Trotec Introduce U Series

Designed for entry level laser marking tasks, the U-series feature maintenance free fiber lasers and are the perfect companion for marking components and products without the need for additional sprays or pastes.

From data matrix codes to serial numbers and fine fonts, the U series is the ideal companion for your business, capable of marking even the hard to reach areas of components. This is possible thanks to the simple and intuitive U-mark software.

The U300 - Class 2 features a marking area of up to 190 x 190mm and is developed to produce small markings on plastics and metals in the quickest time.

Product highlights:
- Process dynamic data quickly
- Save time with border marking
- Suitable for a range of plastics and metals
- Marking of dynamic content
- Compatible with Windows PCs
- Laser safety class 2

U50 - Class 4 laser marking

Product highlights:
Alongside the same great benefits as the U300, the U50 offers:
- Workspace of either 120 x 120mm or 190 x 190mm
- Easily mark large or bulky components
- Capable of marking same applications as the U300

Contact Trotec to find out more and to book your demonstration. U300 product demonstrations are available in our Sydney and Brisbane showrooms.