23 July 2020

Industry leading production print solution provider, Canon Production Printing Australia, has set a new benchmark in print industry support during the Coronavirus pandemic, with the introduction of an initiative designed to assist Australian printers adapting to new market trends by evolving their wide-format application set and productivity. 

The campaign titled “Kick Start”, bundles up to $40,000.00 of additional software and upgrades including Touchstone, which enables graphic producers to easily create printed effects that mimic textured and raised surfaces and lettering, as well as a complimentary two-ink-channel upgrade to increase flexibility of colour gamut, quality, and open the doors to potential increased production speed, with the purchase of the award -winning Arizona flatbed printer. 

With over 6,000 installations worldwide, Canon’s Arizona series has been recognised by customers across the globe as the best solution for a large variety of wide-format applications. 

Craig Nethercott, Managing Director, Canon Production Printing Oceania, says, “The Coronavirus pandemic has provided arguably the most challenging and demanding period that Australian business has faced within the last decade. As the forerunner in the print industry, it’s up to us to help it thrive.”

“Kick Start is designed to help those looking to evolve their businesses by taking on a new and wider range of wide-format applications that suit the current demands of consumers and industry.

“We’ve listened closely to the feedback of our customers and have carefully considered this option to assist the evolution and success of the print industry as a whole. We’re continually encouraged and inspired by the forward-thinking businesses of the industry, and together we must continue to work towards a prosperous and bright future. So, we’ve decided to put our money where our mouth is to make this happen, despite taking a cut to our own bottom line.” he says.

In addition to the Kick Start initiative, the company have released a Flatbed Buyers Guide, to assist businesses already considering the addition of a Flatbed printer. The Flatbed Buyers Guide, the company says, helps makes sense of the myriad of complexities and considerations in selecting the appropriate Flatbed printing technology.

For businesses after a roll-to-roll solution, Kick Start also features 16 litres of free ink, with the purchase of the Colorado, which boasts the ability to print matte or gloss via a single substrate and ground-breaking UVGel ink set.