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  • + Environmentally friendly print emerging as key industry trend

    More environmentally friendly printing is fast emerging as a key industry trend for the 2020s. With the UN’s ..

    14 September 2021

    More environmentally friendly printing is fast emerging as a key industry trend for the 2020s.

    With the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issuing a ‘Red Alert’ for climate change on 9 August, brand owners and consumers are increasingly searching out and choosing solutions that minimise carbon emissions and waste.

    This is examined in detail in the new Smithers report – The Future of Green Printing to 2026 – published today. It is a trend that will increasingly reward print service providers, inks and consumables suppliers and OEMs, that invest in more sustainable solutions over the next five years, and beyond.

    This will evolve into specific opportunities at each stage of the print value chain. Among the highlight topics Smithers’ expert research identifies are:

    • Cutting wastage in make-ready and set-up will favour wider use of digital (inkjet and electrophotography) print systems. A forecast reduction in the average run length for many print jobs will magnify this impact
    • The rapid adoption of bio-based solvent and water-based inks, with the current generation of vegetable oil inks already promising over 50% recycled content, and reduced emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
    • Increased sales of sustainable substrates, including recycled fibre and virgin paper grades accredited to sustainably forestry schemes. For PSPs there is an onus to limit use of virgin materials, and print on recycled paper grades when a premium surface is not necessary
    • A consistent trend in packaging is to substitute away from existing plastic packaging to fibre-based alternatives. Printers can capitalise on this trend by retooling their print lines to support these less uniform substrate
    • There is interest in developing new fibre sources for printing papers, such as bamboo or agricultural by products; as well as a limited impact from wider use of recycled plastic and biopolymer substrates in some packaging applications
    • Investment in print processes that minimises secondary raw material use, such as reduced water consumption for wash off
    • Greater support for technology platforms that enable the collection and reuse of print materials, both in industrial closed loop and consumer recycling streams.

    Simultaneously the desire to implement more planet-friendly working practices will support a reordering of print businesses:

    • The trend to reshoring production and printing improves supply chain security, and can also deliver saving on carbon emissions and wastage in transit
    • Larger organisations can switch to centralised printing models, with a single server assigning job requests most efficiently across its network of presses and end-users. This can also extend into the integration of web-to-print platforms for consumer sales.

    With 2021 set to be a pivotal year for the world’s efforts to contain climate change, these and other important timely trends for the industry are examined critically in – The Future of Green Printing to 2026. It profiles the evolution of circular economy principles, key legislative initiatives, the impact on analogue and digital print processes, and all major print product segments (Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Advertising, Catalogues, Commercial, Security applications, Transactional print, Printed décor and textiles, Packaging, and Labels).

  • + Prati debuts online technical assistance platform

    Fastlane Support is an online tech support tool designed to streamline customer requests, resulting in less paperwork, f..

    14 September 2021

    Fastlane Support is an online tech support tool designed to streamline customer requests, resulting in less paperwork, fewer phone calls and better service.

    Prati has officially launched Fastlane Support, an online technical assistance platform designed to improve customer service. As a manufacturer of label converting solutions, Prati made it a priority to enhance its global reach, providing all customers with access to the quickest possible support.

    Fastlane Support is an online tech support tool designed to streamline requests for technical assistance. Customers will experience less paperwork, fewer phone calls, more speed, and greater satisfaction, the company says.

    "Accessible to all our customers 24/7, the online platform is personalised with a complete list of machines installed for each customer," the company states. "Secure access takes the customer to their own page with machine details and serial numbers. Once the machine is selected, a menu provides an exhaustive list of potential alarms, malfunctions or other issues. The customer chooses the most appropriate one and adds a more detailed description, attaches a photo or videoclip and clicks the send button. It’s as simple as that."

    Prati receives the request immediately and, without needing to call back to check basic details, its technical staff start to work on the solution. The customer can track the status online at any time, making it easier to foresee a schedule and envisage reaching a solution.

    "As soon as we receive your online request, we get in touch, treating your request according to your ticket registration on the Fastlane Support platform," adds Prati.

    There are multiple benefits to this platform. Customers have all their machines' details online in their own personal webpage, and there are just three steps to ask for support and no need of phone calls, written emails or messages. The online platform is open 24/7, regardless the time zone, and the the status report is online Customers will receive Fastlane treatment for each request, as this contributes to everyone’s efficiency.

  • + EFI Reggiani Launches the Fastest High-Quality Scanning Digital Textile Printer in the Market

    New HYPER model produces extraordinary printing quality at unparalleled speed, approaching single-pass throughput. ..

    14 September 2021

    New HYPER model produces extraordinary printing quality at unparalleled speed, approaching single-pass throughput.

    Electronics For Imaging, Inc. is launching its third new digital textile printer of 2021, delivering the world’s highest real production throughput for a scanning digital textile printer. The EFI™ Reggiani HYPER is a scanning printer available in 1.8-metre, 2.4-metre or 3.4-metre widths. With an up to eight-colour configuration, the EFI Reggiani HYPER prints at up to 13 linear metres per minute in two-pass production mode, making it the fastest textile scanning printer on the market. The new printer is suitable for high-quality production on knitted or woven fabrics and is designed with smart technology that enables it to be integrated into Industry 4.0 projects.

    EFI is promoting the new EFI Reggiani HYPER printer in an exhibit at the 8-11 September TME Exhibition Textile Machinery Fair, at the Istanbul Expo Center, in hall 1, stand D7.

    “Our track record of accelerated innovation continues, as we make good on our promises to deliver a third new textile printer this year,” said EFI Reggiani Senior Vice President and General Manager Adele Genoni. “And, with the new HYPER model, our R&D team has outdone itself, bringing even more innovation to digital textile printing despite the constraints of the pandemic. We have learned from our customers how productivity and sustainability are key drivers to support their business through the digital transformation.”

    The new EFI Reggiani HYPER targets the industrial high-speed segment of the multi-pass textile printing sector. Not only is it the fastest multi-pass printer that EFI Reggiani has ever developed, but the fastest of its kind in the market, offering extraordinary printing quality with unmatched productivity.

    The HYPER’s superfast carriage with 72 printheads can print two passes with production quality at speeds up to 13 metres per minute for a 1.5-metre-wide roll, or up to 10 metres per minute for a 3-metre-wide roll. On a 3.4-metre Reggiani HYPER printer, users can print a pair of 1.5-metre-wide rolls in parallel, delivering a total throughput of up to 20 metres per minute, which is comparable to some single-pass printers currently in the market.

    The printer is powered by EFI Reggiani genuine inks, with high-quality formulas developed to ensure the best performance in terms of runnability and longer printhead life while producing astonishing colour depth and brightness, as well as excellent fastness properties.

    Unique printhead design for advanced productivity

    “We are especially excited about filling out our portfolio with a very dependable, very fast printer that delivers greater throughput than other scanning printers,” said Genoni. “Thanks to a unique design for its 72 printheads – which recirculates ink up to the heads’ nozzle plate – and the legacy EFI Reggiani continuous ink recirculation system, HYPER is also a champion for uptime and reliability, maximising printer availability for production with excellent printing results.

    “With HYPER, textile producers will benefit from a truly remarkable production solution that builds on EFI Reggiani’s many years of experience and innovation in textile printing.”

    The EFI Reggiani HYPER printer features:

    72 recirculating print heads with 600-dots per inch (dpi) native resolution and full variable drop size;

    Recirculation up to the nozzle plate and an innovative printhead maintenance system featuring contactless wiping to help ensure that printheads are ready to print;

    Enhanced, proprietary auto-calibrating continuous ink recirculation system to reduce maintenance at start up and during production;

    A double bridge that provides maximum stability and accuracy, while ensuring easy carriage access for smooth maintenance on all the printheads;

    A wide range of printing modes, including EFI Reggiani’s legacy high uniformity printing modes, to ensure outstanding quality and extreme design versatility. Users gain much more capability and versatility, eliminating the limits faced with printing solid colours, geometric patterns, fine lines, deep blacks, smooth gradients and more, while satisfying their need for speed;

    EFI Reggiani proprietary electronics and software with real-time image processing and no image pre-calculation time prior to printing. This enables production of design changes on the fly with a complete WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) experience to maximise throughput and productivity;

    A precision Kevlar® conveyor belt with an embedded magnetic device for adhesive application, along with EFI Reggiani’s original longitudinal belt movement control to ensure optimal and accurate belt movement, even when running at high speed;

    Longitudinal belt movement control for extreme belt precision during high-speed printing;

    Several fabric feed and take-up options, including an oscillating brace for folding, a small roll winder up to 400 mm, or a big roll winder up to 1,600 mm;

    An industrial dryer with symmetrical ventilation and high-efficiency exhaust capacity powered by gas, electricity, oil or steam;

    The new printer is commercially available worldwide as of this month.

    For more information about EFI Reggiani and other products and solutions from EFI, visit 

  • + Xaar’s Ultra High Viscosity Technology ‘Frees Creativity’ for Label and Packaging Print

    Part of Xaar’s ImagineX platform, Ultra High Viscosity technology ensures Xaar’s printheads deliver high imp..

    14 September 2021

    Part of Xaar’s ImagineX platform, Ultra High Viscosity technology ensures Xaar’s printheads deliver high impact, productive and efficient results for volume digital label and packaging printing applications.

    Xaar, the leading inkjet printing technology group, says the advanced capabilities of its Ultra High Viscosity technology demonstrates the significant difference that inkjet printing can make to labels and packaging.

    Part of Xaar’s ImagineX platform, Ultra High Viscosity technology ensures Xaar’s printheads deliver high impact, productive and efficient results for volume digital label and packaging printing applications.

    By enabling an extended high colour gamut and fluids with larger particles and more pigment, colours are more vibrant and whites and blacks stronger – this unbeatable capability to print high opacity, especially whites, in a single pass is extremely useful for delivering impact on many labels and direct-to-shape packaging printing applications.

    In addition, fluids, and inks with viscosities of up to 100 centipoises (cP) can be jetted in a single pass, further opening up opportunities for label and packaging printers to deliver new and exciting finishes for clients across a wider variety of packaging materials, with a high degree of efficiency and productivity.

    Energy is also saved because UV fluids, which previously required heating to 45 degrees C before jetting, can now be laid down at room temperature. Overall, less fluid is required as well, making the process even more sustainable.

    Further, high-build varnish embellishments can be achieved more easily, to add texture, visual impact, and functionality (such as ink that resists cracking on flexible surfaces) to labels and packaging. From braille and tactile warning triangles on labels, to the latest haptic effects for a high-end look and real shelf presence for rigid and flexible packaging, with Xaar’s Ultra High Viscosity technology results can be achieved that have traditionally only been possible by using screen printing.

    Graham Tweedale, General Manager of Xaar’s printhead business unit, said; “We are already seeing how Ultra High Viscosity technology is opening up new possibilities for Xaar in a number of applications, particularly label and packaging.

    “Whereas previously inkjet printheads have typically been only able to jet fluids of around 8 to 12 cP, our technologies enable printers to jet much higher viscosities, achieving a wider colour gamut and unparalleled opacity, and can be used to print an extensive range of special effects.

    “In addition, after many years of requests from clients to be able to print higher molecular weight photopolymers to increase resistance and flexibility for printed materials, our Ultra High Viscosity technology has realised this capability, truly unleashing the power of inkjet.”

    Ultra High Viscosity technology is available across many of Xaar’s printheads including the Xaar Nitrox, the 50x series, and Xaar 2002.


  • + Mimaki Pushes Creative Boundaries in Industrial Printing with New High-Performance and High-Quality Direct-to-Object Inkjet Printers

    The company launches four new UJF Series printers designed for high-quality output and superior productivity Mimaki..

    14 September 2021

    The company launches four new UJF Series printers designed for high-quality output and superior productivity

    Mimaki the leading manufacturer of inkjet printers and cutting systems, is set to open the door to new high-value, high-quality industrial print applications with the launch of its latest product innovations. The company has today unveiled four new high-speed, high-quality direct-to-object UV LED inkjet printers – the 190% faster(1) UJF-7151plus II and the new UJF-MkII e Series, comprising three advanced, small format solutions.
    All four additions to the market leading Mimaki portfolio will be commercially available in December 2021 and take industrial print and marking to the next level. The printers feature an array of new capabilities designed to deliver significant quality and performance benefits, enabling users to explore new applications and increase productivity.
    “We are very excited about these new solutions that have been specifically developed to ensure our customers can increase their competitive edge and boost profitability,” says Brad Creighton, National Marketing Manager at Mimaki Australia. “By expanding and enhancing our UV LED product range at such a crucial time for the industry, we aim to provide industrial printers with the cutting-edge technology needed to grow their businesses. For printers currently operating in other markets, these new solutions represent an opportunity to break into this diverse and successful sector, utilising our most innovative UV printers yet and supported by the industry’s leading manufacturer.”
    UJF-7151plus II - Combining robust, high-speed production with outstanding image quality
    Designed for seamless and reliable high-speed production, the UJF-7151plus II is equipped with eight printheads, which enable dual four-colour (CMYK) ink configurations. This, in turn, allows faster print speeds of up to 190% compared to the previous UJF-7151plus model. The new system also breaks new creative boundaries with several features developed to enhance image quality, such as the MFD2 (half-toning) processing functionality to further control dot position. The result of this increased control is sharper edges and finer lines as well as fewer colour irregularities.
    The UJF-7151plus II’s six-colour configuration includes light cyan and light magenta to enable more accurate colour reproduction and it can achieve 1800dpi image resolution, providing superior definition for high-quality applications. In addition, the new printer’s innovative Colour Gloss functionality adds a glossy finish to hardened colour inks, enabling users to create new, distinguishing textures and details that ensure their products stand out from the crowd even without the use of clear varnish.
    Load capacity has also been increased to 30kg, making the printer capable of handling high quality print jigs and ideal for accurate printing of heavy media, such as wood, metal, and glass, in industrial print environments.
    UJF-MkII e Series – Three new small format printers that are big on quality
    The brand-new series of UJF-MkII e printers sees the introduction of the UJF-3042MkII e, the UJF-6042MkII e and the UJF-3042MkII Ex e to the already comprehensive Mimaki portfolio. The three new models offer cutting-edge image quality and stability for printing onto an extensive variety of soft and hard media, including leather, wood, acrylic, metal, and glass.
    The UJF-3042MkII e and UJF-3042MkII Ex e feature a print area of 300mm x 420mm, while the UJF-6042MkII e offers a larger print size of 610mm x 420mm. All UJF-MkII e Series printers feature new MFD2 processing for exceptional image quality as well as an improved gap check sensor. This laser sensor detects media placement to prevent printheads from making contact with the material during printing. It can even detect transparent materials for superior accuracy and highly controlled media detection. In addition, the new printers provide improved usability to the operator by adding visual guidance on the 3.45inch full colour display.

    Cutting-edge, performance enhancing features included in all four new UJF printers
    The new additions for the UJF printer series all feature MDL (Mimaki Device Language) commands support, which enables automated workpiece transfer. This capability allows users to control the new UJF printers from external production systems and peripheral devices. This enhanced automation not only increases user control and productivity but reduces manual operator intervention to increase efficiencies.

    The new models also incorporate RasterLink7 as standard RIP software, supporting one-product-at-a-time printing. With this latest software platform, numbering and variable data printing has never been easier, providing users with significant time and production efficiencies.
    All new UJF Series UV inks are GREENGUARD GOLD certified and the new range of printers incorporate the proprietary Mimaki Core Technologies, including NCU (Nozzle Check Unit)2, NRS (Nozzle Recovery System)3, and MAPS4 (Mimaki Advanced Pass System4)4 functions enabling stable output of high-quality prints.

    For more information about products and services from Mimaki, visit: Mimaki Australia

  • + Automatic Production Monitoring with Zünd Connect

    Zünd Connect compiles production data from integrated Zünd cutting systems into meaningful key performance ind..

    07 September 2021

    Zünd Connect compiles production data from integrated Zünd cutting systems into meaningful key performance indicators, such as cutter capacity, availability, and overall equipment effectiveness. Zünd Connect creates transparency and identifies areas in the digital cutting workflow with potential for optimisation.

    There are many ways to optimize digital cutting and ensure maximum productivity, which is the reason why Zünd now offers Zünd Connect, a monitoring tool that helps the user recognise this potential and increase productivity. Using Zünd Connect, the user can see at a glance when and, more importantly, why machine interruptions occur, how much time is spent in setup, and what the availability of each machine is.

    The most successful companies are the ones that produce the most saleable products per hour. High machine availability and productivity are essential for profitable cutting and finishing. As simple as this may sound, it is no small thing in the day-to-day production environment. Where do the relevant key performance indicators come from? Is data available that enables monitoring? And last but not least, how is the data compiled so that it can be interpreted accurately and reliably?

    This is where Zünd Connect comes in. The web-based monitoring tool gives the user access to cutter- performance data at a glance, any time of day. Reliable key performance indicators are available at all times to help users maximise productivity. The system records productivity levels over a freely definable period using Zünd Cut Center – ZCC (Version 3.4 or later) as data source. Data monitoring provides information users need in order to make informed decisions. This comprehensive overview of production data reveals connections that are often overlooked. Zünd Connect supplies valuable key performance indicators for assessing how efficiently cutting systems are working. To be able to improve cutter efficiency, potential areas of improvement must be uncovered and recognised. This potential lies primarily in the technology but also in the way it is being used. Zünd Connect consists of multiple dashboards with specific options for evaluating data:

    Overview–This dashboard provides past production data and indicates, for example, fluctuations in machine utilisation. The user can select various views and switch between indices for overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), availability, and capacity. In addition, a filter function can be used to compare performance across different shifts.

    Job list– This shows a list of processed jobs, what they entailed, the time it took to produce them, and the cutting distance traveled per job. Diagrams show the time spent by each individual material/substrate, processing method, tool, and module. In reference to materials, for example, bar graphs show the processing time for each material used during a specified time frame. Loss detection – This view visualises losses in terms of time. It shows, for example, when process interruptions tend to occur most often. Loss detection enables the user to evaluate factors such as the specific time frames, materials, or tools most likely to be associated with interruptions.

    Interruption statistics – This lists the reasons for such interruptions. The user can filter for time of day, material, method, tool, or module. The statistical representation shows the user how many hours the cutters were unable to produce during a specified period because of machine interruptions.

    Zünd Connect is available in a “Monitor” or an “Analyzer” version. As the name suggests, “Monitor” consists of a graphical display of overall equipment effectiveness and is available to all ZCC users for free. “Analyzer”, on the other hand, makes it possible to perform subsequent analysis and pinpoint productivity losses. “Analyzer” provides the necessary tools for the user to be able to evaluate the production process and recommend improvements.

  • + ASLAN Introduces Three New Products

    ASLAN, the German specialist for self-adhesive films, keeps developing new solutions and introduces three new exciting p..

    07 September 2021

    ASLAN, the German specialist for self-adhesive films, keeps developing new solutions and introduces three new exciting products.

    MagicProtect Matt ASLAN SL 99 – it’s a laminate with a magical, repellent effect against paint, varnishes and dirt. Made from a special top coated 80 μm PVC film, it was developed for smooth and rough surfaces. It comes with a matt, repellent coating that protects prints successfully against graffiti, dirt and other surface vandalism. The effect is the same like water on a lotus leaf – the paint is dripping off while spraying. Due to this effect, the sprayer cannot complete his work and very quickly loses interest in the “artwork”. Paint does not stick to the surface, vandalism is prevented. When laminated on smooth substrates, graffiti can be removed just like of other dirt and staining. When it comes to rough surfaces, the ASLAN MagicPro Cleaner will help to clean graffiti very easily. The film is available in 1.37 x 50m rolls. Once applied, it will last up to 3 years outdoors.

    Holographic ASLAN SE 72 is a silver self-adhesive film with a holographic effect. Based on a 50 μm polyester it shimmers in the colours of the rainbow. To make it unique: Not only does the film have the same effect on both sides, but it also has no repeat pattern, as holographic materials usually have. With its in-house developed solvent-free special adhesive the film offers an outdoor durability of up to 3 years outdoors. Holographic ASLAN SE 72 is printable with latex and UV-curing inks, is suitable for smooth and flat surfaces. It will be perfect for use in retail stores, shop windows, exhibitions as well as for visual merchandising. The film is available in 1.01 x 25 m rolls.

    WrapTheBase ASLAN DFP 48 is the last born in the already wide range of ASLAN floor graphics films. It is suitable for indoor smooth floors, is based on an 80 μm PVC film, and is not only easy to apply and reposition during application, but is also perfectly removable in one piece without leaving any residue. The films will get its perfect slip resistance in combination with FloorProtect ASLAN MP 326 (R9) or PremiumFloorProtect ASLAN MP 300 (R12). As a very special highlight, as you know it from several other ASLAN floor graphic solutions, the printed floor graphics film, when combined with ASLAN floor laminations, offers the Bfl-s1 EUROCLASS fire certification for floors. WrapTheBase ASLAN DFP 48 is available in 1.37 x 50m rolls.

  • + Boost Folding-Gluing Efficiency with the New SPEEDPACK Automatic Packer from BOBST

    Bringing new levels of automation and productivity to folding-gluing lines, BOBST has unveiled its latest breakthrough i..

    07 September 2021

    Bringing new levels of automation and productivity to folding-gluing lines, BOBST has unveiled its latest breakthrough innovation for the packaging industry – the SPEEDPACK.

    The automatic packer, suitable for the EXPERTFOLD 145/165, EXPERTFOLD 170-350 and MASTERFOLD 170-350, can handle all types of boxes, whether corrugated or litho-laminated, from straight-line, 4&6 corners, to crash-lock bottom.

    Folded and glued boxes are automatically counted, stacked and banded perfectly, delivered and ready for palletisation.

    Pierre Binggeli, Product Line Director Folder-gluers at BOBST said: “With SPEEDPACK, converters can realise the full potential of their BOBST folding-gluing lines in terms of both quality and productivity.

    “This novel innovation combines a range of BOBST patented features designed to take the strain out of the packing process and reduce waste, while at the same time optimising operational accuracy and efficiency. At BOBST, we believe automated technologies and processes are key to enabling progress and future-proofing the packaging industry; SPEEDPACK is representative of this vision.”

    SPEEDPACK brings a multitude of benefits to operators and enhances the return on investment for manufacturers and converters. Providing the highest possible number of batches per hour and with very short set-up times, it can increase folding-gluing line productivity by up to 25%, without compromising box quality.

    The automated process eliminates the need for machine operators to bundle batches together and carry heavy loads to offline bundle-strapping machines. Workload is reduced by up to 60% as the complete line can be managed by one operator and the risk of injury, including Repetitive Strain Injury, is removed. Highly ergonomic, SPEEDPACK is easy and safe to use on the production floor. Large clear safety doors provide complete access and visibility to the whole machine for setting and production. Meanwhile, the BOBST Human Machine Interface (HMI) integrated into SPEEDPACK allows settings to be fully automated, making handling of repeat orders simple and fast - job changeovers can take place within 10 minutes.

    M. Binggeli added: “SPEEDPACK is a versatile peripheral that provides converters and manufacturers with greater control across the workflow, helping them to become more flexible and agile – critical in today’s fast-paced industry.”

  • + Mutoh EMEA release XPJ-1642WR new water-based inkjet printer

    Mutoh Japan unveiled the XPJ-1642WR water based CMYK 64” (162 cm) digital inkjet printer. Manufactured and en..

    07 September 2021

    Mutoh Japan unveiled the XPJ-1642WR water based CMYK 64” (162 cm) digital inkjet printer.

    Manufactured and engineered in Japan and based on Mutoh’s new XpertJet printer platform, the XpertJet 1642WR incorporates two new generation extra wide 1600 nozzle AccuFine print heads, installed in a staggered setup. The new heads will offer best-in-class drop placement accuracy. Combined with Mutoh’s new proprietary i-screen weaving technology – Mutoh’s fourth generation weaving algorithms - the new print heads will deliver exceptional print quality at high production speeds. The XpertJet 1642WR will deliver sellable high quality production speeds up to 61 m²/h. Top engine speed of the machine is 98 m²/h.

    Targeted at the sublimation transfer market, the XpertJet 1642WR dye sublimation printer will deliver high quality graphics for transfer onto all possible flexible and rigid polyester materials: in-store textile décor graphics and displays, soft signage and graphics for events and trade shows, home decoration, flags and pennants, sports goods (snowboards, helmets), gadgets (mugs, umbrellas, mouse mats) and apparel (fast fashion, blouses, sportswear, outdoor jackets, T-shirts). The printer will also print directly onto closed coated polyester fabrics or mixed fibres.

    To accommodate the widest range of dye sublimation papers, the printer has pressure rollers with adaptable pressure which can also be individually disabled. Four different head heights can be used, from 1.5 mm to 4 mm.

    To facilitate uninterrupted volume production, the new 1642WR integrates an automatic nozzle check unit which will automatically detect missing nozzles and clean them. The machine can also be equipped with three different motorised take up systems of 30 kg, 40 kg and 100 kg. There is a front media drying unit and replaceable mist collection filters.

    The new XpertJet 1642WR comes with Mutoh’s new generation DS3-series HC dye sublimation ink. HC stands for ‘Increased Colourant’ which means reduced ink consumption, faster drying and compatibility with lightweight papers.

    The new inks come in degassed 1 kg pouches for reliable jetting, excellent image definition and sharpness.

    The XPJ-1642WR integrates all known Mutoh XpertJet features, i.e. illuminated print platform, re-usable ink cases as well as an enhanced roll off system with new media feed flanges.

    The new 1642WR combines existing and brand new Mutoh core technologies :

    • DropMaster2 will perform an automatic bi-directional alignment through the built-in colour sensor.
    • FeedMaster will perform an automated paper feed adjustment through the built-in colour sensor.
    • Nozzle Area Select will eliminate downtime by allowing the user to select active nozzle blocks in the event that missing nozzles cannot be recovered. This function can be used automatically in combination with the integrated nozzle check unit or manually by the operator.
    • Media Tracker prints a barcode on the roll in use before it is removed from the printer. When you reload the same roll, the XPJ-1642WR’s integrated colour sensor will scan the barcode and the machine will tell you how many metres of media are left on it.
    • The XPJ-1642WR printer is available immediately and will be marketed by Mutoh Europe throughout the EMEA area through its existing network of certified distributors.
    Mutoh XpertJet 1642WR Water Based Printer – Highlights

    • Water based inkjet printing up to 1625 mm (63.97”) – 4 colour setup
    • Brand new AccuFine print head technology on board:
    • Double gain: speed and quality!
    • New i-screen weaving technology delivers exceptional print quality
    • Four different print head heights
    • Front media drying unit incorporated
    • Integrated replaceable mist collection filters
    • Sellable production speeds: 10 – 15 – 30 – 41 – 52 and 61 m²/h
    • Top engine speed: 98 m²/h
    • Illuminated print bed for job checking visibility
    • Unrivalled useability thanks to multiple new unique Mutoh core technologies:
    • o DropMaster2, FeedMaster, Nozzle Area Select, Media Tracker.
    • Enhanced media handling & transport
    • Ready for volume printing: 30, 40 or 100 kg motorised take up systems
    • Environmentally responsible printing - high level of operator safety

  • + Nazdar 270 Series UV-LED inks now available globally

    Nazdar Ink Technologies has announced the global availability of the 270 Series of UV-LED inks. This general graphi..

    07 September 2021

    Nazdar Ink Technologies has announced the global availability of the 270 Series of UV-LED inks.

    This general graphics/product print ink set has been specifically designed for UV-LED curing with ambient temperature controlled printheads.

    The Nazdar 270 Series low viscosity, low-odour inks offer a replacement for UV-LED printers that do not require an ink to be heated to jet at a certain specification. The vibrant inks deliver long-term exterior performance with proven resistance to UV degradation and colour fade.

    Adhering to a number of both flexible and rigid substrates including vinyl, styrene, sintra, foamboard and polycarbonate, the cost-effective inks have been formulated to provide 2 years' outdoor durability when mounted vertically.

    On the introduction of the new ink set, Josh Lutz, Nazdar's Global Market Segment Manager for UV Digital Inkjet Inks, comments: "The 270 Series inks were developed in direct response to feedback from end-user customers regarding the globally-successful 260 UV-LED Series inks. The new updated formulation delivers a stronger colour strength with a noticeable increase in black; lower odour to accommodate office environment printing; and an increased surface cure response to lesser powered LED units."

    "As with all our ink solutions, the 270 Series are covered by one of the most comprehensive warranties in the market which enables businesses to confidently take advantage of the increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness offered by Nazdar's fully field-tested products."

    For full information regarding validated equipment, please see the Nazdar 270 Series Technical Data Sheet.

  • + Avery Dennison "Wrap Like a King" Challenge is back for 2021

    Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions has announced the return of the Wrap Like A King Challenge. This year’s veh..

    07 September 2021

    Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions has announced the return of the Wrap Like A King Challenge.

    This year’s vehicle wrap competition will run from September 1st to October 31, 2021. A new special concept called ‘Local Edition’ has been launched for the first time, with awards for 12 Regional Wrap Kings and three Continent Wrap Kings.

    From September 1st wrap installers from over 40 countries are invited to submit their best full print or colour change vehicle wrapping projects.

    Li Wen, senior director and general manager Graphics EMENA, said “In 2019 over 150 installers entered the challenge. It’s great to be back. Wrap Like a King is a great opportunity for installers to showcase their best work. Their projects will be judged by a global jury for the chance to win thousands of dollars in prizes, and be recognised by peers and customers”.

    The combined 2021 prize packages for Regional and Continental winners exceed $30,000. The three Continental winners will also be invited to each select a charity to receive a $1000 donation in the name of the winner.

    “Giving back to the community is important to Avery Dennison. We are thrilled to extend this to the communities of the three winners of the Wrap Like a King 2021 competition,” said Li Wen.

    Wrap Like a King Local Edition - applications and process
    • Applicators from 12 different geographic regions can participate: United States, Canada, Europe & Middle East and Northern Africa, and the APAC Region (Australia, New Zealand, China and South Africa).
    • All entries need to be submitted at
    • Any project can be entered which uses Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film, the Conform Chrome series, MPI 1105 Digital Wrapping Series or a combination of car wrap films.
    • Judges will select 12 Regional Wrap Kings - each winning nearly $2,000 worth of personalized marketing materials, Avery Dennison products and more.
    • Regional Wrap Kings will then go on to compete across three continents: Europe & MENA, North America and APAC (Australia, New Zealand, China and South Africa).
    • The three Continent Winners will be announced online on November 26, 2021, via the social media accounts linked to the participating Avery Dennison regions.

    The 2021 Judges Panel:
    The industry experts on the panel bring a wealth of experience to select the most beautiful, technically challenging or otherwise most impressive wraps.

    • Justin Pate - Professional Installer/Instructor, Global - American based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    Pate is an Avery Dennison certified installer/instructor in the U.S. with over 25 years of experience working both in the U.S. and in Europe. Notably, Pate is the head trainer for the Avery Dennison North American hands-on car wrap workshop and certification program.

    • Penelope Garrido Milla - Co-owner of Alta Wrapping Academy

    Penelope is the first Spanish woman to gain the Avery Dennison certificates of “Specialist Installer” & “Specialist Trainer”. She is co-owner of Alta Wrapping Academy, which has trained more than 1200 applicators from all over Spain in the last five years. With more than 19 years of high-level experience in visual communication, Penelope specializes in commercial and passenger vehicle imagery. She has taken a personal approach, focusing on helping academy participants to reach their maximum potential. Penelope is on the board of directors of FESPA ESPAÑA ASOCIACIÓN and the Women of Wraps (WOW) club.

    • Qian Li - Hewlett Packard Application Development Manager, Spain

    Qian Li is the printing application development manager for Hewlett Packard, based in Barcelona, Spain. He has worked with industrial large format printing for around 15 years, gaining a great deal of experience around many different aspects of digital printing technology and its various applications. Automotive wrapping is a particular area of expertise, not only because it is one of the key application areas for HP Latex technology, but also because wraps represent one of the most exciting market areas, with enormous creative potential.

    • Dariusz Tondera - Avery Dennison Technical Sales Support, Eastern Europe and Russia

    Dariusz has been with Avery Dennison since 2012 and has been Technical Sales Support in Eastern Europe and Russia since 2016. For almost 10 years he travelled from the Oder to Vladivostok, supporting and training customers and applicators. Testing and understanding the products is very important for Dariusz, helping him to properly resolve questions and enquiries.

    • Molly Waters - Avery Dennison Senior Technical Specialist, USA

    Molly has been with Avery Dennison since 1997, when car wrapping was still in its infancy, and has since had the opportunity to see the evolution of digital and wrap film technology. She has over 24 years of experience in the professional automotive/wrap industry and has been around cars her entire life.

    • Peter Wright - Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions, Australia/New Zealand

    Peter is a technical marketing manager and works with the industry’s leading installers, teaching vehicle wrapping workshops and promoting the industry. With strong expertise in leading vehicle wrapping workshops, he has trained more than 2,000 people from Australia, New Zealand and ASEAN countries.

    • Sarel Krüger - Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions, South Africa

    Sarel joined the Avery team in 2011 after working in the signage industry for nearly 10 years. His experience ranges from equipment and software through to the manufacture of signage and graphics, vehicle wrapping and, ultimately, supplying material.

    • Jun Kinoshita - Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions Japan

    Jun Kinoshita is the sales manager for Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions in Japan. Kinoshita joined the company in 2009, and he introduced the Certified Wrap Installers training program to Japan the same year.

  • + Konica Minolta launches AccurioPress C7100 series

    Konica Minolta has introduced the AccurioPress C7100 series digital colour presses, which are packed with innovative tec..

    07 September 2021

    Konica Minolta has introduced the AccurioPress C7100 series digital colour presses, which are packed with innovative technologies to create more profitable business opportunities. From intelligent automation and enhanced finishing to flawless quality, advanced capabilities, and exceptional durability, customers have the power to grow their businesses through a press that works smarter. 

    The AccurioPress C7100 is a new high speed print engine and follows on from the success of the AccurioPress C14000 Series and AccurioPress C4080 Series. It runs at 100 colour pages per minute (ppm) with the AccurioPress C7090 at 90ppm. With a focus on optimising performance, offering new and advanced print products, and growing the entire business, the AccurioPress C7100 series serves more customers and completes more jobs with innovative technologies that power success. 

    Helping customers expand and streamline businesses 

    Tatjana Ferguson, product marketing manager, Konica Minolta said, “The launch of the AccurioPress C7100 Series completes the full refresh of our production colour line up. The C7100 series builds on the success of its predecessor, the C6100, with feature enhancements for the agility and productivity demanded by professional printing. The new models will make a powerful impression in the market, helping customers expand what they can offer as well as helping them streamline their business and achieve greater productivity.” 

    Sue Threlfo, general manager, production and industrial print, Konica Minolta Australia, said, “Konica Minolta is constantly innovating to help customers rethink their agility. In a world where the only constant is change, Konica Minolta works collaboratively with customers to support their transformations, predict potential challenges and create solutions to provide assurance for them and the future of the industry.” 

    Flawless quality 

    Konica Minolta’s latest Simitri V toner is eco-friendly and formulated for performance. Fast melting, energy efficient, and low maintenance, it reproduces superb quality on a wider range of media up to 400 gsm. Combined with an output resolution of 3,600 dpi equivalent x 2,400 dpi, outstanding results are achieved from even the longest print runs. 

    Advanced capabilities 

    With auto-duplex banners up to 900mm and the flexibility to handle embossed and textured media, handling of the machines is so simple that the most complex projects can be run by a single operator. 

    Intelligent automation 

    By instantly detecting the precise stock being used, the optional Intelligent Media Sensor IM-101 significantly reduces production time. At the same time, the optional IQ-501 Intelligent Quality Optimiser ensures perfectly consistent colour quality and front-to-back registration on every print with real time quality and variable data print (VDP) inspection.   

    Enhanced finishing 

    As with the entire AccurioPress portfolio, a wide range of finishing and other functions are also offered in addition to booklet-making, stapling, perfect binding, and wire binding. Konica Minolta’s TU-510, the world’s first inline trimming unit, successfully introduced with the C14000 series, is available for the AccurioPress C7100 Series. The TU-510 is a four-edge trimming unit that can trim, crease, and perforate, allowing for full-bleed finishing support for long sheets, booklets, direct mail, and offers a dedicated business card option. 

    Exceptional durability 

    Reliability drives profitability. Among the new technologies built into the engine are a more durable lubricated drum, double corona wires with automatic cleaning, an optimised paper transport solution and a double swing registration system for improved paper compatibility and feeding accuracy. 

    The AccurioPress C7100 Series is designed to support highly responsive print environments. It offers a choice of controller options including a Konica Minolta controller and controllers from EFI and CREO. 

    For more information  

  • + HP Inc. Reports Fiscal 3Q 2021 Results

    HP Inc. and its subsidiaries announced fiscal 2021 third quarter net revenue of $15.3 billion, up 7.0% (up 4.1% in const..

    31 August 2021

    HP Inc. and its subsidiaries announced fiscal 2021 third quarter net revenue of $15.3 billion, up 7.0% (up 4.1% in constant currency) from the prior-year period.

    HP's net cash provided by operating activities in the third quarter of fiscal 2021 was $1.1 billion. HP generated $1 billion of free cash flow in the third quarter.

    Third quarter GAAP diluted net EPS was $0.92, up from $0.52 in the prior-year period and above the previously provided outlook of $0.77 to $0.81. Third quarter non-GAAP diluted net EPS was $1.00, up from $0.49 in the prior-year period and above the previously provided outlook of $0.81 to $0.85.

    “Strong and sustained demand for our technology drove another quarter of top and bottom-line growth and we more than doubled non-GAAP EPS year over year,” said Enrique Lores, HP president and CEO. “We are performing while we are transforming our business models and service offerings to accelerate growth opportunities across our portfolio. The evolving hybrid world is driving innovation and market expansion for HP and we are well positioned to capitalize on trends in our markets.”

    Personal Systems net revenue was $10.4 billion, flat year over year (down 3% in constant currency) with an 8.4% operating margin. Consumer net revenue increased 3% and Commercial net revenue decreased 1%. Total units were flat with Notebooks units up 2% and Desktops units down 7%.

    Printing net revenue was $4.9 billion, up 24% year over year (up 22% in constant currency) with a 17.6% operating margin. Total hardware units were down 4% overall, with Consumer units down 8% and Commercial units up 29%. Consumer net revenue was up 15% and Commercial net revenue was up 46%. Supplies net revenue was up 20% (up 19% in constant currency).

  • + Epson Selected as a Technology and Production Partner for Shueisha Manga-Art Heritage

    Epson has been selected as a technology and production partner for Shueisha Manga-Art Heritage, Shueisha Inc.'s manga ar..

    31 August 2021

    Epson has been selected as a technology and production partner for Shueisha Manga-Art Heritage, Shueisha Inc.'s manga art sales business. Epson will cooperate in the business and conduct joint research and development with Shueisha, focusing mainly on the Shueisha's Real Colour Collection series that is output using inkjet printers. 

    Shueisha Manga-Art Heritage is a newly commercialised manga art sales service that Shueisha created to deliver manga content to fans and art collectors around the world. Earlier this year, the works of Eiichiro Oda (One Piece), Riyoko Ikeda (The Rose of Versailles) and Shinichi Sakamoto (Innocent and Innocent Rouge) went on sale with prints delivered to destinations worldwide in Asia, North America, Oceania and Europe.

    Epson supports the Shueisha Lab by serving in an advisory capacity in the building of a colour management environment. Epson also converts the digital data into master data for the printer that is to be used. A large-format inkjet printer with Epson's water-based pigments is used to obtain output with smooth gradations and a wide colour gamut. Photostable, museum-quality prints are made on A1 or A2 size sheets of Velvet Fine Art Paper or other fine quality paper made of 100% cotton, for a high-quality feel, exceptional reproduction of detail and long-term preservation and storage.

    Epson's printing technology will be used to create new value in the form of art from some of Japan’s best manga content.
    Shueisha Manga-Art Heritage Director Tadashi Okamoto commented, “We are very pleased and reassured that Epson has agreed to participate in Shueisha Manga-Art Heritage, Shueisha's first large-scale cross-border e-commerce project. The prints are on museum quality paper and are of unprecedented size and have a level of detail that was not previously possible. I am looking forward to seeing many other works reborn as manga art in the future.”

    Moving forward, Epson will continue to leverage its inkjet printing technology to provide a variety of printing solutions.
    For more information regarding Shueisha Manga-Art Heritage go to:

  • + Amari Visual Solutions Appointed as HP Channel Partner

    Amari Visual Solutions are proud to announce its appointment as official HP Channel Partner in the low volume Latex cate..

    31 August 2021

    Amari Visual Solutions are proud to announce its appointment as official HP Channel Partner in the low volume Latex category of equipment and consumables.

    With the addition of the market leading HP Latex technology, Amari Visual Solutions further expands its ability to support customers with a more comprehensive offering of products and services. Relates Amari Visual Hardware Manager Dan Yeoman –“Latex ink technology opens up both new and creative applications and market segments including amongst others- vehicle & fleet graphics, reflective and architectural applications. HP’s introduction of white ink in the new 700 & 800 series of printers adds greater versatility, enhanced applications and real point of difference for new HP users”.

    Hardware demonstration showrooms are being established over the coming weeks specifically at the companies Dandenong Victoria, Prestons NSW and Hendra QLD locations, with full range of ink and consumables available across the whole network, along with service and support says Dan.

    “It is an exciting time in the evolution of Amari Visual Solutions as we build on the great relationships we have with existing vendors such as 3M , Roland DG and General Formulations, making sure we are able to offer our customers everything they require to succeed," added Marketing and Vendor Relations Manager Lee Farrell. "We are driven by our customers requirements and with other new products in the pipeline that are tailored to what they are asking us for, we approach our next phase of development with great enthusiasm and purpose and couldn’t be happier or more privileged to partner with HP."

    If you are keen to discuss how HP Latex can benefit your business please free to contact Dan Yeoman directly on 
    0448 888 128 or drop Dan an email . 

    Otherwise contact your nearest Amari location or speak to your local representative.

    ***To celebrate Amari Visuals appointment, they are offering no finance repayments until December through HP Finance on all new equipment purchases ***


  • + Esko unleashes the power of Variable Data Printing with world-first integrated automation solution

    Esko has delivered a world-first in connected packaging production, supercharging secure Variable Data Print (VDP) capab..

    31 August 2021

    Esko has delivered a world-first in connected packaging production, supercharging secure Variable Data Print (VDP) capabilities in terms of both speed and scale for a new collaboration with Scantrust and pioneering packaging company ePac Flexible Packaging®. Esko Automation Engine is at the heart of the operation, with its innovative VDP technology enabling the printing of serialised and secure QR codes on flexible packaging on a mass scale, unleashing the power of VDP for the new connected packaging and connected goods service, ePacConnect™.

    “Variable Data Printing has the ability to take the role of packaging to a whole new level,” said Esko Product Manager, Paul Land. “With opportunities for localisation, serialisation, personalisation and traceability, the advances in automation mean it is now possible to further harness the technology to transform the prepress environment. With cloud deployment for 24/7 global access to data and new scalability capabilities, Automation Engine is enabling ePac to realise the power of VDP for an organisation without the downsides.

    “By connecting the VDP module in Automation Engine with Scantrust, we have created a framework for codes that makes it easy for converters to use,” said Paul. “Not only is this implementation the first of its kind, but it also unlocks capabilities that were previously difficult to achieve.”

    Because every ePacConnect™ flexible pack includes a Scantrust QR code, every pouch becomes an online gateway. The unique on-pack code, which is smaller than a postage stamp, activates the Scantrust suite of connected goods and connected packaging tools. Accessible features range from consumer engagement tools to active brand protection and anti-counterfeiting features that work through scans of a safe QR code on the pack.

    “Scantrust gives every single physical product a unique digital identifier, which adds complexity for prepress and production,” said Peter Kostur, Scantrust Sales & Partnership Director. “Our platform can deliver protection against counterfeiting and improve traceability within the supply chain as every single label, pouch, or bottle can be traced, even when in the hands of the consumers,” he said. “Brands utilise such digital interface technology to connect with consumers, integrate with loyalty platforms and customer relationship management tools, and also for internal supply chain operations. When incentivizing consumers to interact with the products, not only can the relationship and trust between brand and consumer be significantly improved, it can also help by crowdsourcing the supply chain data for further strategical improvement.

    “There are three building blocks to making the connected packaging,” added Peter. “There’s the variable QR code, a mobile environment enabling the user interactions, and a platform that enables the customer to manage the codes, product content, and extract the data. However, each project starts with a question from the brand: How do we get the variable data on our product?”

    Automation Engine makes the integration of VDP requirements as easy as a few mouse clicks. “It is now simple to integrate the VDP requirements into the process,” said Paul Land. “The process can even happen in the cloud, for added flexibility in terms of printing a job at any location.

    “Typically, once the order details are entered, the information is passed through into Automation Engine which then acts as the enabling platform between all the systems,” he said. “It consolidates and pulls the variable data information through, determining the quantities and parameters of the job. So for example, with a quantity of 100,000 records it expands the files and the variable elements for printing, and then automatically expands the template file to the quantities needed - each with its own unique QR code - and lays them out for production. The automation means that a process that used to take hours or even days is now completed in just a few minutes.”

    Ryan Kiley, Director of Market Development, ePac Flexible Packaging®, said the ability to produce mass scale VDP regardless of run size had been a game changer. “Scale is where the rubber meets the road,” he said. “Scale is what we can accomplish through working together. Now, with a single click, a customer can turn their packaging into an interactive platform delivering consumer engagement, proof of provenance, and brand protection while reducing touchpoints in prepress and production.

    “With the VDP automation, we can accelerate our rate of growth as we add plants, people, systems, languages, currencies, substrates, structures and other technologies,” said Ryan. “And with Automation Engine being cloud-based, it means we have total control over our production – with our teams able to access files from anywhere, at any time for 24/7 operation, scale production up or down to meet demand and enabling us to divert the production to any plant around the world.

    “As a result, our ePacConnect™ service has achieved customised, flexible packaging with connected packaging features that require very little or no up-front costs, lower minimum order requirements, and minimal technical setup.”


    Following the lead of their international counterparts, Canon Production Printing Australia today announces the launch o..

    31 August 2021

    Following the lead of their international counterparts, Canon Production Printing Australia today announces the launch of the new Arizona 135 GT flatbed printer to the Australian market.

    The Arizona 135 GT provides an investment solution to assist lower volume print service providers to fulfil new business opportunities whilst accessing the proven benefits of the award-winning Arizona series.

    Designed for outstanding productivity and application versatility, the easy-to-use Arizona 135 GT produces exceptional image quality. This is thanks to The Arizona VariaDot greyscale printing technology, which uses advanced drop size selection techniques to deliver photo-realistic images. With the ability to handle substrates of up to 125 x 250 cm in size and up to 50.8 mm thick and to print at speeds of up to 34.2 m2/hour, the Arizona 135 GT is a smart investment for new opportunities or as the second printer.

    Craig Nethercott , Managing Director, Canon Production Printing Australia, comments, “The Arizona flatbed family has become renowned for its image quality, productivity, reliability and application versatility, winning multiple awards and resulting in over 7,500 installations worldwide. In bringing the Arizona 135 GT to market, we’re looking to make the ideal flatbed platform for printing multiple applications on both rigid and flexible media available the Display Graphics & Signage market. As the latest member of the fifth generation of Arizona printers, the Arizona 135 GT offers users the same core technology and benefits of its mid-volume siblings at an attractive investment level and we’re confident that it will again prove to be as popular as its predecessors.”

    The productivity of the Arizona 135 GT is enhanced by its easy-to-use functionality, including nesting, batching of complex jobs, step and repeat, mirroring and re-assignment of print modes. Accurate print registration avoids errors and the ability to make last-minute adjustments at the printer saves valuable time. With uptime being crucial to any print operation, the Arizona 135 GT incorporates a number of service features to maximise availability: Automated Maintenance System provides hands-free printhead maintenance and selectively restores nozzle function in seconds, while On Remote Service allows the user to authorise remote assistance by experienced service technicians, ensuring the highest possible uptime.

    Access high-margin applications on huge media range

    Thanks to Arizona flatbed technology and its UV-LED curing, a vast range of durable applications are achievable on rigid or flexible media with standard or porous surfaces, including glass, aluminium and other metals, canvas, wood, MDF, cardstock, ceramic tiles and plastics. The Arizona Static Suppression Kit also enables the Arizona 135 GT to print on hard plastic materials, such as acrylic, polycarbonate and styrene, while the Arizona Classic high-pressure vacuum system provides extremely reliable media hold- down during printing, even for warped rigid media. More opportunities are accessible with the flatbed printer’s field-upgradeable Roll Media Option. This allows users to produce flexible media applications up to 2.2m wide, including thin and heat-sensitive media, and to run roll-to-roll jobs unattended overnight.

    Access new levels of creativity with Arizona Xpert prepress software

    The Arizona 135 GT supports the Arizona Xpert prepress software, enabling the design and production of high-value applications with ease. Including ready-made recipes for easy-to-create applications, the software allows users to exchange recipes directly with customers, so that designers can preview the end product with a 3D view in the Arizona Xpert Extensions, minimising design errors. The Arizona approach to first-time-right printing leads to less waste and fewer costly mistakes which, in turn, leads to better overall margins and faster turnaround times. Arizona Xpert also offers further high-margin opportunities for textured surface prints – the ability to print applications with multiple ink layers.

    Access a sustainable flatbed printing solution

    The Arizona 135 GT’s VariaDot technology uses variable drop sizes from 6 to 30 picolitres. Not only does this produce pin-sharp images but it also means that the Arizona printing process consumes as much as 50% less ink than regular flatbed printers, making the Arizona 135 GT environmentally and economically attractive. The device’s environmental credentials also include the use of UL GREENGUARD Gold certified inks for any indoor applications, such as in schools, hospitals and retail stores – and the low emissions make for a healthier printing environment too. Additionally, the Arizona 135 GT features low-energy consumption as a result of its Instant-On functionality and minimal warm-up time thanks to its LED lamps. Other energy saving features include its standard voltage power supply, energy-efficient curing process and power-efficient vacuum pumps.

  • + Amazing indium decoration: IMDA Award for LEONHARD KURZ

    Every year, the IMDA Award recognises outstanding innovations in the areas of In-Mold Labelling (IML), In-Mold Decoratio..

    24 August 2021

    Every year, the IMDA Award recognises outstanding innovations in the areas of In-Mold Labelling (IML), In-Mold Decoration (IMD), and In-Mold Electronics (IME) in the USA. With its new metallisation option indium, which the company presented for the first time in 2020, LEONHARD KURZ was able to impress the judges and won the award for exemplary use of In-Mold technology in component production. Indium offers many advantages, particularly in the automotive, consumer electronics, and household appliance industries, and gives almost unlimited design freedom. KURZ showcases the decoration using an automotive door trim concept.

    IMDA drives in-mold technologies

    The IMDA Award has been awarded by the U.S. In-Mold Decorating Association (IMDA) since 2007. The organisation brings together injection molders, printers, material suppliers, and equipment manufacturers dedicated to the development and progress of in-mold technologies and markets. Through various initiatives, including the IMDA Award, the association aims to draw attention to the advantages of IML and IMD, and to eliminate prejudices. According to the IMDA, many manufacturers of plastic products are not yet sufficiently familiar with the fact that in-mold decoration can produce a product with comparatively better properties at lower costs. Often, they still believe that the procedures involved are too complex and too expensive.

    Indium as an innovative option for tomorrow’s vehicles and devices

    LEONHARD KURZ’s indium-based metallisation, which is applied in an efficient IMD series process, matches the shade of hard chrome plating very precisely, but is at the same time significantly more environmentally friendly and less harmful to health than electroplating. Thanks to its permeability to radar beams, its suitability for 5G and antenna use, as well as its high resistance to corrosion, UV light, and abrasion, the indium decoration also meets the requirements for exterior applications in the automotive industry. And indium has another special feature: Using it makes it very easy to create backlighting effects. As a result, the metallisation option also impresses in many other segments, for example in Shy Tech designs for control panels in vehicle interiors, smart household appliances, or consumer electronics products. Both large-scale and partial decorations are possible on many different types of plastic, such as ABS, PC/ABS, ASA, PP. In terms of design, patterns and colours are just as feasible as an authentic chrome look, glossy, matte, semi-matte, or brushed surfaces. The special advantage is that the innovative indium finishing does not impair the recyclability of the products and is also particularly suitable for decorating recycled materials.

    For more information:

  • + Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems Acquires MultiCam US

    Acquisition further reinforces company’s leading position in the digital finishing market Kongsberg Precision..

    24 August 2021

    Acquisition further reinforces company’s leading position in the digital finishing market

    Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems (Kongsberg PCS) is delighted to announce the acquisition of MultiCam, Inc., a U.S. manufacturer and distributor of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) cutting machines and digital finishing processes.

    Stuart Fox, Kongsberg PCS President, said: “This is a monumental day for Kongsberg and MultiCam. Our businesses coming together to drive best-in-class cutting and finishing processes will deliver a tremendous advantage for our global customer base. Following the completion of the deal I am now excited to begin integrating our businesses and exploring new markets.”

    News of the acquisition comes just five months after Kongsberg PCS was established as a stand-alone business after being acquired by OpenGate Capital. OpenGate Capital’s Partner, Julien Lagrèze said: “We recognised the importance of digitisation for this business and developed an investment thesis that includes the growth of Kongsberg PCS through innovation and add-on investments. With this strategic combination, Kongsberg PCS gains greater scale, and expands its reach to a broader, global customer base with new products and services.”

    Stuart Fox added: “Since 1965, the Kongsberg name has been synonymous with innovation. Our systems have led the industry in delivering precision, reliability and quality through seven decades, and with the investment of our owners we have a roadmap that will undoubtedly take this robust company to a new level. MultiCam shares this ambition, and just like Kongsberg the business has a loyal and valued team that has been with the company for many years and helped build and shape it into what it is today.

    “At Kongsberg PCS, we are excited to develop and expand the product portfolio and to create new opportunities to grow our tooling and consumables offering. In addition to strengthening our hardware offering, we are also planning routes into new markets, in areas we know are currently not catered for and will benefit from our market-leading solutions. MultiCam has extraordinary market reach with its range of CNC routers, laser, plasma, waterjet and knife cutting machines, and we are thrilled to now welcome MultiCam to the Kongsberg family.”

    Founded in 1989, MultiCam supplies innovative, CNC cutting solutions for a multitude of industries and applications ranging from sign making to digital finishing, aerospace to automotive, sheet-metal to plate-steel processing, hardwoods to cabinet making, thermoform trimming to plastics fabrication.

    Commenting on the acquisition, MultiCam, Inc. CEO, David J Morse added: “At MultiCam, we have worked for over 30 years to diligently build a world class organisation in the focused cutting arenas of routing, fabrication and digital finishing. The MultiCam brand is synonymous with quality, durability and ease of use. We are very pleased to join forces with Kongsberg who has built an outstanding global brand and culture that align directly with what we have built at MultiCam.

    “It has always been my goal to provide the necessary scale to MultiCam to truly become one of the top global cutting companies in all three categories of CNC cutting. Combining Kongsberg’s 50 years of outstanding history in digital finishing and over 12,000 machines installed, together with MultiCam’s 14,000-plus installed machines, strengthens our position in the global market. I look forward to working side by side with the great leadership team at Kongsberg to build a world class global cutting solution provider. Together we are stronger.”

    The company will continue to operate under the MultiCam name within Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems, with David J Morse joining the Kongsberg PCS senior management team and continuing to lead the MultiCam business.

    The acquisition of MultiCam, including its operations in the U.S. and sales offices in Canada and Germany, expands Kongsberg PCS’ market reach and customer base across North America and Europe, and creates the world’s first diversified provider of digital finishing and CNC cutting machines.

  • + MUTOH release NEW VJ-1638 Mark II UV-LED printers

    MUTOH has released the next generation of UV-LED printers, the hybrid VJ-1638UH Mark II and the roll-to-roll VJ-1638UR M..

    24 August 2021

    MUTOH has released the next generation of UV-LED printers, the hybrid VJ-1638UH Mark II and the roll-to-roll VJ-1638UR Mark II.

    MUTOH’s new VerteLith RIP comes as standard with the Mark II series to create dynamic output, producing the best-possible gradients, skin tones and vivid colours. Featuring i-WeaveUVEX 2 Intelligent Interweave Print Technology, MUTOH Clear Tone half tone technology, MUTOH CMYK wide colour gamut ICC profile and auto-generation of Pantone© coated/uncoated spot colours. Smart MUTOH technologies streamline workflow, increase productivity, and deliver high-quality output at faster production speeds

    The VJ-1638UH/VJ-1638UR Mark II printers include:

    - Staggered dual print heads with UV-LED lamps on both sides.
    - MUTOH UV-LED inks, which allow printing on transparent/coloured media with a 6-colour CMYK+White+Varnish configuration or 2 x CMYK for faster output.
    - Multi-layer printing capability

    The VJ-1638UH Mark II is a hybrid printer with the capability to print on rigid substrates (up to 15mm thick) as well as roll media, while the VJ-1638UR Mark II prints on roll media only. A 30kg take-up system is standard on the VJ-1638UR Mark II. A 40kg take-up system is optional, as is a heavy-duty 100kg take-up. An optional 30kg take-up is available for the VJ-1638UH Mark II which can handle rigid media up to 15kg.

    VerteLith includes several useful workflow tools which enhance the use of the Mark II series UV-LED printers. Features include auto-layout and print multi-page PDF functions at the click of a button and supports auto-generation of white and varnish inks to create rich, textured prints without complicated steps. Additionally, auto-generation of Pantone© coated/uncoated spot colours is a standard feature of VerteLith.