Monarch Renlita was chosen to design and manufacture the final specifications for the grand entry to The District at Chatswood Interchange.  The door opens completely outward measuring 4m wide by 4.5m high.  The door is hydraulic powered and LED screen cladded.

To allow for the weight of the door, the architects designed it with hydraulic cylinders underneath the door which would result in support for the door from below. However, as Monarch Renlita designed the final specification, we noticed that the hydraulic cylinders could be placed above which would keep them completely out of site while still providing support for the door.

Seemingly floating above the entrance to The District, the door elegantly sits in its surrounding architecture, welcoming you into the designer food court. The door looks impressive and creates a surreal experience as you walk over the bridge and under the huge awning displaying brightly lit imagery from the LED screens.

The Monarch Renlita door that was used for The District falls under our hydraulic door range. Our hydraulic doors introduce new options for greater weight and versatility in the folding door series.

Hydraulic doors are suitable for many applications including: Shopping Centres, Bar Tops, Counter Tops, Shopfronts, Doorways, Sports Complexes, Arcades, Clubs, Gyms and Restaurants. They are a popular option as they can lift doors which would have otherwise been too heavy to lift manually.  This design allows for the door to be fully projected either inside or outside of a building giving more options in the use of space. Depending on the pivot point, hydraulic doors can also be used as an awning which helps open the façade and bring the outdoors indoors.

As seen with the door designed by The District, an innovative cladding decision was made by the architects.  Monarch Renlita works closely with architects but also assists with the design of cladding and glazing. The hydraulic door frames produced by Monarch Renlita are designed with a powder coated or polyurethane paint finish, steel frames and sized according to door dimensions and structural loads.

Monarch Renlita can execute a variety of other door designs. A full range of our capabilities is available on our website