Independent Validation via CarbonQuota Offers Transparency for Customers on Environmental Performance


Spandex, leading Australian distributor of ImagePerfect™ materials, is proud to announce its collaboration with environmental consultancy CarbonQuota to conduct an independent analysis of the carbon footprint of select products within the ImagePerfect™ family of self-adhesive signage and digital films. The initiative aims to provide customers with accurate and transparent information regarding the environmental impact of these popular materials.


ImagePerfect™, known for its high-quality self-adhesive signage and digital films, has always been committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. In partnership with CarbonQuota, Spandex is taking a proactive approach to quantify and communicate the environmental footprint associated with a range of ImagePerfect™ products.


CarbonQuota is a reputable authority in carbon measurement and analysis within the print and packaging sector. The carbon impact of the best-selling ImagePerfect IP 5700 Signage and IP 2503 Digital products along with the ImagePerfect EverGreen Signage and Digital ranges, was measured from ‘cradle to gate’*. This means all emissions from the product up to leaving the gate of the manufacturing facility, including transportation of raw materials to the production site. 


This provides customers with clear carbon footprint data for the popular conventional and PVC-free ImagePerfect products.


ImagePerfect 5700 Signage 

614g CO2e/m2

ImagePerfect 2503 Digital

594 g CO2e/m2

ImagePerfect EverGreen Signage 

519 g CO2e/m2

ImagePerfect EverGreen Digital

461 g CO2e/m2


The results show the carbon footprint of the ImagePerfect EverGreen materials to be respectively 15% and 22% lower than the equivalent standard choices, validating the holistic environmental approach which prioritises sustainability in all components of the product, including the surface film, adhesive and liner, as well as how the rolls are presented, protected and packaged.


ImagePerfect materials are manufactured in the UK by Eikon. Eikon CEO Stefano Nigrone comments: “As part of our long-term commitment to de-carbonisation, we’re delighted to be able to publish carbon impact data for our core range of ImagePerfect products. We’re sharing this information in the spirit of transparency, which is critical if our sector is to make positive progress towards greater sustainability.