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  • + INX International introduces Genesis GS

    INX International Ink, with Sakata INX, have released Genesis GS washable label inks. In March, the ink was recognised b..

    18 May 2020

    INX International Ink, with Sakata INX, have released Genesis GS washable label inks. In March, the ink was recognised by the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) for meeting or exceeding the group’s strict testing protocol for washable and recyclable PET shrink sleeve applications.

    Genesis GS meets the PET-CG-02 Critical Guidance Protocol established by APR. It maintains properties in accordance with APR guidelines required for shrink sleeve applications and exhibits bleed resistance in caustic bath solutions. Since the ink is separated from the substrate and removed from the label material during the bath, a complete recyclable package is a viable option.

    Genesis GS can also be used for floatable roll-fed OPP labels so a customer can print multiple label types with one ink system. Floatable applications require the ink to remain on the substrate after exposure to the caustic bath solution. The ink is capable of printing at high press speeds, displays fast drying capabilities at low temperatures and adheres well to several grades of flexible films.

    ‘We are very pleased with the development of Genesis GS and making it a must-have solution for label providers,’ said Mark Hill, senior vice president R&D for INX. ‘The environmental benefits are superb. With the ink cleanly removed from the PET label or floatable with OPP labels, it allows clear bottles to be made through the circular reuse of recovered materials.’

    Hill said that INX’s R&D staff was able to troubleshoot a PET concern that arose during the testing process.

    ‘Most shrink sleeve bottles are made of PETG resin, which has a lower melting point than PET bottle flake,’ he explained. ‘Given that, the film can turn into what is essentially a glue, clumping the PET bottle flakes and making the PET harder to utilise. Additionally, inks from PETG shrink sleeves can discolour the clear bottle flakes. Our new innovations address that issue.’

    APR on March 19 informed INX that all colours with and without white backing, and with inside overprint varnish on Bonpet BR1 crystalisable film, met or exceeded APR’s PET-CG-02 Critical Guidance Protocol for Clear PET Articles with Labels and Closures. The recognition was based on the technical recyclability of the decorated label innovation with PET bottles and applies only to the decorated sleeve labels.

    The critical guidance protocol is a multi-industry consensus of key issues related to the recycling of post-consumer PET bottles. It directs innovators to conduct specific testing per established procedures, and the recognition is based on the innovation either meeting or exceeding the most challenging and strictest guidance criteria.

  • + Esko & GIS announce collaboration to create the broadest ecosystem for packaging digital print

    Esko, a global developer of integrated hardware and software solutions for the packaging and label markets, has announce..

    12 May 2020

    Esko, a global developer of integrated hardware and software solutions for the packaging and label markets, has announced a new collaboration with Global Inkjet Systems (‘GIS’) to combine its workflow and brand colour management expertise with the inkjet expertise of GIS.

    Esko has extensive experience in digital print development having supplied a digital front end (DFE) turnkey solution, including brand colour management and RIPing, for more than ten years to several leading press manufacturers. GIS is a market leader in the supply of data path electronics, ink delivery systems and print control software, alongside capability in scanning and direct to shape inkjet print systems.

    By combining the DFE and workflow automation expertise of Esko with the inkjet electronics and Atlas® software capabilities of GIS, the two companies can together offer a complete solution from print job creation to the optimisation of print quality through precise printhead control.

    Chuck Ravetto, VP/GM Suppliers Business of Esko, comments: “We know that digital press manufacturers are seeking to reduce development times of their presses. By using this integrated solution resulting from our partnership with GIS, they will get innovations to market faster. At the same time, packaging converters investing in digital press capacity will benefit by having more standardised and robust on press solutions for workflow, colour management and device compensation.”

    Ravetto continues: “Whether for short run label production, fast turnaround of promotional packaging work or efficiently handling a spike in demand, meeting the delivery deadline as expected by the print buyer is of paramount importance to business success. The combined capabilities of Esko and GIS create a level of integration that extends beyond the digital press and reduces complexity for everyone involved, driving efficiency and productivity when its needed most.”

    Nick Geddes, Managing Director of GIS, added: “Combining the packaging management, prepress automation and DFE expertise of Esko with the industrial inkjet capabilities of GIS creates a unique ecosystem for packaging and label digital printing, not seen elsewhere. Our high speed single pass inkjet systems, offering very fast screening technologies and closed loop image quality control for missing nozzle compensation and printhead density correction, fit seamlessly into the Esko workflow creating a powerful advantage for the digital print sector.”

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  • + Ricoh Empowers Digital Workplaces With Always Current Technology

    Ricoh, a leading provider of smart workplace technology, has launched the availability of its Always Current Technology ..

    12 May 2020

    Ricoh, a leading provider of smart workplace technology, has launched the availability of its Always Current Technology v1.1 platform in Australia enabling organisations to extend the capabilities of their Ricoh devices in line with their own business growth and add new feature capabilities to keep up with changing productivity demands. 
    Ricoh customers can activate new desired features, through automatic remote firmware updates, and download applications available on demand as well as feature upgrades directly to their device as they become available, giving users greater flexibility and allowing them to work with more agility.
    At the same time, digital workplaces can scale their capabilities based on evolving needs, while also keeping security features and software up to date while future proofing their MFD investment.
    Key features include:

    • Functionality that increases over time.  Ricoh device capabilities can change as your business conditions vary. If users need access to the latest functions for their devices, they can simply activate desired features, download applications and upgrades as they are required.  New capabilities can be easily and seamlessly added to keep up with changing productivity demands.
    • Scalable Intelligence.  Device capabilities can grow in line with business requirements. The platform allows users to install the latest features and interface enhancements as they become available.  For example, future Always Current Technology premium upgrades will include tools to enhance accessibility and streamline ease-of-use.
    Enhancements released with Ricoh’s Always Current Technology v1.1 include a new user interface menu, new features added to smart copy function and new features added to fax settings. Additionally, users can future-proof their investment by applying updates easily, with minimal downtime and disruption empowering employees to work faster, smarter and more securely.
    Peter Georghiou, Senior Product Manager, Ricoh Australia, said, “Ricoh Always Current Technology enables organisations to reap the benefits of using a platform that allows users to install the latest features and enhancements, while helping keep their device capabilities current and ready to meet changing business needs.  Decision makers can invest with confidence in Ricoh technology, knowing that its functionality and value will grow over time.  At the same time, we look forward to working with Australian businesses to help keep their device capabilities current and ready to meet their evolving digital workplace innovation requirements.”
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  • + Onyx Graphics, Inc. Announces Launch of ONYX TruFit software

    Onyx Graphics, Inc., has announced global availability of ONYX TruFit, the company’s new shape-based nesting softw..

    12 May 2020

    Onyx Graphics, Inc., has announced global availability of ONYX TruFit, the company’s new shape-based nesting software. Using artificial intelligence to search millions of combinations for the most precise nests and media utilisation, ONYX TruFit saves valuable print production time and reduces media usage up to 50%. Designed to work seamlessly across both Windows and Mac OS platforms and with any RIP solution on the market, ONYX TruFit brings speed and simplicity to even the most complex nested layouts.

    “Print Service Providers are under increasing pressure to produce more with less, and media usage carries a major cost with every print job,” said Matt Crawford, Director of Product Marketing at Onyx Graphics. “This simple-to-use tool optimises media utilisation up to 50%, saving money on every job while improving output capacity in just seconds.”

    ONYX TruFit introduces new intuitive tools to save time, improve existing workflow efficiencies, and maximise media utilisation. Automatic cut-path and tool type recognition creates a seamless workflow from design file to print file; single-click image tracing and double-sided printing drastically reduce file preparation time before submitting jobs to the RIP-Queue, and ONYX hot folders provide fully automated print-and-cut workflows. Coupled with keeping original file properties unchanged for named colours, transparencies and colour management, ONYX TruFit is built for any wide-format print environment.

    Highlights of ONYX TruFit include:
    • Artificial intelligence engine for optimal shape-based nests, reducing media waste up to 50%
    • Real-time media savings data during nest creation
    • Single-click image tracing to reduce file preparation time
    • Double-sided printing generated instantly for decals, stickers and other print applications
    • Automatic cut-path and tool type recognition to work seamlessly from design file to print file
    • Multi-page PDF edit capabilities to eliminate excess white space
    • Automated workflows using ONYX hot folders
    • Unchanged original file properties to maintain consistency between applications
    • Output PDFs for any RIP solution available today saving costly software changes
    • Open architecture to work cross-platform on Windows or Mac OS Onyx Graphics, Inc. announces global launch of ONYX TruFit software page 2

    Free educational webinars In consideration of recent news surrounding international trade shows being postponed, Onyx Graphics is offering free educational webinars to see ONYX TruFit in action. In addition, 30-day trial licenses are being offered free.

  • + New Trotec Software Generation Beta Program Test Sign-up

    Trotec Laser is excited to announce that we will be setting new standards with our new Software Generation. The Be..

    04 May 2020

    Trotec Laser is excited to announce that we will be setting new standards with our new Software Generation. 

    The Beta version of the software includes the chance to be one of the first people using the new software with its revolutionary workflow. The time taken between an idea becoming a finished product will be half of what it is currently. 

    Jobs can be prepared anytime from anywhere.  And last but not least: anybody can use the laser - you don't have to be an expert because of its intuitive workflow.

    You don't need to be a Trotec laser user to test our new software. Simply fill in the form and we will let you know if you have been chosen to test it. 

    Sign up here

  • + Global Graphics Unveils New Class of Software to Power the Next Generation of Digital Presses

    Global Graphics Software announces today a new class of print software for the next generation of faster, wider, high-re..

    04 May 2020

    Global Graphics Software announces today a new class of print software for the next generation of faster, wider, high-resolution digital presses.

    Direct is a new graphics pipeline that sends data directly to the printhead electronics instead of writing to disk, and so reduces image processing times significantly, handles large volumes of data with ease, and accelerates the time to print.

    “Direct is a new way of looking at things,” says Eric Worrall, Global Graphics Software’s VP of product management. “Rather than expecting print service providers and press manufacturers to make do with a workflow that may have driven a flexo or a litho press which is so often the case, Direct is created from the ground up specifically for the digital world and is compatible with any digital press. We started with the toughest requirements for data and image quality because once you’ve cracked that problem, you can scale back from there for less demanding environments with the appropriate choice of hardware.”

    Industry data rates are accelerating: press resolutions are moving from 600dpi to 1200dpi, a quadrupling of data; speeds are increasing to up to one thousand feet per minute/300 meters per minute; presses can be up to 13 feet /4 meters wide; and extended gamut inks use many more ink channels than previously with multi-level screening up to 7 drop sizes on inkjet presses.

    A Direct workflow protects the investment in a press made by the print service provider and the press manufacturer by building in the flexibility needed to future-proof print production at the outset. This means that the capability of a press is not limited as data rates increase and the press does need to be reengineered to meet future requirements, for instance transitioning from a static to a fully variable workflow.

    Fully integrated pipeline

    Direct integrates together several technologies from Global Graphics Software. Jobs entering the workflow are streamlined to optimise their processing through the RIP with innovative new software called Streamline Direct™. Files are RIPped by Harlequin Direct™, using the fastest RIP engine in the world, or screened by the award-winning ScreenPro Direct™ with PrintFlat™ to achieve the optimal quality at speed. Direct can be tightly integrated with printhead drive electronics and software from Global Graphics subsidiary Meteor Inkjet, or with other common drive electronics from other vendors.

    Global Graphics Software has developed solutions for some of the hardest engineering tasks in digital printing by partnering with its OEM customer base. Working through challenges set by some of the industry’s leading brands has led to the development of Direct.

    “When aiming for the highest possible image pipeline speed,” continues Worrall, “it’s important to be able to integrate with tight knowledge and access to each component, to squeeze out every bit of performance. You can only do that if you have control and access to all components. Global Graphics Software is uniquely placed in the market as we have access to every line of code for every component; we don’t need to request features and knowledge from any third-party suppliers.”

    Advantages for print service providers and press manufacturers

    Direct brings print service providers the benefits of increased processing speeds and enhanced image quality. Productivity is higher, even on complex jobs with large amounts of variable data, because the time to RIP and screen data is significantly reduced.

    Direct has been designed to be part of a fully automated print solution, supporting Industry 4.0 telematics and integration with PLCs and MIS systems, where feedback from the print line such as a quality inspection system, can help automatically correct for any issues as they occur.

    For press vendors Direct removes the software development effort from their in-house teams so that they can get their presses to market more quickly. Because Direct has been engineered to meet the demands of fully variable data from the outset, it gives manufacturers the option to use lower performance PC hardware for less demanding (static or mixed data) jobs. This is achieved by RIPping on the fly and streaming image data in memory directly to the printer electronics so there is no need to waste the time to RIP ahead to disk and no need for huge image stores holding vast amounts of data.

    Platform support

    Harlequin Direct and ScreenPro Direct are cross platform, supporting Windows and Linux and optimised for Intel i9, Xeon and AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPUs. Both can be used with Meteor NozzleFix™ technology. Harlequin Direct and ScreenPro Direct can also be used with Meteor Mixed Mode to reduce the hardware costs for markets that mix static and variable data (Zoned Variable Data).

  • + Gerber Technology Announces Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Retooling Package

    Continuing to support the alleviation of global shortage of medical and consumer personal protective equipment (PPE), Ge..

    04 May 2020

    Continuing to support the alleviation of global shortage of medical and consumer personal protective equipment (PPE), Gerber Technology is now empowering manufacturers to accelerate PPE production by offering a PPE Retooling Package. The package includes an end-to-end suite of software and a specially configured PPE Edition Gerber Paragon cutter with optimised cutting parameters that allow manufacturers to produce up to 150,000 medical gowns and 6 million non-medical masks per week. The package also includes PPE patterns, tech packs, and a regulatory consulting package for rapid conversion of conventional sewn goods production to PPE. The Gerber PPE Retooling Package will help manufacturers seamlessly convert their supply chain allowing them to quickly, efficiently, and sustainably manufacture quality PPE.

    “We are dedicated to making our customers successful in every way possible as they navigate through these unprecedented times, to save lives and jobs,” said Leonard Marano, Vice President of Product Management & Marketing for Automation Solutions at Gerber Technology. “Since PPE materials are technical and complicated to work with, we want to ensure our customers have everything they need to make their transition to PPE production as smooth, efficient, and fast as possible.”

    Materials used for PPE are complex and often require several materials to be layered together to meet regulations and compliance. In order for manufacturers to successfully transition to efficient PPE production at scale, they will need to make significant changes to the setup of their workflow. The Gerber PPE Retooling Package will simplify the transition through a pre-packaged set of options including vacuum regulation and cutting parameters, essential spare parts, 2D/3D CAD and PLM software to ensure accuracy and efficiency, and support from Gerber’s knowledgeable experts. By leveraging the Gerber consulting package, retooling your production can take less than one week and results in less wasted material than ‘learning by doing’.

    “Since March, we have helped over 1,200 companies worldwide optimise their supply chains for PPE production by providing production-ready patterns and files, sharing best practices and connecting our global network of manufacturers and suppliers,” said Michelle Steenvoorden, Vice President, Professional Services and Technical Lead on Gerber’s PPE Task Force. “We know exactly what it takes to produce high-quality, sustainable products that are effective, and help companies retool as quickly as possible for maximum impact.”

    People all around the world are currently at high risk of contracting COVID-19 due to the shortage of PPE for both medical and consumer use. Earlier this year, Gerber created the PPE Task Force and Manufacturer Matchmaking Program which is helping manufacturers produce 150+ million masks and several million gowns per week, saving hundreds of millions of lives and securing countless jobs around the world. The Gerber PPE Retooling Package will help further increase manufacturing capacity.

  • + UV Industry Associations Discourage Use of UV Light on Human Body to Disinfect COVID-19

    UV light under the conditions known to kill such viruses is also known to cause severe skin burns, skin cancer, and eye ..

    27 April 2020

    UV light under the conditions known to kill such viruses is also known to cause severe skin burns, skin cancer, and eye damage.

    The International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) and RadTech North America – educational and advocacy organisations consisting of UV equipment vendors, scientists, engineers, consultants, and members of the medical profession – would like to inform the public that there are no protocols to advise or to permit the safe use of UV light directly on the human body at the wavelengths and exposures proven to efficiently kill viruses such as SARS-CoV-2. 

    UV light under the conditions known to kill such viruses is also known to cause severe skin burns, skin cancer, and eye damage. 

    The organisations strongly recommend that anyone using UV light to disinfect medical equipment, surfaces, or air in the context of COVID-19, applications that are supported by sound scientific evidence, follow all recommended health and safety precautions and to avoid direct exposure of the body to the UV light.

    Additional Information on UV Technology for Disinfection

    The ultraviolet spectrum is a band of electromagnetic radiation at higher energies than visible light, split into four major categories: UV-A (400 – 315 nm), UV-B (315 – 280 nm), UV-C (280 – 200 nm), and vacuum-UV (VUV, 100 – 200 nm). 

    UV-A and UV-B are present in sunlight at the earth’s surface; these parts of the ultraviolet spectrum are common causes of sunburn and, with longer-term exposure, melanoma. 
    The risks of human exposure to UV-A and UV-B are well known. Solar UV may be used for disinfection purposes; exposures in the order of several hours to days might be effective at treating surfaces and water. Artificial sources of UV-A and UV-B are not commonly used for disinfection.

    UV-C has been used for disinfection for over a century, with applications in water treatment, air systems, and surfaces. 

    The use of UV-C as a disinfectant is supported by decades of scientific research. UV-C radiation is absorbed by DNA and RNA (the genetic code for all lifeforms), changing its structure. This damage inhibits the ability of the affected cells to reproduce, meaning that they cannot infect and are no longer dangerous. 

    Whereas the UV exposure required to inactivate different microorganisms varies, though there are no known microorganisms that are immune to this treatment and it is regularly used against bacteria, viruses, and protozoa.

    In the same way that UV-C can inactivate bacteria and viruses, it can be damaging to human cells too, since our cells also contain DNA. This exposure can cause skin irritation, damage to the cornea, and cell mutations leading to cancer. 

    Exposure to UV-C radiation is regulated globally, with a common agreement on the risk to human health and safe exposure levels. These regulations and standards set limits on allowable exposure, though in all cases it is recommended to avoid UV exposure where possible.

    • In summary: UV-C irradiation of the skin, eyes, or any body part should be avoided wherever possible;
    • Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when handling un-shielded UV-C radiation sources (e.g. long-sleeved clothing, gloves, and a UV-opaque face shield);
    • Always use UV-C devices in accordance with the manufacturer’s operating instructions to ensure safe operation, and within appropriate enclosures where light leakage has been controlled, and where the risks have been properly managed.


    Meteor Inkjet Ltd takes digital printing of labels, packaging and books to a new level with the launch of eLab Pro, a sc..

    07 April 2020

    Meteor Inkjet Ltd takes digital printing of labels, packaging and books to a new level with the launch of eLab Pro, a scalable industrial inkjet RIP solution in a complete, plug and play package.  
    Powered by Harlequin®, the world’s fastest RIP, eLab Pro builds upon the success of Meteor’s eLab, an essential RIP configuration tool.  Designed for developers of industrial inkjet systems, eLab Pro works seamlessly with Meteor’s inkjet printhead drive electronics and software offering an attractive, intuitive graphical user interface with the ability to command the RIP directly from the print controller or printer Digital Front End (DFE).  Including an out-of-the box DFE and a comprehensive set of ready-made configurations such as QR code generation with variable data imposition, print system builders can be up and running in minutes. 
    eLab Pro delivers all the benefits people have come to expect from Meteor including integrated, ultra-fast access to ScreenPro™, a multi-level screening engine developed by sister company Global Graphics Software that corrects inkjet print imperfections, and MetCal, wizard-driven software that automates printer calibration and runs Meteor’s exclusive nozzle-out compensation technologies.  eLab Pro also works alongside popular VDP PDF products including Harlequin VariData™, STEPZ by Hybrid Software and Variegator by Xitron®.
    Operating efficiently on the same PC as MetPrint or any DFE running Meteor’s PrintEngine, eLab Pro can significantly reduce the cost of computing power and switches for industrial print applications.  Used together with a spectrophotometer (not included) and ICC profile creation software such as that provided by ColorLogic or X-Rite, colour management and precision spot colour matching capabilities are available.  For the ultimate in high-speed book printing or adding variable data to labels and packaging, eLab Pro is available with Meteor’s Scalable RIP Farm where multiple RIPS run in parallel.
    Clive Ayling, Meteor’s managing director comments, “After an enormously successful beta test period, we’re excited to launch eLab Pro which is available immediately.  This is the perfect tool for industrial inkjet customers, with a great GUI and a seamless interface to any Meteor-based workflow.”
    Jonathan “JW” Wilson, Meteor’s head of business development adds, “Existing eLab customers will be pleased to know that we’ve made it extremely easy to upgrade to eLab Pro with complete access to all previously developed configuration files.  Customers can contact me or their local account manager for upgrade details.”

  • + Rapha Gets on the Fast Track with EFI Optitex 3D

    Electronics For Imaging’s (EFI) global provider of integrated end-to-end 2D and 3D CAD/CAM software solutions for ..

    31 March 2020

    Electronics For Imaging’s (EFI) global provider of integrated end-to-end 2D and 3D CAD/CAM software solutions for the fashion and apparel industry, today announced its agreement with Rapha® Racing Ltd., one of the world’s top cycling clothing manufacturers. Through the agreement, Rapha purchased EFI Optitex 3D solutions to enhance its design and production workflow.
    Founded in 2004, London-based Rapha’s cycling clothing collections are globally recognised for redefining comfort, performance, and style for cyclists from beginners to WorldTour professionals. Rapha’s mission is to make cycling the most popular sport in the world. The company organises and sponsors rides and events both within its global 15,000-strong members base known as the Rapha Cycling Club, and for the general public. Rapha has been working with the world’s best athletes for many years and currently partners with the women’s UCI WorldTour team, CANYON//SRAM and the men’s WorldTour team EF Education First® Pro Cycling.
    With Rapha’s commitment to excellence, accelerating design processes and implementing advanced digital solutions, adding EFI Optitex 3D was the next logical step in ensuring the delivery of high-quality products, on time and on budget.
    EFI Optitex partnered with Rapha to boost the clothing manufacturer’s overall efficiency, enabling Rapha to gain a real competitive edge in the industry. The company first implemented EFI Optitex 2D solutions, and more recently augmented the software with EFI Optitex 3D solutions to integrate 3D digital design and prototyping into Rapha’s workflows. Rapha is currently participating in training and on-boarding to implement EFI Optitex 3D Pattern Design Software (PDS) with photorealistic renderings and the 3D Design Illustrator (3DDI) plugin.
    Today, Rapha is primed and ready to grow and embrace the power of an integrated 2D-3D workflow. With EFI Optitex 3D, Rapha will benefit from significant savings in sample production time and make quick adoption decisions. The company will be able to showcase true-to-life virtual samples within hours and work with a single digital asset, eliminating manual steps in the design-development process.
    “We chose Optitex 2D as our pattern cutting solution because of its intuitive, easy-to-use tools and functionalities, and its insight into implementing EFI Optitex 3D down the road, to serve as a single solution in helping us to reduce samples through fit assessment early in the process,” said Rapha Head of Atelier Claudine Rousseau. “What’s more, investing in 3DDI will greatly help our graphics team to visualise graphic applications, and facilitate a more experimental approach. It will also minimise errors in communication with our vendors, saving time and costs.”
    Rousseau added, “We are keen to work with EFI Optitex as a long-term partner to take innovative digital solutions forward, as we strive to maintain our reputation as a leading cyclewear brand.”
    EFI Optitex General Manager Amir Lehr commented, “As an amateur cyclist and an avid customer of Rapha, I’ve learned to appreciate the functional fit, care for details and meticulous design Rapha provides. We share the objective of accelerating concept-to-delivery and customisation while maintaining strict quality control enabled by digitising the workflow, today, and well into the future.”

  • + Kornit Digital Introduces NeoPigment Robusto Softener Solution for Fashion on Demand

    Kornit Digital, a worldwide market leader in digital textile printing technology, announced the release of its new NeoPi..

    24 March 2020

    Kornit Digital, a worldwide market leader in digital textile printing technology, announced the release of its new NeoPigment Robusto Softener solution for Presto, the company’s system for digital, pigment-based direct-to-fabric decoration. Reflecting Kornit’s commitment to expanding sustainable, on-demand (i.e. waste-free) decoration capabilities to all corners of the textile industry, this solution eliminates a key barrier between digital, pigment-based impressions and the fashion industry—namely, a softer hand feel.

    The new Softener solution is a product of the brand’s continuous innovation strategy, making Kornit technology the fashion world’s solution for on-demand proximity production. By streamlining the end-to-end process, these systems eliminate the need to predict demand and manage inventory, while supporting global sustainability imperatives. Offering vibrant colours, intricate design capabilities, and a fabric touch that is second to none, Kornit’s pigment-based digital print solutions require minimal space and labor relative to competitive offerings.

    “The new Softener addresses the final sticking point we’ve encountered for high fashion and other markets considering a move to digital printing—and that’s the touch, the physical feel of the finished piece,” says Ronen Samuel, Kornit CEO. “Being able to produce precisely and only what is sold, and doing so in a manner that reflects the premium modern consumers place on community and social responsibility, is the key to stability and growth in these uncertain times.”

    Kornit digital textile print systems are GOTS and ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX certified.

  • + Caldera Introduces Version 13.1

    French printing software company Caldera has announced the release of the latest edition of its market-leading RIP softw..

    24 March 2020

    French printing software company Caldera has announced the release of the latest edition of its market-leading RIP software, Version 13.1. This version brings a range of new innovative features, including new OS support, several new drivers, along with extra features which are exclusive to CalderaCare customers. Caldera Version 13.1 was unveiled at C!Print/Lyon on 5th February 2020, and is now being rolled out to customers and the company’s distributors around the world.

    With a pre-stated aim of automating double-sided printing production and boosting content tracking, the new version continues to expand the award-winning software’s ability to further enhance the user experience. According to Sébastien Hanssens, VP Marketing & Operations, “Caldera is constantly looking to add innovations and features for our customers that will add value to their business, as well as improve the ease-of-use of the software.”

    All Caldera RIP users will benefit from the introduction of new OS support, which now includes Mac OS Catalina and Linux OS Debian 10. Additionally, new cutter and spectrophotometer drivers have been added. In addition to an impressive list of existing devices, users can now use V13.1 to drive Graphtec FC 9000 and Graphtec CE 7000 cutters and X-Rite i1Pro3 spectrophotometers.

    For CalderaCare subscribers, there is the introduction of a new dedicated portal, the HelpDesk, designed as an easier and faster way to fix user issues and get answers to questions. This new feature will enhance the Caldera experience by providing a new portal via which users will be able to exchange information and submit requests. Help requests will be easier to track using personal accounts from within the Caldera HelpDesk portal.

    Another new feature that’s exclusive to CalderaCare is Nesting Content View. User feedback had identified a need for a way of distinguishing printed and non-printed jobs. Now, with a newly updated version of CalderaJobs, users can easily identify all the Autonest files, search for jobs included inside Autonest files and archive, reprint or delete nested jobs. This will not only make organisation of jobs easier, but also save time and cost in day-to-day operations.

    Caldera has developed automated double-side printing for this latest version. The new feature for CalderaCare subscribers allows jobs to be sent to both roll-to-roll and flatbed printers in an optimized way, allowing users to manage their print module more effectively. Side B is automatically generated based on the Side A design and shape. It also allows for images to be rotated, mirrored and aligned as required. The new double-side print capability is compatible with a wide range of other advanced Caldera modules, resulting in higher productivity and a more flexible workflow.

    Additional information is available on the company's website at 

  • + Epson IC with Voice and Audio Play Function Supports 12 Languages

    Epson has launched a PC tool for creating high-quality voice data in an expanded range of languages for an Epson audio p..

    24 March 2020

    Epson has launched a PC tool for creating high-quality voice data in an expanded range of languages for an Epson audio playback microcontroller and IC. The new tool is compatible with Epson's S1C31D50 (a 32-bit microcontroller with dedicated sound hardware) and the S1V3G340 audio playback IC. 

    The microcontroller and IC support four languages (American English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean), but the new tool provides support for an additional eight languages (American Spanish, British English, Canadian French, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish). 
    The use of voice guidance has become increasingly common in items ranging from remote-controlled tankless water heaters, home electronics, and health and fitness equipment to alarms in office buildings, shopping complexes, and factories.
    Epson's existing sound playback microcontroller and IC have been optimized for these applications and have been well-received by customers. By providing the new tool, Epson enables developers of items such as household equipment, home electronics, health and fitness equipment, and industrial equipment to easily make their products multilingual by embedding an IC.

    Epson bundles the tool with evaluation boards and provides it for free to customers of the S1C31D50 microcontroller and S1V3G340 IC.

    Epson is committed to helping its customers improve the performance of their products with solutions that leverage Epson's efficient, compact, and precision technologies.

    • Click here for an attachment on the specifications
    • For more information about the S1C31D50 32-bit microcontroller with dedicated sound hardware go to:
    • For more information about the S1V3G340 audio playback IC go to:

  • + Home CorelDRAW 2020 Unveils its Fastest, Smartest, and Most Collaborative Graphics Suite

    CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020 enables graphics professionals and teams to break down creative barriers with cutting-edge..

    17 March 2020

    CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020 enables graphics professionals and teams to break down creative barriers with cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI), impressive performance enhancements, and access to cloud-based collaboration to speed up the creative workflow. Offering native suites for macOS and Windows, plus for the web, the CorelDRAW 2020 graphics software lineup delivers the power designers need to get from original concept to flawless output in record time.

    With a complete collection of professional applications for vector illustration, layout and typography, photo editing, and more, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020 makes its debut with extensive updates to accelerate the creation of complex projects and graphics. Use to work with design files virtually anywhere and, for the first time, subscribers can take advantage of the app’s new collaboration features to simplify the entire review and approval process.

    “Our flagship CorelDRAW release introduces state-of-the-art tech to enhance your entire design experience. With CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020, teams and clients can now access a centralized collaboration hub to get everyone on the same page in real time; while designers can discover the power of machine learning to create striking results, faster than ever. Make no mistake — this isn’t AI for AI’s sake. We’ve leveraged artificial intelligence across the suite to make the biggest impact on your professional graphics workflow,” said John Falsetto, Senior Director of Products, CorelDRAW and Productivity.

    CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020 offers new capabilities to produce visually stunning designs and high-quality assets, every time. Highlights include:

    AI-powered tools that expand design capabilities and accelerate workflows
    GPU-optimized artificial intelligence makes an impressive and time-saving impact across the design process. This deep AI technology integration enables users to deliver exceptional results, when nothing short of perfection will do.

    NEW! Image upsampling and artefact removal: Enlarge images with AI-based upsampling options that create high quality results with clean edges, sharpness, and fine details. Get more out of lossy JPEG images with machine learning techniques that remove JPEG compression artifacts and recover color details, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual editing.

    REDESIGNED! PowerTRACE™: Experience our best bitmap-to-vector trace results to date thanks to CorelDRAW’s new AI-assisted image-optimization technology that improves the quality of a bitmap as it’s being traced.

    NEW! Art Style effects: When working in CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT™, choose from a range of eye-catching AI presets inspired by the techniques of different artists and genres to produce a stylized version of an image or object.

    ENHANCED! Masks in Corel PHOTO-PAINT™: Quickly and accurately select an image with the new Smart Selection Mask that intelligently expands the selection by finding edges. The Mask Transform tool now enables transformations to be applied to pixels within a mask.

    Seamless collaboration to speed and simplify the review process

    Boost productivity by taking advantage of an all-new collaboration workflow in, available exclusively with a CorelDRAW Graphics Suite subscription, licensing with maintenance, or an additional Pro subscription for perpetual license customers.

    NEW! Easily share files for collaborative review and approval: Offering a dramatically better way to connect with colleagues and clients in real time, can now

  • + Two new products now available from Ricky!!!

    Mercury This 100% PET satin film is ideal for hanging displays, retractable banner systems and posters. Available i..

    17 March 2020


    This 100% PET satin film is ideal for hanging displays, retractable banner systems and posters. Available in both 91.4cm and 127cm widths, Mercury is suitable for eco solvent, UV and latex printers.

    PP Display Film

    This quick drying synthetic film is ideal for posters and banner systems. Available in both 91.4cm and 127cm widths, PP Display Film is suitable for eco solvent and UV printers.

    If you would like further information, contact one of the Print Media experts today on 029735 3333 or


    HVG Graphics Media are proud to introduce you to the updated imprint self-adhesive vinyl collection, designed to meet th..

    17 March 2020

    HVG Graphics Media are proud to introduce you to the updated imprint self-adhesive vinyl collection, designed to meet the needs of the Australian market - the range you’ve been waiting for. 

    The imprint collection is an economical offering and consists of digitally printable films and matching overlaminates which are a great choice for everyday applications such as short to medium term flat and gently curved signage, ultraclear window graphics, point of sale campaigns, perforated window advertising and more.
    With modern product benefits on selected products such as air flow liners for fast, bubble free application, stay –flat liners, block-out adhesives, high tack adhesives, widths up to 1550mm and gloss and matte finishes, imprint has the breadth of products you want.

    With the HVG Graphic Media’s team being renowned for their knowledge and experience in the wide format industry, they have taken time to re-define the imprint brand, revealing a dependable range of products positioned as the go-to choice for your day-to-day wide format printing needs. 

  • + SAi announces availability of SideKick job organization tool to streamline project management for sign and large format print businesses

    Simple to use software designed to deliver improved capacity management, smoother workflow and greater productivity ..

    10 March 2020

    Simple to use software designed to deliver improved capacity management, smoother workflow and greater productivity

    SA International (SAi), the leading provider of software solutions for professional signmaking, wide-format digital printing and CAD/CAM machining industries, has announced the availability of SideKick – a convenient and easy-to-use job organisation tool that helps sign and large format print businesses to effortlessly manage their end-to-end production operations, from quote creation to invoicing.

    Simple to use, SideKick comes pre-loaded with a database of predefined products and finishing options, including average industry costs, to rapidly and accurately configure pricing, while factoring in materials, labor, commissions, discounts and taxes. Users can also tailor pricing for their own business. Via an intuitive quoting system, sign shops and large format print providers can quickly create professional and personalised PDF job quotes to send to customers within just a few minutes, based on size, quantity and finishing of the product.

    Thereafter, SideKick lets users organise account contacts, convert quotes into orders with one-click and track jobs through various production stages. This enables jobs to be rapidly exported into the invoicing process so that payments are made quicker and cashflow is improved.

     “No one likes doing paperwork, but it’s necessary if you’re running a business. Our smaller customers, in particular, frequently tell us that administrative tasks are their least favorite and most time-consuming part of their jobs,” says Annette Plummer, VP Marketing, SAi.

    “SAi SideKick effectively addresses our customers’ wider requirements and ensures hassle-free shop management at a low monthly operating cost,” Plummer adds. “The result is a more streamlined administrative process that ultimately saves business managers time.”

    Accessible via monthly or annual subscription to existing SAi users, SideKick functions as a standalone tool independent of both SAi’s Flexi signmaking and EnRoute CNC CAD/CAM software solutions. Those customers accessing Flexi or EnRoute on a subscription basis can also take advantage of a preferential pricing structure when subscribing to SideKick.

    Pricing is as follows:

    • For current Flexi subscribers: $49.95 / €49.95 a month based on annual commitment, $59.95 / €59.95 for month-to-month.
    • For traditional Flexi licenses: $69.95 / €69.95 a month based on annual commitment, $79.95 / €79.95 for month-to-month.

    SideKick can be purchased directly from SAi by visiting: 

  • + cotodesign Personalisation Software Now Available in Australia

    Imagine. Personalise. Create. cotodesign is an innovative design and print management software package that allows..

    10 March 2020

    Imagine. Personalise. Create. 

    cotodesign is an innovative design and print management software package that allows customers to personalise apparel and gift items in-store using photos or artwork from their mobile device. 

    cotodesign provides an intuitive workflow so customers can design, personalise and order. The browser-based software enables customers to easily create original designs using their own photos, images and text on a range of products using the cotodesign web application on a tablet or computer terminal in-store or on-site. 

    Key Features 

    • Easy-to-use and integrate into store environments
    • Works in combination with a selection of Roland DG devices
    • Intuitive interface makes it easy for customers to personalise a wide range of merchandise
    • Customers can connect to the store’s wi-fi network to use photos from their mobile devices
    • Used by leading brands for the mass-customisation of products such as jewellery, cosmetics, packaging and more.
    With cotodesign, retailers can offer their customers a unique on-site experience, increasing business through product personalisation. 

    Find Out More 

    For more information on cotodesign, including detail on supported Roland DG devices, click here.

  • + SAi earmarks FESPA 2020 for new product premier as subscription-based software milestone is achieved

    Company announces that, as of Q1 2020, over 14,000 global sign & display business now accessing its software via sub..

    03 March 2020

    Company announces that, as of Q1 2020, over 14,000 global sign & display business now accessing its software via subscription.

    SA International (SAi), has announced that FESPA Global Print Expo 2020 (Madrid, Spain: 24-27 March) will provide the platform on which it will premier an innovative new software tool that enables sign and large format print businesses to more easily manage their design to production operations.

    On its stand (5-D40), the event will also see SAi showcase the latest version of its powerful Flexi signmaking software. Flexi 19 delivers greater power to significantly improve the production capabilities for sign & display users, thanks to a high-performance 64-bit RIP engine that provides a speed increase of over 30%.

    Subscription-based offering a hit among customers

    As well as demonstrating the throughput-enhancing functionality of its signmaking and printing software solutions, SAi will highlight the way in which it continues to revolutionise the accessibility of those packages via its popular subscription-based purchasing model.

    As of Q1 2020, SAi reached the milestone figure of registering over 14,000 large format print providers and sign & display businesses worldwide who benefit from new levels of flexibility and cost management via this purchasing method. Visitors to SAi’s stand can learn more about the benefits of accessing both Flexi signmaking and printing software and EnRoute CAD/CAM software through monthly subscription and cloud-based downloads.

    Hear directly from SAi within the FESPA Trends Theatre

    FESPA will also see Eyal Friedman, SAi’s Vice-President, Technical Services, partake in an interactive panel discussion as part of the event’s official conference programme. Entitled, “A Big Step for Mankind: What are the Next Technology Leaps in Digital Printing?”, this insightful session will take place in the Trends Theatre on the show floor on Thursday 26 March from 13.00h-14.00h.

    “As a key event in our trade show calendar, we encourage visitors to visit our stand at FESPA, meet our team of software experts and see our latest innovations that have been engineered specifically to make life easier for sign and large format print providers,” says Annette Plummer, VP Marketing, SAi.

    “On top of that, we’re thrilled that we’ll be heading to FESPA as we celebrate another milestone with our pioneering subscription-based software – now the most complete design, RIP, vinyl cut, and print & cut package in the industry,” she concludes.

  • + TECHKON releases ChromaLT software for small-to-medium size printers

    Colour Graphics Services, the Australian distributor for Techkon colour measuring instruments, is please to announce the..

    26 February 2020

    Colour Graphics Services, the Australian distributor for Techkon colour measuring instruments, is please to announce the availability of Techkon’s ChromaLT – a ‘lite’ version of the Chroma software.

    Designed for small and mid-sized packaging printers who are looking for an affordable solution that is easy to deploy in the pressroom, ChromaLT is the ultimate companion software for press-side spectrophotometers and makes matching colour on press quick and easy. ChromaLT guides operators on how to get a match with either specific ink density adjustments (G7 verified) or by toning the ink when density adjustments need supplementing. 

    Operators will appreciate color matching feedback that is easy to understand, actionable, and with clear Pass/Fail indications. When the job is done, the measurements are saved and a report can be generated for the quality department or the end customer, showing that colours were printed in tolerances and the job was a success. ChromaLT improves print process efficiencies by removing the colour matching guesswork, cutting make-ready times, and ultimately increasing profitability.

    Features include:
    Centralisation for the storage of colour standards by organising into and Libraries
    Adding new colours via measurement, import from file, or text entry
    Searchability for colours by name or by deltaE threshold
    Rationalisation of “clean” colour standards database with the Search by deltaE feature to find duplicates and similar colours
    Picking of colours, setting the deltaE tolerance for each, and either Save or Run the job immediately
    Choosing up to 8 colours per job and set the deltaE tolerances for each
    Measuring colours in any order and ChromaLT automatically identifies the correct colour standard in the job
    Instant PASS/FAIL and colour difference results with easy to understand graphics
    Get actionable feedback with InkCheck technology which provides specific density adjustments to achieve lowest possible deltaE on press
    Creating reports for internal and external stakeholders
    Reduction of trial-and-error with actionable feedback and clear direction for operators

    David Crowther of Colour Graphics Services notes: “Techkon ChromaLT represents excellent value for such an advanced colour management software application and works seamlessly with Techkon SpectroDens. It is available on either a yearly subscription or outright lifetime purchase.”