CorelDRAW Workshops [Save 10%]

10 September 2019

Frustrated with CorelDRAW?
Save time on jobs and become more productive by mastering CorelDRAW techniques specific for laser cutting and laser engraving.
Alfex Laser’s popular CorelDRAW Training Workshops will teach you the shortcuts and new skills to save time when creating designs for laser cutting and laser engraving.
Last workshops for 2019 in Melbourne:
Melbourne CorelDRAW Beginner                 Thursday October 10th          Click here to book
Melbourne CorelDRAW Intermediate         Friday October 11th               Click here to book
These small workshops have limited seats to allow for more personalised and 1:1 time with the trainer.
Book now and don’t miss out on saving time in your business.
Use code VISUAL10 for 10% discount on tickets!