ColDesi, Inc. Announces New DTG G4 T-Shirt Printer

“Cutting edge, NEW technology is what’s at the heart of the G4 Direct to Garment Printer from ColDesi.” Commented Mark Stephenson, Director of Marketing.

With more than 50 years of combined experience in digital printing, embroidery, and the bling industry, ColDesi is excited to announce the release of their new, innovative direct-to-garment printer.

Designed for speed and functionality, the cutting-edge DTG G4 features a patented Vacuum Platen, custom designed Kodacolor inks and a new touch screen interface.

New Product Highlights:

 Time saving vaccuum platen (no hooping required)
 Custom formulated inks with higher saturation & density
 Self-regulated maintence
 Onboard print queue for PC-free operation

“The Vacuum Platen can easily save 15-20 seconds, or even more, of loading and unloading garments,” DTG Product Manager Jerid Hill said. “High productivity isn’t only about how fast the printer prints, it’s also material handling, the G4 Vacuum Platen absolutely increases productivity, even on printers with similar speeds.”

ColDesi reports that the majority of the maintenance for the G4 is self-regulated. Hill noted that this give users more confidence that they will have perfect prints.

The G4 uses custom inks, powered by Kodacolor from Kodak, that have been specifically formulated for direct to garment printing.

“Since we couple the Kodacolor inks with our G4 printer, the increased densities of ink and higher saturation of colors allows the G4 to print faster and use less ink,” Hill said.

The G4 also contains an onboard print queue, allowing users to save time during production.

“I’m positive the G4 will not only be a great experience for the end user, but it has the potential to make non-believers of DTG our spokespeople,” Hill said.