OSG Brings New ScreeneX Digital Display Technology to UITP

Glass fabrication specialist OSG will showcase its innovative new ScreeneX glass-embedded digital display solutions at this year’s UITP.

Developed by OSG’s expert in-house R&D team, ScreeneX’s cutting-edge technology makes the most of valuable, but unutilised, real estate in transport and retail – namely glass windows, doors and partitions.

The ultra-slim digital displays are embedded into standard glass units transforming these areas into information and signage solutions for communicating with passengers. The surface of each side of the screen is as smooth and clear as conventional glass, so it does not impact aesthetics or safety.

Among the innovations on display will be the TRN 21-21T dual-sided partition which combines a digital display on one side and a touchscreen interface on the other. Seamless integration with existing passenger information systems ensures operators and manufacturers can plug-and-play with ease.

The dual-sided partition has already been soundly tested in a successful pilot with Bombardier and Deutche Bahn in Germany, Kinkisharyo in USA and is set to change the standard in the on-board passenger information world.

Other products on show include the TRN 38-LED. This dual-sided product was created especially for vehicle side windows. The external side features a new slim LED sign, while the internal one has a widescreen LCD for displaying passenger information.

ScreeneX technology can even be used for divided frame windows on buses and trains. A non-opening unit is fitted to the upper part of the window, which gives all the benefits of digital signage without the need to replace the entire window should an issue arise.

As well as public transportation vehicles themselves, ScreeneX’s high performance displays are also the perfect fit for rail and bus terminals, stations and platforms. Every display is built to the highest quality standards, as well as being highly resilient to vibration, changes in temperature and humidity, and vandalism, to make them the reliable choice for these challenging environments.