than 120 colours and finishes for car wraps. For the full range of Supreme Wrapping Film available, please visit

  • + ONYX software certified for HP Stitch textile printers

    Onyx Graphics, Inc., a leading software solution provider for the wide-format printing industry celebrating 30 years of ..

    20 August 2019

    Onyx Graphics, Inc., a leading software solution provider for the wide-format printing industry celebrating 30 years of innovation throughout 2019, announced today that its ONYX software is certified for the HP Stitch textile printer line.

    The HP Stitch S Series is the first widely available textile focused printing solution developed by HP.

    HP’s RIP certification programme defines a comprehensive set of integration, compatibility and performance criteria aligned to the highest performance standards and the unique capabilities of HP printing technologies. The HP Stitch Certification is a process to differentiate HP partners who demonstrate conformance to these criteria in order to receive HP Stitch certification status.

    For the new HP Stitch S Series printers, Onyx Graphics has designed the driver to include functionality for both direct-to-fabric printing and dye-sublimation transfer using paper or film. In addition, the ONYX driver provides a custom ICC build option preset specific to the HP Stitch as well as ONYX QuickSet options to simplify managing textile and dye-sublimation workflows. Combined with ONYX iccMAX v5 profiling found only in ONYX 19, users of the HP Stitch S300 and S500 printers have an easy way to achieve superior and consistent colour across their entire print production environment, as well as a simple way to automate complete textile print workflows.

    “ONYX software certification by HP and its integration with HP’s first-ever textile printer defines quality and colour for textile and soft-signage print applications,” said Bryan Manwaring, Director of Product Marketing at Onyx Graphics, Inc. “HP Stitch S Series customers utilising ONYX software profiling and colour tools can feel confident in delivering fast, consistent quality output which can be automated at the click of a button.”