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    SAi Flexi, the all-in-one design, print, and cut software for sign and print providers, now offers compatibility with Canon's entire UVgel roll-to-roll printer range. This includes...

    February 13 2024

    SAi Flexi, the all-in-one design, print, and cut software for sign and print providers, now offers compatibility with Canon's entire UVgel roll-to-roll printer range. This includes both the Colorado 1600 series and the newly introduced Colorado M-series. The latest version of our RIP software, Flexi 22, supports all Colorado models, ensuring seamless integration into sophisticated production workflows.

    SAi, a leader in design-to-production software, has released Service Pack 4 for Flexi 22, which adds drivers for the whole Colorado range (1630, 1640, 1650, M3 [W] and M5 [W]) and supports both white and multilayer printing. The new software drivers also support Canon’s FLXfinish+ technology, which enables customers to print matte, gloss or mixed matte and gloss on the same print, without the need for additional varnish.

    SAi Flexi

    Capable of driving up to five printers simultaneously and any number of cutters, SAi Flexi offers a complete all-in-one solution for designing, printing, cutting and print & cut. With the addition of the cross-platform ‘Flexi Designer’, it delivers a versatile experience, giving users a seamless workflow from design to production. An easy-to-use white printing workflow, that allows for the creation and customisation of white layers, comes as standard in all versions of SAi Flexi. The software incorporates a robust 64-bit RIP architecture that ensures optimal performance and precision in advanced colour management, spot colour mapping, Pantone matching, true-shape nesting, and banner finishing.

    Scalable and modular Colorado M-series

    The Colorado M-series is a modular 1.6m roll-to-roll printer with two speed configurations that is also available with Canon UVgel white ink, boosting the printer’s exceptional productivity and substantially expanding the range of applications customers can create.

    The unique formulation of Canon’s UVgel ink facilitates the fast build-up of dense and opaque white images in fewer passes than conventional printing technologies, while printed output retains its original whiteness over time. The particular properties of UVgel also eliminate many of the production, nozzle-cleaning and maintenance challenges commonly associated with white ink, while delivering smooth, error-free printing, reducing ink usage and waste, and increasing productivity.

    Radisa Peric, Flexi Product Manager at SA International, comments:

    “We are proud to offer our wide customer base the full support of the Colorado UVgel roll-to-roll printer range. SAi Flexi software is omnipresent in sign and print shops worldwide so the ability for our customers to use their preferred software with their Colorado printers is a win-win partnership.”

    Mathieu Peeters, Senior Director Strategic Marketing Large Format Graphics Worldwide at Canon Production Printing, comments:

    “Canon Production Printing truly believes in open systems, which enables partners and customers to integrate Canon printers in their workflow by offering an Application Programming Interface (API) and a Software Development Kit (SDK). SAi, one of the largest RIP software vendors, has a huge network of highly satisfied sign makers and print service providers (PSPs) worldwide. I am extremely pleased that our sales partners, offering SAi as their preferred RIP software, can now provide their customers with an integrated solution – SAi Flexi driving our Canon Colorado printers. In addition, PSPs utilizing SAi Flexi software can now capture the benefits of UVgel by adding Canon Colorado printers to their production floor without changing their workflow. SAi managed to create a driver for the Colorado printers supporting the full functionality within the shortest timeframe. This proves that SAi is a true Canon Software Ambassador.”

    Canon Software Ambassador Program

    The Canon Software Ambassador Program is designed for independent software vendors, aiming to integrate with Canon production printers, to provide Sales Partners and Customers an end-to-end workflow solution fully tuned to the customer needs.

  • + Color-Logic Unveils Text-FX

    Color-Logic has proudly announced the launch of Text-FX™ , a groundbreaking addition to the Color-Logic product suite. A unique, stylized Illustrator palette that includes 20 ...

    February 06 2024

    Color-Logic has proudly announced the launch of Text-FX™ , a groundbreaking addition to the Color-Logic product suite. A unique, stylized Illustrator palette that includes 20 extraordinary text effects, Text-FX is specifically designed for creatives and graphic designers, enabling them to dramatically change the way text can be used in various design projects, including signage, posters, and greeting cards.

    Announcing the Text-FX introduction, Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves said: "With Text-FX, Color-Logic continues a tradition of providing innovative tools that enable designers to push the boundaries of creativity. The easy-to-use Text-FX interface ensures that even those new to design can create stunning professional-level text effects."

    Key Features of Color-Logic Text-FX:

    Fully Editable Text Styles: Text-FX provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing designers to modify color, size, font, and the applied Illustrator FX styles.

    Color Customisation:

    With the integrated Color-Logic palettes, changing colors to suit design needs is a breeze.

    Enhanced Creative Control: The tool offers the ability to edit, add, or remove the applied Illustrator FX styles effortlessly.

    Font Versatility: Switching fonts to create diverse and beautiful designs takes only seconds.

    Compatibility: Text-FX is designed to be compatible with Color-Logic Pattern-FX, Gold, and Pro Palettes, ensuring seamless integration into existing design workflows.

    Color-Logic Text-FX is available for purchase by licensed Color-Logic users. For more information, see 

  • + Caldera Announces New DTG and DTF RIP Solutions

    Caldera has announced a RIP solution for direct-to-garment (DTG) and direct-to-film (DTF) printing, representing a strategic move into one of the fastest growing segments of digita...

    January 30 2024

    Caldera has announced a RIP solution for direct-to-garment (DTG) and direct-to-film (DTF) printing, representing a strategic move into one of the fastest growing segments of digital inkjet printing.

    The Caldera Direct-to-X product range will initially only be available in a bundle from selected DTG and DTF printer OEMs, as the first of a suite of linked products. It will be followed by Caldera Direct-to-Object and Caldera Direct-to-Fabric, and the new software will form a suite of Direct-to-X RIPs, aimed squarely at the garment decoration market.

    Caldera’s VP Marketing & Operations, Sebastien Hanssens, explains: “We’re already bundling with some market leading garment printer manufacturers, while continuing to work with other OEMs to offer an exciting new solution for garment printing machines. Caldera has also created a new offering for the apparel decoration market, aimed at users who want to provide full customization to their clients, from unique pieces to small batch print runs.” The software’s key features will include color management, a background knock-out feature, intelligent white management, ink management and an easy-to-use GUI.

    Caldera Direct-to-X product range is a radical change for the company in another way: It will be the first Caldera RIP product to natively run on Microsoft Windows, as well as Mac OS and Linux.

    “Alongside being bundled with new DTG and DTF printers, Caldera Direct-to-x RIP will become available to customers on a subscription basis later in the year,” says Sebastien. “It will be suitable for a range of desktop, industrial and hybrid printers – so watch this space for further updates.”

  • + One Vision Software Release 23.2

    Automating manual routine tasks, using materials efficiently – automation and digitization are becoming increasingly important topics for printing companies. As an automation exper...

    December 12 2023

    Automating manual routine tasks, using materials efficiently – automation and digitization are becoming increasingly important topics for printing companies. As an automation expert, OneVision Software supports print service providers worldwide on their way to connected and automated production processes. With the new version 23.2, OneVision expands the functionality of its modular automation software, providing printers with even more features for automated production.

    Regensburg. Many printing companies are currently concerned how their business can be securely and stably positioned for the future. Various industry analyses based on surveys show how the challenging economic situation, fierce competition and increasing staff shortages are leading to uncertainty.

    The implementation of automation software has proven to be a real game changer for many companies. Print service providers benefit from such solutions in many ways: Saving on substrates, optimizing throughput times but also relieving staff. "We have 50% more jobs in-house than before, but still with the same staff," reports Sergio Nobile, CEO of Swiss company Edubook AG.

    The printing company has been working with OneVision automation software for many years. Thanks to the modular structure and flexibility of the system, the solution can be tailored to the needs of the individual print business. In addition to increasing efficiency, OneVision's software solutions also offer a high level of data security and reliability, independent of third-party systems. Furthermore, the automation solution can be connected to any software and hardware components, enabling seamless end-to-end production.

    With the release of the latest software version, new connectors have been added: the integration to ColorGATE Productionserver and to Horizon StitchLiner. The new version 23.2 also offers optimizations in print sheet preparation and improvements in variable data printing. The workflow editor has been enhanced with a new module overview for optimized handling. This simplifies the handling of complex workflows in particular. The additional display of throughput times per job also ensures greater transparency.

    OneVision has also introduced new functionalities for the image processing software Amendo AI. The software now also processes and optimizes images in PDF files and thus ensures uniform and homogeneous image quality. The Smart Crop function has been improved and can now also crop images independently of the AI-based object recognition.

  • + Fiery and GIS Collaborate to Drive Advancement in the Industrial Inkjet Market

    Fiery, LLC and Global Inkjet Systems (GIS), a Nano Dimension division, announced a technology partnership to develop innovative print system solutions for the industrial inkjet market. The compa...

    December 05 2023

    Fiery, LLC and Global Inkjet Systems (GIS), a Nano Dimension division, announced a technology partnership to develop innovative print system solutions for the industrial inkjet market. The companies will leverage their industry-leading expertise in digital front ends (DFEs) and printhead drive electronics, software, and ink delivery systems to enhance inkjet press performance, improve print quality, and automate workflows. In addition, GIS will now offer Fiery Impress™, the turnkey DFE for industrial inkjet presses, to its customers.

    The integrated solution will combine Fiery Impress and GIS printhead drive electronics supported by the GIS Atlas® software platform to provide press manufacturers and inkjet integrators with a hassle-free, ready-to-go solution that includes colour and workflow software, hardware, and robust support. The Fiery DFE's scalability, when combined with the robust GIS electronics and core software, offers unique opportunities that can be tailored to meet any press requirement.
    With a turnkey solution, press manufacturers have access to market-leading technology, including superior colour management, automation, and integrated workflow tools. This enables rapid inkjet product development and provides print system builders with added value and a faster return on investment. In addition, print providers benefit from innovative inkjet systems with precise colour control and efficient and easily customisable workflows that improve quality and drive profitability.

    “By joining forces with GIS, we want to make inkjet printing more profitable for customers across a broader range of applications and accelerate overall inkjet adoption,” said Toby Weiss, CEO, Fiery. “The combination of Fiery Impress and GIS technology provides printers with a complete workflow solution to efficiently produce more jobs using inkjet presses. Leveraging prepress, colour management, job management, VDP, MIS integration, and cloud analytics, printers can reduce manual touches, improve productivity, and grow their inkjet operations.”

    “Collaboration is key within the inkjet industry,” said Steve Williamson, GM, GIS. “We are delighted to join forces with Fiery and be able to offer a combined inkjet development technology platform to reduce time to market for print system builders and OEMs.”

    Both companies are exhibiting at the Industrial Print Integration (IPI) Conference in Dusseldorf, Germany. Attendees can learn more about the partnership at the Fiery booth #C2 or the GIS booth #B16.

    For more information about Fiery Driven™ printing using the world’s leading DFE solutions for digital colour production, visit 

  • + Caldera Announces Version 17 of CalderaRIP

    French software developer Caldera has announced the release of the latest version of CalderaRIP, its award-winning RIP program for large-format digital printing & cutting. Starting...

    November 28 2023

    French software developer Caldera has announced the release of the latest version of CalderaRIP, its award-winning RIP program for large-format digital printing & cutting. Starting October 2023, users will be able to upgrade their RIP to Version 17 in order to experience the full range of new features and improvements. Highlights of this new Version include the official support of macOS Sonoma, the integration of Adobe PDF Print Engine 6.2, more than 30 new drivers, and an extended range of new features to facilitate colour management, printing and cutting tasks.

    According to Arnaud Fabre, Head of Product at Caldera, “CalderaRIP remains at the forefront of PDF performance with the integration of the latest version of Adobe PDF Print Engine. This integration not only ensures compatibility with Adobe Creative Suite’s evolution, but also guarantees precise rendering for all PDF files. As always, our users can rely on Caldera’s stability and high performance to deliver perfect results, streamline their processes and meet the challenges of a rapidly changing industry.”

    Colour is paramount in digital printing, and Version 17 brings an array of powerful colour management features to help users deliver the best possible results. With this new version, users can share their spot colour libraries, a highly requested feature that significantly expedites the setup of new workstations. Within EasyMedia, Caldera’s colour management module, users gain the ability to select the formula for measuring colour distances, ensuring the utmost accuracy for a wide range of substrates. Moreover, they can enable the Auto- Smoothing option, effectively improving linearization curves and eliminating color management inaccuracies. In addition, Caldera continues to provide official access to spot colour libraries, including Pantone, RAL and HKS, simplifying the process of achieving precise brand colours. With Version 17, all users can enjoy the latest additions of PANTONE Solid Coated V5 and Solid Uncoated V5 for an even more comprehensive colour palette.

    In Version 17, CalderaCare subscribers are in for a treat with an exclusive range of new features. Users with a CalderaCare subscription will now be granted one InkPerformer license for one printer, a resourceful solution that can reduce ink consumption by up to 35%, thereby significantly cutting down production costs and improving margins.

    Furthermore, Caldera introduces its own REST API, enabling seamless integration of CalderaRIP with third-party applications such as webshops or ERP software. The REST API paves the way for more efficient job submission and improved job cost-tracking. In addition, the bicubic resampling feature has been incorporated in CalderaRIP, allowing operators to rescale images without pixelation issues, resulting in sharper and more detailed output. The SmartImport & PrintProof features also remain exclusive to CalderaCare subscribers— and with Version 17, users can leverage the ‘repeat_y’ metadata within SmartImport to set the desired number of vertical pattern repetitions, opening the door for automated wallpaper production.

    Samin Sarkar, General Manager at Caldera, says “Caldera continues to push the boundaries of digital printing technology, and this latest Version shows our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. With its array of new features and enhanced performance, users can expect improved efficiency, precision, and creative possibilities.”

  • + New KODAK Premium Textured Display Film

    KODAK Wide-Format Media introduces KODAK Premium Textured Display Film, an opaque banner material that prints sharp graphics on both sides for twice the impact. Highly scratch...

    November 28 2023

    KODAK Wide-Format Media introduces KODAK Premium Textured Display Film, an opaque banner material that prints sharp graphics on both sides for twice the impact. Highly scratch- and water-resistant, this durable film is a PVC/PET hybrid material, making it a high-performance yet cost-effective solution for indoor and outdoor use, including trade show and event exhibits, banner stands, and point-of-purchase displays. The double-sided base material is stable, resists curl, and stays flat when unrolled.

    “What truly sets this material apart from the traditional banner material is its soft, textured, velvet-like finish on both sides,” says Tony Sary, Sr. Director of Product Development for KODAK Wide-Format Media. “Also, there is no need for lamination; just print, trim, and ship.”

    KODAK Premium Textured Display Film is compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, resin, and UV-curable printers.

  • + Avery Dennison® Unveils Celestial Satins

    Three New Mesmerising Colours for Supreme Wrapping Film™ in Australia and New Zealand Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions introduced its 2023 Celestial Satins colour collection today, feat...

    October 24 2023

    Three New Mesmerising Colours for Supreme Wrapping Film™ in Australia and New Zealand

    Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions introduced its 2023 Celestial Satins colour collection today, featuring three exciting new colour additions to the company’s Supreme Wrapping Film™ ColorFlow™ series, to the Australian and New Zealand market. 

    The three new colours, Satin Solar Dawn, Satin Moonstone and Satin Frozen Ocean, reveal a celestial light effect in these satin-finished films as a beautiful shifting spectrum of fluid colour. These iridescent shades transform a vehicle into a work of art as light moves around its contours with a mesmerising effect. 

    “The Celestial Satin range is an exceptional addition to our Supreme Wrapping Film colour change portfolio,” said Chris Sherry, Product Manager of Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions Australia and New Zealand. “These new captivating ColorFlow films are poised to inspire wrap designers to craft impactful visual effects that leave a lasting impression.” 

    The Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film portfolio, renowned in the wrap installation community for its premium vehicle wraps, offers excellent conformability, durability, and performance. It has the innovative Easy Apply™ RS technology, which allows for rapid installation and easy repositioning, elimination of wrinkles or bubbles for a smooth finish, and damage-free wrap removal. 

    The three new Supreme Wrapping Film ColorFlow Celestial Satin colours are available for purchase via all Avery Dennison authorised distributors in Australia and New Zealand. 

  • + TrueVIS Orange and Green TR2 Inks Are Now Approved for 3M™ MCS™ Warranty Program

    Roland DG Corporation, a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and printer/cutters worldwide, today announced that the TR2 Orange and Green inks used in the TrueVIS VG3/VG2/VF2 wide-f...

    October 17 2023

    Roland DG Corporation, a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and printer/cutters worldwide, today announced that the TR2 Orange and Green inks used in the TrueVIS VG3/VG2/VF2 wide-format eco-solvent printer models are now compliant with the 3M™ MCS™ Warranty program. This is in addition to the previously announced CMYKLcLmLk.

    The 3M™ MCS™ Warranty provides full, non-prorated protection for the intended life of each graphic, including fading, cracking, peeling and other aspects of graphic performance. The weathering technology and rigorous testing of ink and printer combinations that 3M stands behind with this warranty assures customers that the quality of their images will be maintained for the life of the graphic. 

    TR2 inks in CMYKLcLmLk were previously compliant with the 3M™ MCS™ Warranty Program, and now the Orange and Green inks are certified under the same program. Tony Miller, President of Roland DG’s Global Sales and Marketing Division said, “The combination of the TrueVIS series, which delivers rich printing expression with the power to excite hearts and minds, and 3M's highly durable graphic media and laminating films, enables the production of high-quality sign graphics that offer a long-term warranty with greater peace of mind than ever before. I believe that the TrueVIS series will help take our customers’ business success to the next level.” 

    To learn more about the Roland DG TrueVIS brand, please visit

  • + Fiery New Digital Factory Release

    Fiery, LLC, the largest independent provider of digital front ends (DFEs), today announced the latest rele...

    October 10 2023

    Fiery, LLC, the largest independent provider of digital front ends (DFEs), today announced the latest release of the award-winning Digital Factory RIP software, making it easier than ever to create personalized, customized, and other specialty production products with perfect color accuracy through custom print modes and color profiles. Driving virtually all direct to film (DTF), direct to garment (DTG), sublimation, UV, toner transfer, and wide format print and cut devices, Digital Factory v11.1 features a more intuitive user interface, redesigned layouts, enhanced workflow automation, and true shape nesting. The new capabilities streamline print operations, save hours in production time, and increase profitability by reducing costly material waste. 

    “Customers expect quality, accuracy, and speed when it comes to direct to film and specialty print applications, and no other software RIP combines color accuracy with device support like Digital Factory,” said John Henze, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Fiery. “Collaborating with our extensive customer base, we developed a next-generation interface with the user in mind. With this latest update to Digital Factory, businesses of all sizes canquickly find the right tools and dial in the perfect settings to achieve efficient, high-volume production with the highest possible quality.” 

    “Digital Factory v11 was already a favorite, but with the launch of v11.1, it has taken a giant leap forward,” said Tony Lee, Sales Director, All American Print Supply Co. “There’s simply no match out there for its excellence. The improvements are astounding – it’s now even better, cleaner, more intuitive, and easier to use than ever before. Digital Factory v11.1 sets a new standard for digital solutions, and it’s a joy to see how it continues to evolve and exceed expectations.” 

    Digital Factory offers powerful production management tools and color profiles to achieve stunning color reproduction and accuracy on the widest variety of substrates. New capabilities in Digital Factory v11.1 include:  

    Improved Usability, Organization & Layout. A new interface offers clear navigation and user-friendly controls, reducing the learning curve, streamlining job setup, and increasing productivity while minimizing production errors. For example, Queue Groups can now be created with a single icon click with drag and drop features, allowing both Queues or Group tabs to be quickly reordered for improved organization and layout.  

    Reduced Material Use: Digital Factory now provides true shape nesting, allowing more efficient use of spaces or gaps when nesting print and cut designs. This reduces material usage and supports sustainability efforts.  

    Quickly Identify Job Lists: New icons, settings menu, and image scaling make it easier for operators to quickly see production feedback and what has been processed. 

    “This new release takes the powerful tools and features customers love and makes it easier than ever to operate. Designers and printers have the power to create at their fingertips and produce vibrant DTF or DTG prints that set them apart from the competition,” continued Henze.

  • + CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Unveils Updates to Boost Creativity and Productivity

    CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, the fully loaded professional design toolkit for delivering vector illustration, layout, photo editing, typography, and real-time collaboration, introduce...

    September 26 2023

    CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, the fully loaded professional design toolkit for delivering vector illustration, layout, photo editing, typography, and real-time collaboration, introduces updates today that empower designers to achieve amazing results quickly and more efficiently. Available with a subscription, the newest productivity-powered features and enhancements boost creativity and simplify the graphic design workflow. 

    “Thanks to the latest updates, designers can enjoy creating more in less time,” said Klaus Vossen, Senior Product Manager for CorelDRAW. “We want to accelerate designers’ success by enabling them to unleash their creative potential and bring their artistic visions to life, whether they’re at the office, home, or on the go.” 

    Here’s what’s new for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite subscribers and maintenance customers: 

    • NEW! Focus Mode: Bring a single object or a group of objects into focus, editing components of artwork in isolation without the risk of losing a selection with a stray click. The new breadcrumb floating toolbar further simplifies object navigation, reducing the need for multiple open dockers/inspectors and freeing up more space for designing. 
    • NEW! File Explorer in Assets docker/inspector: A new interactive folder explorer allows designers to browse through folders seamlessly, with improved discoverability and easier access to sorting controls, while a series of additional enhancements will accelerate workflows.  
    • ENHANCED! Print Merge: Tackle variable data print jobs with greater versatility and ease thanks to an advanced Print Merge workflow, including support for QR codes, images, and .xlsx data in an optimized UI. Eliminate repetitive steps when printing from the same design and data source by taking advantage of new data persistence in .CDR files.
    • ENHANCED! Export workflow: It’s now easier than ever to output objects and pages to even more file formats from the Export docker/inspector, now including CDR, WEBP, CGM, PSD, and BMP. A redesigned workflow simplifies exporting the current page, all pages, or selected objects. 
    • ENHANCED! PDF import: Thanks to optimized paragraph handling, accurate recognition of formatting details, and smoother transitions for multi-column layouts, users can enjoy a streamlined editing workflow, making it easier and more efficient to work with imported PDF content. 
    • NEW! Customer-requested enhancements: Based on direct user feedback, designers can deliver projects faster and more efficiently thanks to refinements to many frequently used features, as well as performance and stability enhancements across the suite.  

    In addition to the popular budget-friendly subscription, designers have the opportunity to purchase a perpetual version of the software, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2023. This one-time purchase option includes several updates that were previously released for subscription customers since CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021, plus some all-new features and refinements introduced in March 2023 and September 2023. Many of the new features and enhancements, apps, and workflows are available exclusively to subscribers and maintenance customers and are not available in the one-time purchase version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2023.

  • + New HP Recycled Removable Adhesive Fabric, 3-in Core (Latex/solvent)

    Due to the popularity of HP Recycled Removable Adhesive Fabric for aqueous printers, HP now introduces HP Recycled Removable Adhesive Fabric, 3-in Core (Latex/solvent), made with r...

    September 26 2023

    Due to the popularity of HP Recycled Removable Adhesive Fabric for aqueous printers, HP now introduces HP Recycled Removable Adhesive Fabric, 3-in Core (Latex/solvent), made with recycled water bottles* and coating materials for Original HP Latex, solvent, low-solvent, and UV-curable inks. 

    HP Recycled Removable Adhesive Fabric, 3-in Core (Latex/solvent) has the same remarkable water-based, repositionable adhesive that doesn’t harden over time and can be mounted on indoor and outdoor surfaces without leaving a residue.

    “HP Recycled Removable Adhesive Fabric, 3-in Core (Latex/solvent) is the ideal solution for a variety of applications and is offered at a comparable price to traditional non-post-consumer recycled products,” says Michelle Oczkowski, BMG Product Manager for HP Large Format Media.

    This non-PVC product meets environmental and safety standards, can help to reduce the environmental impact of printing and is certified slip-resistant for floor graphics. It can be contour cut and applied without stretching.

    HP Recycled* Removable Adhesive Fabric, 3-in Core (Latex/solvent):

    • Capture realistic detail for wall murals, floor graphics, signage, and retail displays
    • Smooth, matte finish for deep blacks, vivid colors, and high ink saturation
    • Contour cut and apply without stretching
    • Certified slip-resistant for floor graphics*
    • Flame-resistant
    • REACH compliant*
    • Fast-drying

  • + Xeikon to Release ECO Toners for CHEETAH Technology

    New toners with up to 60% recycled materials will be introduced at Labelexpo EuropeLier, Belgium – Xeikon will present the third generation of its market-leading CHEETAH pri...

    August 15 2023

    New toners with up to 60% recycled materials will be introduced at Labelexpo Europe

    Lier, Belgium – Xeikon will present the third generation of its market-leading CHEETAH printing technology (CHEETAH 3.0) at Labelexpo Europe this coming September. While Xeikon dry toner technology is already the most food-safe solution on the market, new legislation and brand owner expectations are further advancing demands for more sustainable solutions. In response, Xeikon has developed revolutionary new toners without abandoning the strong values of its existing technology, introducing a higher level of sustainability as a direct response to what is undoubtedly the biggest concern for brand owners and end consumers in today’s market. The development of new ECO toners is also a key component of Xeikon’s sustainability goals, which aim to reduce the company’s carbon footprint by 40% in the coming years.

    The breakthrough advancements achieved with the introduction of new Xeikon ECO toners align themselves along two main axes: sustainability and food safety.

    Sustainability – with up to 60% sustainable components chemically derived from high-grade transparent recycled PET bottles and other reclaimed carbon materials, converters will see a number of immediate benefits from transitioning to ECO toners:

    The carbon footprint of Xeikon print technology is reduced by more than 10% which also contributes to converters’ own sustainability goals.

    Encourages the use of recycled materials by avoiding (higher) taxation on packaging made from oil-based virgin plastic.

    ECO toners, like other Xeikon toners, are produced using 100% green electricity, minimising CO2 emissions.

    ECO toners are de-inkable from both paper (Ingede reference) and foil (CADEL reference).

    No volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted into the environment during the production of toner nor during the actual printing process.

    Food safety – by carefully selecting the raw materials and re-engineering the chemical content, ECO toners are completely free from fluorine (both inorganic and PFAS) and 100% vegan, in addition to the established advantages of the previous generation of toners, which are free from BPA, mineral oil, and photo initiators. This means that ECO toners are suitable for application with indirect food contact with only a paper barrier, and for FDA direct food contact with dry food. Additionally, ECO toners comply with the European Toy Safety Directive, the Nestlé Guidance Note on Packaging Inks, and the Swiss and German Printing Ink Ordinances.

    All these characteristics are crucial for complying with existing and future regulations and for protecting the environment. Furthermore, they address consumers’ growing concerns about well-being, health, and animal welfare, making them a futureproof solution for today’s investment in environmentally conscious packaging production.

    “Xeikon toners, which already enable exceptional print quality and high reliability, have now been extended with a broader food-safety application range. With their eco-friendly composition, ECO toners make a meaningful contribution to Xeikon’s unwavering commitment to deliver relevant solutions to the label market addressing today’s and tomorrow’s challenges,” comments Filip Weymans, Xeikon Vice President of Marketing. “When making an investment in printing equipment converters seek assurance that their investment

    is not only suited to their current needs but also fit to address upcoming demands; an aspect that Xeikon will further enable by also making ECO toner available for existing customers operating Xeikon CX300 and CX500 presses in the coming year.”

    He further remarks, “We are also proud to say that Xeikon ECO toners will not compel converters to increase their prices, unlike comparable sustainable solutions. In fact, converters will have the opportunity to upgrade their production to a much higher level of sustainability without increasing their TCOP (total cost of print). This effectively translates to a cost reduction in real terms and supports them in facing the current severe price pressures.”

    To provide further evidence of its green credentials, Xeikon has also launched a Sustainability Scorecard for every digital press in the portfolio. The new scorecard provides a fact-based tool for printers to demonstrate the direct environmental impact of their Xeikon machine, expressed as grams of CO2 per square meter, rated in three categories (energy, waste, and ink/toner mass) on a scale from A to G. It goes into a high level of detail to also include substance indicators, legislative compliance, and all outputs for a full sustainability review. The scorecard is not designed uniquely for Xeikon equipment but can be used by other vendors as well. More info on the Sustainability Scorecard can be found at

    CHEETAH 3.0: more than just a toner

    While ECO toner is the cornerstone of CHEETAH 3.0, a range of next-generation innovations continue the momentum of Xeikon’s CHEETAH series digital presses to mark another significant step towards fully sustainable production of labels and packaging. In addition to new ECO toners and the sustainability scorecard, they include:

    metallic toners enabling and supporting creativity for label converters and designers to tap into higher valued applications such as wine & spirits, cosmetics, or gourmet food,

    a digital frontend with a more intuitive user interface making it easier for operators to run the press, freeing up time for other tasks,

    an optional Quality Monitoring Module (QMM) that reduces waste related to press performance monitoring and correction significantly (this is achieved with an advanced automatic registration system and a new inline spectrometer that monitor and adjust (a) density, (b) tone curve, and (c) creating, monitoring and adjusting the color profile when used in combination with Xeikon color services, making performance more reliable and resulting in a reduced TCOP, and allowing the use of lower grade substrates which before could have led to inconsistent performance caused by incorrect data capturing), and

    cloud-connected, advanced machine-machine interface and man-machine interface allowing for the highest level of automation when requested by the converter.

    CHEETAH 3.0 will increase OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) in all three key aspects: availability, performance, and quality.

    Xeikon CHEETAH 3.0 will be launched at Labelexpo Europe 2023, where visitors will be able to see the new ECO toners in action printing live. Full commercial availability is scheduled for early 2024, when current Xeikon CX300 and Xeikon CX500 users will be able to upgrade their presses.

    “CHEETAH 3.0 addresses every detail of the Xeikon digital toner presses, from performance, availability, and quality to sustainability and reliability, so we can offer maximum value to our customers and help them protect their investment,” comments Frank Jacobs, Market Intel & Senior Product Manager. “These new developments have been made with a clear focus on the needs of Xeikon users who are active in labels and packaging, which are incredibly demanding markets with a multitude of factors affecting profitability.”

    In addition to the presentations on booth C29 in Hall 5, Xeikon can also be found at the Automation Arena in Hall 11 and as part of the new Sustainability Trail and the Flex Pack Trail, further highlighting the multitude of benefits delivered by the company’s new innovations.

  • + MUTOH MP Ink Now Available in Spot Colors ; Orange, Blue and Green

     Expand color gamut and improved color saturation for vivid color developmentMUTOH INDUSTRIES LTD., a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers, af...

    August 08 2023

     Expand color gamut and improved color saturation for vivid color development

    MUTOH INDUSTRIES LTD., a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers, affiliated with MUTOH HOLDINGS CO., LTD. today announces that it has added spot colours; orange, blue and green inks to its proprietary MP31 ink lineup for the VJ-628MP and VJ-1628MH printers.

    The “MP” in MUTOH MP31 ink stands for Multi-Purpose, and MP 31 ink can print directly on a wide variety of materials, including acrylic, PET, metal and synthetic leather, as well as paper. Compared to UV ink, it is less uneven and smoother, and produces a natural finish that brings out the texture of the material. 

    The use of spot colour-inks; orange, blue and green added to the basic CMYK inks expands the colour gamut and broadens the range of colour expression. These inks produce more vibrant and beautiful colour expression including vivid orange and green, and deep blue. 

    Compared to the colour gamut of CMYK inks alone, the colour reproduction area using spot-colour inks have been extended and the saturation has been increased.

    Features of MP31 ink
     - Weather resistance*, abrasion resistance, and colour development equivalent to eco-solvent ink
     - High-opacity white ink brings out the original brightness of color inks regardless of the underlying 
    substrate color.
     - Natural finish with no unevenness and smoothness compared to UV curable inks, making the most of 
    the original texture of the material.
     - Resistant to heat, stretching and bending, and the printing surface does not crack easily when bent. 
    Printing and processing on polycarbonate and shrink film used for vacuum forming are possible. 
     - Selectable from 4, 5, 7 or 8-colour ink configurations depending on application
    *Except for orange ink      

    The VJ-628MP and VJ-1628MH provide highly accurate inkjet colour proofing using the original printing paper. The ability to check the design and colour proof on the same sheet of paper provides a consistent image of the finished product, prevents reversals due to image inconsistencies, and can also be used for colour proofing with high reproducibility.

    In addition, effective use of original paper also eliminates the need for dedicated inkjet paper and reduces running costs.

    MUTOH makes continuous efforts to provide new products to the market to meet the diverse needs of our customers.


    SISER RANGE OF HEAT TRANSFER VINYLS & EQUIPMENT NOW AVAILABLE AT GRAPHIC ART MART Graphic Art Mart, the leading national supplier of sign, digital, and display solution...

    August 08 2023


    Graphic Art Mart, the leading national supplier of sign, digital, and display solutions, is excited to announce its new partnership with Siser, one of the most respected names in the global heat transfer materials industry. As of August 7th 2023, Graphic Art Mart will officially become the master trade distributor of Siser products in Australia, further enhancing its commitment to delivering exceptional brands to the industry.

    The collaboration with Siser marks another exciting milestone for Graphic Art Mart who are celebrating their 50th year of business. Siser is internationally recognised for its innovation and superior heat transfer materials, catering to various creative industries, including textiles, fashion, promotional items, and more. This partnership will enable Graphic Art Mart to expand its portfolio and provide customers with an even broader selection of cutting-edge materials. 

  • + FUJIFILM Business Innovation Launches New Fiery Print Servers for the Revoria PressTM Series and ApeosProTM C Series

    FUJIFILM Business Innovation Asia Pacific announces the launch of new Fiery® print servers and workflow software for Revoria PressTM EC1100, Revoria PressTM SC180 / SC17...

    July 28 2023

    FUJIFILM Business Innovation Asia Pacific announces the launch of new Fiery® print servers and workflow software for Revoria PressTM EC1100, Revoria PressTM SC180 / SC170 and the ApeosProTM C Series. Sales of the new Fiery print servers for these printer models—Fiery EC11 / EC12, Fiery SC11 / SC12C and Fiery VC11 / VC12C—has begun in the Asia-Pacific*1 region.

    Fiery EC11 and EC12 drive high productivity with professional quality prints with the Revoria PressTM EC1100, a production colour printer for the high-end professional printing market of both commercial printing and quick printing. 

    Fiery SC11 and SC12C create high resolution quality prints in various document types with the Revoria PressTM SC180 / SC170: production printers for quick printing and in-house printing with office functions. 

    Fiery VC11 and VC12C improve usability and enable seamless integration across Windows and macOS business environments with the ApeosProTM C810 / C750 / C650: production printers for on-demand printing both for professional and office use. 

    In addition, all Fiery print servers are equipped with Fiery Command WorkStation® allowing a central control to all Fiery print servers, thus gaining operational efficiencies to increase work productivity. Its familiar and easy-to-use unified interface provides clear process visibility to customers regardless of print requirements. 

    Fiery servers are now available for all Fujifilm-brand toner-based production printers including Fiery PC11 for Revoria PressTM PC 1120 and Fiery E11 for Revoria PressTM E1 series. Therefore, users can choose between FUJIFILM Business Innovation proprietary print server technology – the Revoria FlowTM for Revoria PressTM or GP Controller for ApeosProTM – and the Fiery print servers, allowing more options to meet their various application and workflow needs. 

  • MUTOH, a leading manufacturer of wide-format printers and cutters, has announced the release of a new texture library that includes 100 different matte and glossy varnish textures specifically designed for use in Adobe Illustrator & their proprietary award winning rip software VerteLith. The texture library is now available for download on the MUTOH Club under the VerteLith tab > Application and Manual.

    The texture library includes all 100 pattern swatches for Adobe Illustrator, making it easy for designers to add a unique touch to their designs with just a few clicks. Additionally, the files also include the print environments for MUTOH’s VerteLith rip software, which allows for the generation of many different varnish effects.

    According to Derek Moffett, Product Manager at MUTOH America, “We are thrilled to offer this new texture library to our customers. With 100 different varnish textures, designers can add depth and texture to their designs with ease. The files are designed for use in Adobe Illustrator, which means designers can easily incorporate the textures into their workflow. We’re excited to see what our customers create with these new tools.”

    The texture library is part of MUTOH’s ongoing commitment to providing its customers with the best tools and resources. With the addition of the texture library, designers can add a new level of creativity to their designs while saving time and effort.

    Coming soon, MUTOH will also release the texture library for use in FlexiDesigner MUTOH Edition.

  • Quote & Print Software will have ‘something for everyone’ at its Visual Impact stand, with a focus on the new Cloud Print ERP software, and the launch of a new Label & Carton Packaging Print ERP module to join large-format, sheet-fed and digital print ERP software in the company’s expansive range.

    The 42-year-old Australian software house has made its name delivering print ERP solutions for print service providers in Australia and across the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions, installing more than 1000+ printers in 12 countries.

    Managing Director Shanti Kumar says the company will take the opportunity provided by the industry’s leading regional show to showcase this new offering, as well as modules for a range of sectors, including a totally new Label & Carton Packaging Print ERP module.

    “Our robust software solutions have been designed specifically to meet the needs of print service providers, large and small, covering all aspects of the global print and packaging industry,” Kumar says, “and we’ll be showcasing a full range at Visual Impact, Sydney with a special focus on new releases.”

    Over the past five years, Kumar says the company has invested considerable resources to develop its Cloud Print ERP solution which uses the latest Microsoft technology and data hosted at the Microsoft Data Centre in Sydney. The solution, based on Sofware as a Service (SaaS) or ‘cloud’ model, includes mobile applications for IOS and Android and is integrated to MYOB, Xero and a number of web-2-print solutions and is available on a subscription service based on the modules included and number of users.

    “This allows users to benefit from a turnkey solution for a fixed rental price, with everything included – software, any modifications required, and support from one of our senior print consultants,” Kumar says. 

    “The benefits of using a cloud-based solution are many – chief among them is the ability to access information anytime, anywhere, plus it also saves about 30% in infrastructure costs, because users do not have to invest in maintaining an expensive Local and Wide Area Network.”

    The software has a number of core functions designed to streamline processes. These include estimating; creation of job bags, invoices, purchase orders, packing labels and shipping documents; capture of employee time including actual cost versus estimated; exporting of reports to Excel and debtor and creditor management. Management can define who has access to each level of the system.

    Specific modules which will be featured at the show including the Wide-Format Quoting Module and the new Label & Carton Packaging Module, which will be demonstrated for the first time at Visual Impact.

    “The Label Module features a knife register, which allows knives to be listed by size, type, colour and codes, automatic selection of the optimally-sized cylinder for each job, automatic repeat length calculation, and quantity-based press selection,” Kumar says. “For cartons, the features are similar, with input for interlocking designs and a stock grain direction selection.”

    The Wide-Format Quoting Module supports both roll-fed and flat-bed devices and has a range of handy functions which will be of particular interest to the many visitors from the sign, display and large-format industries attending the Visual Impact Expo. 

    “Operators can define the area to be used – whether that’s image area, full stock width or full machine bed width – when calculating for speed, and also specify multiple print modes, each with their own individual speeds and make-ready set,” Kumar explains. 

    “Multiple products can be included in the one quote, then converted into individual jobs linked by a common reference code, making production and total job tracking easy,” he adds.

    Importantly, all Quote & Print’s solutions are designed on a modular basis, so companies can purchase the complete package, or just the modules that suit their business and budgets.

    “For new users and those migrating from a legacy system, this might be the majority of modules,” Kumar explains. “A smaller print business may budget to buy and implement one or two modules each year. Whatever their requirements, this modular strategy means we can provide the right functionality and ROI for each business…and then work with them to tailor the system as their needs grow and change.”

    Visit Quote & Print for a demonstration on Stand F30 at Visual Impact. The company will be one of more than 90 exhibitors who will display their latest innovations at the Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park from 3-5 May 2023. Click here to register or go to for more information 

  • + SAi-Powered

    April 25 2023

    SA International (SAi), the leading provider of software solutions for professional signmaking, wide-format digital printing and CAD/CAM machining industries, has launched a reconfigured and enlarged Adendo, comprising a comprehensive range of learning and development services for SAi Flexi users in the United States and Canada. The new program provides online and in-person training as well as an enhanced Flexi User Community under the Adendo umbrella. Leading the new training initiative is Mark Rugen, who returns to SAi as Managing Director of Learning & Development. Adendo comprises three major components. On-line training; live virtual or on-site training; and the Flexi User Community.

    The online “e-course” offering includes extended, pre-recorded, self-paced training modules. These videos are designed for experienced operators, or as initial training for new users of Flexi or EnRoute.

    The present offering includes free courses such as “Designing Vehicle Wraps in Flexi,” and “Antivirus Software and Flexi” as well as comprehensive courses including “Learn Flexi in 3-Hours,” “Full Flexi Training with Mark Rugen,” and “EnRoute Basics.” These courses will form the foundation of a resource that will grow as other courses are added

    The “Virtual Training” option enables companies to book multiple live online training sessions from 30-minutes to several hours as needed. Personal instruction, videos, problem-solving and specific issues can be discussed and solved. Virtual training offers the convenience of online instruction with one-to-one personalised training.

    Adendo advisors are able to assist users with new software versions, applications and equipment types, catering to Flexi users. For example, there are expert advisors in vehicle wraps and vinyl cutting, graphic design and 2D, 2.5D and 3D design. Output device specific training can be tailored to printers from HP, Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland, and others.

    On-site training – where it’s needed, when it’s needed

    On-site training is ideal for larger companies or those with a particular training requirement. These are tailored to the business’ specific needs and offer a high level of personalised instruction right in the users’ shop.

    Finally, the new Flexi User Community is a private, professional subscription-based user group ($9.99/month) that provides the opportunity to share best practices with other Flexi users online, discuss approaches to applications, explore new techniques, and ask questions of expert users and SAi staff. Designed to be more insightful than standard social media groups, this community is monitored by market mentors, expert advisors and professional users of Flexi, EnRoute and more. The Flexi User community offers an exclusive level of information, interaction, and training. Members also have access to downloads, videos and webinars not available elsewhere. Flexi Community members enjoy significant discounts on on-line courses.

    “The new Adendo learning and development program is a unique offering in the signmaking sector and puts a wealth of training materials into the hands of SAi Flexi users,” says Mark Rugen. “Adendo is designed to make high-quality training available to the Flexi community and foster continuous improvement and business growth.”

  • Canon Australia today announces the launch of PosterArtist v1.1, a new version of its web-based design software for the creation of posters, banners and signage - enabling two-sided and variable printing, as well as offering new templates to support the creation of a wide array of applications. PosterArtist v1.1 allows users to easily create professional-level designs to print on selected Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX, imageRUNNER, and imagePRESS Series of multifunction printers for office use. The software is also compatible with selected imageCLASS laser printers for small business use, imagePROGRAF large-format printers and PIXMA home printers.[1]


    Create diverse designs with two-sided and variable printing

    PosterArtist version 1.1 allows users to create flyers for retail stores, menus for restaurants and many other applications. By using the variable printing function, users can efficiently print applications, such as certificates, by importing text data from an Excel file and adding it to the design. Combining two-sided printing and variable printing, users can design and print two-sided applications, while including personalised details such as the name of a customer and their appointment time.

    Yoshinori Moritaki, General Manager Product Marketing at Canon Australia comments“The visual appeal and tactile nature of a printed application has the power to cut through digital noise and help brands stand out in an age of screen fatigue. With an array of new templates and an easy-to-use interface, the new version 1.1 of PosterArtist will help our customers to create exciting double-sided, variable designs for both business and personal use.”


    New templates for business and individuals

    Canon has added new templates for applications such as flyers, menus, calendars, and photo collages, in addition to a variety of existing poster designs. The new templates feature complete front-and-back design options, making it easy to create a unified two-sided design. In addition, Canon is adding clip art, including stamps like "Big Sale" and "Limited Time Offer" and illustrations in a handwritten style.


    Version 1.1 also supports "Auto Photo Fix" which streamlines the design process further, allowing for text and images to be changed, whilst photo colour tone and brightness can be adjusted to help create high quality and original designs.



    Version 1.1 of PosterArtist is available now at .