NEW TroLase Foil

Our hugely popular TroLase engraving materials range has expanded to include TroLase Foil, a flexible, two-layer material featuring a micro-surfaced coating on an acrylic core. It comes with an adhesive backing and is also UV stable.

Available in a range of colours and finishes, TroLase Foil offers easy processing, minimal post-processing and is perfectly suited for indoor and outdoor labelling and signage applications.

Processing TroLase Foil

Thanks to its 0.2mm thickness, our new TroLase Foil range is incredibly versatile as it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. TroLase Foil offers excellent and detailed laser cutting and engraving results, with even large-scale engravings producing less waves than usual. Metallic colours, in particular, produce exceptional results when processed with a fiber laser source. A solid black engraving result is achieved without damaging the material surface.

Functional labels

TroLase Foil is an ideal material for "kiss-cutting", a process where the material is cut with a lower power so that the adhesive backing layer is untouched during processing.

This technique makes processing large quantities of labels effortless, as the finished label can be easily removed from the backing sheet.

Wall decoration

TroLase Foil can also be used to add a metallic or gloss finish to products and applications. The tutorial below shows you how to create a wall decoration using various Trotec laser engraving materials, including TroGlass, Solid Wood, TroLase Foil and signage mounting devices.