25 March 2019

Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions strengthens its relationship with Premier Film Distribution as the new distributor in New South Wales and Queensland for its industry leading range of architecture, solar and safety window films.

The Avery Dennison range of window films for buildings include solar control films that can filter up to 85 percent of solar radiation passing through the glass and reducing energy consumption from air conditioning by up to 20 percent; safety window films for a layer of added security on glass doors or windows to hold shattered glass in place, thereby reducing the threat of injury and design films to help architects and designers transform properties.

“Comfort and security along with energy savings, sun control and privacy are important considerations for building owners and vehicle owners in Australia,” said Jordan Leach, Senior Business Manager, Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions in Australia and New Zealand. “Avery Dennison is responding to our customers’ needs for fast delivery of our high-performance and durable window films with the appointment of Premier Film Distribution in New South Wales and Queensland regions.”

“Our team of experts are familiar with the needs of our growing network of partners,” said Greg Munro, Managing Director, Premier Film Distribution. “Together with our partner network, Premier Film Distribution has the capabilities to distribute innovative, high-performance products from Avery Dennison.”

Premier Film Distribution has been providing wholesale films to the tinting, graphics and printing industry in Australia since 1985. Customers can order stock on the phone at 07 3268 8450, via email at sales@premierfilmdistribution.com.au or shop online 24/7 at https://premierfilmdistribution.com.au/.

Over the years, Premier Film Distribution has developed a deep understanding of their customers’ businesses and value adding, which led to strong relationships with their customers. Premier Film Distribution are fortunate to call some of Australia’s most successful installation businesses their customers.